Best Dosage of Magic Mushroom

The chemical compound psilocybin is a natural substance that is converted into psilocin by the bodily enzymes when it enters the system. As it gets metabolized, the serotonin levels of the brain increase, which results to experiences that are intense and psychedelic in nature. This chemical compound is commonly found in magic mushrooms.

The effects of magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms are said to be almost the same of that of LSD. Like all other psychedelic recreational drugs, it has the ability to bring people into a euphoric state of mind but also has the power to make them volatile and irritable when abused and taken under the wrong circumstances.

Perhaps, the best and most recommended dose of dried shrooms is 2 – 3 grams. Studies on the effects of different doses on people found out that this is the dose where most of the users experience a profound high; where they had a sense of spiritual connectedness that they consider as one of the top 5 most meaningful occurrences of their lives; where they had the most out of their psychedelic trip without the adverse consequences. A lower dose can be underwhelming while a higher one may induce a strong spiritual awakening but with serious consequences.

Many users can attest to the good effects of psilocybin to the body and overall well-being when taken responsibly. Most of them laid claim that taking magic mushrooms helped them develop a happier disposition and an open-mindedness that lasted even after they have stopped using the psychedelic fungi. Some others gave the mushrooms the credit for their renewed view of life and stronger spiritual connection with the world. Even medical studies show that taking psilocybin in controlled dosages helps improve mental health and lessens distressful emotions in people.

Despite the fact that magic mushrooms were long declared to be physically non-addictive, they pose a great risk for abuse. Too much of the substance may result in risks that are hazardous to health and life.

For a better perspective, below are doses of magic mushrooms and their corresponding effects:


This is considered as a “microdose” where the user experiences a light kind of high and feelings of the euphoria. The senses become heightened to a slight degree. Colors become a bit brighter and more vivid while a hearing is sharpened, but there are no noticeable changes from the outside. This is the dose to take when the goal is to stay awake, maintain energy level, and boost creativity

1g – 1.5g

At this dosage, users will begin to feel like they are floating in the clouds but they are still in good control of themselves and their actions. This dose is ideal for enhancing the creative processes of the brain. This is also often referred to as the party dose because it gets people engaged in deep conversation, promotes a laughing mood, and gives you overall good vibes.

2 – 3g

This is where the classic psychedelic trip happens. Though it will sometimes feel like a whirlwind, the user still has a good grasp of his/her surroundings. During this trip, the user experiences a new way of perceiving things that they may remember and hold valuable even when the effects of psilocybin were already long gone.


This dose is a bit higher than advised.  The users get a strong high and start to have a looser grasp of their surroundings. Confusion may also arise as they sense inanimate objects breathing and lines moving in waves. Emotions get amplified to a degree where the user feels a great sense of euphoria. Having a “sitter” is recommended when taking this dosage.


This is considered as the “heroic dose” where things can start to get crazy and, maybe to some extent, dangerous. Intense visuals and auditory hallucinations can take place and emotions are extremely amplified. This is the dose where most users experience ego death. The lines of reality and fantasy also start to blur and time becomes meaningless. Never take this dose in a less than ideal mood and environment, and especially not without a “sitter.”


This dose makes the user feel as if time ceases to exist. The sense of hearing gets heightened to the extent where he/she can hear the quietest motions such as the slight brushing of a finger on fabric. The pupils expand to about 85% of its normal size and motor functions decrease. The user loses his/her ability to tell apart what is real and what is not. This is a dose that should not be taken lightly as this can arouse strong feelings of fear on the user.


This is a dose only the very brave will attempt because of the possible danger it poses. Users are not to take this much unless they are sure that their physical and mental health is in the tip-top state. This dose can make users feel like they’re bullets ricocheting in all directions. It will drive them mad while enabling them to reach deep into their conscience; it will cause them to lose their emotional control and sense of self while making them feel a sense of oneness with themselves and other. Users usually come out of this trip as changed people.

A Reminder

Those who use or who want to use psilocybin mushrooms for their psychedelic effects must always remember to take the substance in an ideal “set” and favorable “setting.” The “set” refers to the mood the user is in before the trip. It is ill-advised to take these psychoactive fungi when in a bad or sour mood. Due to the possibility of emotions getting intensified during the experience, unpleasant disposition may lead to harmful actions and reactions. The “setting” is the place where the shrooms are consumed. The setting must be calm, quiet, and peaceful to promote a similar experience.  One cannot stress the value of safety enough when it concerns the use of recreational drugs. Ample preparation and caution are needed to achieve a pleasant and significant experience.