Pro Tips on How to Avoid Bad Mushroom Trip

Having a bad mushroom trip is a very unpleasant and awkward thing to encounter because some people have little knowledge with regards to the proper dosage of consuming magic mushrooms. When consuming magic mushrooms for their psychedelic effects, it would be wise not to overdose yourself or else you will have a bad mushroom trip.

Having bad mushroom trips have a lot to offer negatively, from paranoia, anxiety, distorted reality to name a few. Bad mushroom trips are highly avoidable and can be prevented. So, if you are planning to consume magic mushrooms and enjoy its health benefits but also wants to avoid a bad mushroom trip, then buckle up your seat and enjoy the rest of the ride as we’ll give you some useful tips to avoid a bad mushroom trip!

Before we start immediately on how to avoid a bad mushroom trip, you need to know what are the characteristics of a bad mushroom trip or a bad trip in general.

What is Bad Mushroom Trip?

Generally, a trip is intoxication or hallucinations associated with the use of psychedelic drugs such as Psilocybin in Magic mushrooms and LSD or Lysergic Acid. It is called a trip because the sensation felt from consuming these products. The dramatic change from your perception of the world changes drastically. However, it may quickly translate to a bad trip if you are having unpleasant sensations. When your trip is characterized by an unpleasant and weary feeling, then you are having a bad trip. A bad trip is a nasty experience due to hallucinogen intoxication.

Moreover, it is common unpleasant most consumers encounter when consuming psychedelics, but this does not necessarily mean that you are having a bad trip overall. Some of these experiences can turn out to be a little funny or interesting, rather than delusional or frightening, and for the most part, they pass up quickly. Having a bad trip can be averted with simple measures that we’ll discuss later on. More so, there can also be environmental factors that contribute to the overall bad trip.

But again, there is no guarantee that for the most part, you are having a good trip – as we’ve mentioned earlier, one of the features of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD or Psilocybin is they bend reality and change the way you look at things, so maybe the previously trusted friend you consumed suddenly turns into an enemy you perceived, and may cause anxiety or paranoia when that time arrives. That’s why it is important to avoid bad mushroom trip nonetheless.

Useful Tips on How to Avoid Bad Mushroom Trip

Create an Environment Wherein It Lets You Feel Safe

Hallucinations affect different kinds of individuals. When planning to consume magic mushrooms, it is important to create a small space for you and your friends wherein you will all feel safe. Consuming psychedelic drugs magnifies the mindset of the consumers, distorting reality. However, if your created space does have a good ambiance and atmosphere inside and out, it will help you feel relaxed at all times, thus minimizing the potential of having a bad mushroom trip.

Others might feel relaxed when they’re around with people whom they are close to or a relative, while others are more peaceful when consuming alone. Having soothing music tremendously helps, slow and calming music at the background while consuming works wonders either way.

Differentiate a Difficult Trip from a Bad Trip

There’s a difference between the two. During a psychedelic experience, you may be challenged by your subliminal fears and suppressed emotions. Be prepared when facing these problems and challenges, sometimes it is quite therapeutic when you’ve won half the battle let alone the entire duration.

Always remember that a bad trip is different from a difficult one. A bad trip is an unpleasant feeling due to hallucinogenic intoxications while a difficult one challenges yourself to fight your demons and extinguish them. Sometimes, a difficult trip can be a form of healing in one’s self or absolute transcendent

Surround Yourself with People

Common bad trips are anxieties, paranoia, bad experiences, fears, and all sorts. Be with someone when that time comes, they are the ones who will help you get through the bad trip with their uplifting and motivational words. The feeling of having someone by your side throughout the experience is soothing, and they can help you relax in more ways than possible. Plus, having an experienced psychedelic user can deal with a good impact as they can relate to whatever you are feeling.

Appropriate Dosage is the Key

One way to increase the chances of going through a bad mushroom trip is to dose yourself inappropriately. Although dosage deeply varies from person to person, it is ideal to start slow and low, once you get the hang of it then the next time you will consume magic mushrooms, then you have the idea of what proper dosage you should be taking.

Be aware of the Risks when Taking LSD and Psilocybin

It would be wise to know what do they have to offer before taking one. If you have any personal or family history of any serious mental illness, consuming drugs like LSD or Psilocybin might be harmful to you. Psychedelics can bring out latent psychological problems such as schizophrenia. Also, having a bad mushroom trip is dangerous for people with serious heart problems as well. There are known reports that having bad trips triggers PTSD-like symptoms. So, ideally, for people with a history of mental illness, the best option for you is to avoid this kind of substance. Unless they are recommended or with the consent of a medical professional, then you can consume them


Having a bad mushroom trip is quite an unpleasant feeling. That’s why with our helpful tips, it should remind us that these bad trips are highly-avoidable and prevented. Be sure to always consult a medical professional before associating yourself with these substances.

Lastly, over the years the use of magic mushrooms is going rampant. However, please do note that certain measures need to be taken before taking one. Always remember to seek advice from doctors and professionals.