Are Shrooms Bad for Your Body or not?

Shrooms are cultivated or wild mushrooms containing psilocybin. This is a naturally- occurring hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound. This compound is among the known psychedelics which can potentially be misused. That is why you may want to throw this question, “Are shrooms bad for your body?

Know that shrooms are the same as the LSD. This is in the way they affect the body. LSD and shrooms are psychotropic drugs. They affect the central nervous system producing the effects. Such a mushroom trip is a shorter and milder version of an LSD trip. Shrooms don’t cause visions of things or hallucinations that are not there. Instead, they distort one’s perception of actual objects.

If you trip on magic mushrooms, you will then see things in different patterns or colors. Existing tastes, sounds, colors, & textures might also get distorted. You’ll also then notice that your emotions and feelings intensify. The feeling is the same as the speeding up of time. It slows down and stops completely. Plus, you’ll feel a changed perception in the universe. There’s this feeling of communing with a higher power.


What Be the Long-Term Effects?

You must never use shrooms if you are pregnant. It is not yet known how shrooms can affect the growing baby and a pregnant woman. Shrooms also have drugs featured in it. And that makes them harmful for the baby. Taking shrooms with alcohol or drugs increases the risk of other health issues.

What Will the Short-Term Effects Be?

Shrooms can severely affect people depending on the following things:

•  Amount to take
•  Location
•  Things to expect
•  Age & weight
•  Foods to be eaten
•  Previous use of the drug
•  Personality

The effects of shrooms are felt in just about thirty minutes. They also would last for about three to six hours. And the effects would be the strongest in the first three to four hours.

Shrooms can change the sense of hearing, smelling, sight, taste, and touch. Be ready as your body may feel very light or very heavy. You’ll also feel that religious or magical experience.

What Happens on a Mushroom Trip?

Mushroom trip depends upon by dosage, by dosage, and by the type of mushroom that is eaten. Some of the shrooms are more powerful than any other. The environment type and the emotional state of the user play an essential part in the trip.

If you have a structured environment or you are in a poor state of being, you will feel a bad trip. You will feel anxious, nervous, paranoid, and terrified rather than euphoric. Get over such a bad trip by waiting it out. As a novice, you need to be guided by an experienced friend.

What Is One Thing to Keep in Mind?

When you take shrooms, you’ll ordinarily experience stomach problems, nausea, and dizziness. Your muscle will then begin to feel weak. You will lose your appetite, and you get that numb feeling. The symptoms will subside after the trip has finally ended. Mushroom users would often smoke marijuana to battle nausea.

Are Shrooms Bad for Your Body—Bring in a Less Intensified Experience

Shrooms are not addictive. But, tolerance tends to build up easily. Taking shrooms 2 days in a row brings about a less intensified experience the next day. There is a cross-tolerance with other psychotropic drugs. These drugs can include peyote, mescaline, and LSD. This means to say that taking one builds up your tolerance.


Are They Dangerous?

Those who have mental illnesses may exacerbate their symptoms through shrooms. There is not yet evidence of death brought by shrooms. The amount to eat before death is experienced should be greater than the usual dose. But then, death can come out from misidentified shrooms.

What Are The Different Types of Shrooms

Shrooms may seem bad for your body, considering the unknown types. There are toxic shrooms that could cause stomach issues. Some also cause death and organ failure. Hunting for an edible mushroom is best left to those who know more about shroom identification.

Shroom species belong to the genus of Psilocybe. The majority of them are found on the small side. Once they are fresh, they have yellowish, brownish, and grayish stems. They feature brown-&-white caps or brown caps &  dark grills.

What Are the Dosages of Shrooms?

The intensity and dosage of shrooms rely not only on the species. However, it concerns much of its location and the manner of handling. There are shrooms so far believed to be stronger. And, they bring about a more intensified high. Some of them can bring a mellower high experience.

The psilocybin found in the mushrooms deteriorates once dried. That’s why people would take more to compensate. Shrooms are sold in 1/8 of an ounce. This can cost around 35 dollars. Its effects will differ from one person to another.

Newbies like you should begin with one gram of dried mushrooms. Wait for an hour. Know how you feel. Decide if you will take more. Chew on dried or fresh mushrooms. Know that the shrooms do not taste as good as always. Some shrooms also bring a floury taste. Some are bitter or are sour. Eat them with fruit like strawberries that will combat the flavor. If you want, follow some tasty recipes from chili to smoothies. But cooking shrooms for a long time may break down the psilocybin. This will then result in weaker effects.

How’s Brewing a Shroom Tea?

Shrooms are not only just eaten so that their effects are felt. They could as well be brewed, so they become tea. Grind them and steep them in hot water. Strain the liquid that comes out of it. This is claimed not to have an impact on the intensity of the trip.

Shrooms and alcohol are often combined. The shrooms are soaked in tequila or rum. The liquid is also used in combined drinks. It is also simply drunk. Those who have a trip on mushroom extract or tea say they feel the effects quicker than by eating it. The dried mushrooms are finely-grounded and packed into a gelatine capsule. This now creates a mushroom pill. This helps avoid texture and taste completely.


The question “Are shrooms bad for your body?” can be answered by a yes and a no. If you use shrooms regularly, you may then become mentally dependent on what makes you feel. If you use shrooms moderately and appropriately, it will then do well in the body. This is true if you are suffering from ailments that require the use of it!