Best Magic Mushrooms Quantity for First Timer

New to magic mushroom use? It’s common to have some questions about using shrooms especially if you are a novice user. Questions like the ideal quantity to use for first timers, the amount to get the best high and the effect of magic mushrooms are just three of the most common ones.

It is also common to have a bit of anxiety especially when you have heard so much about magic mushroom effects. But as with all other psychoactive substances, the key is to take your first dose in moderation. Only will you be able to find the best dose once you’ve experienced your first high.

What makes magic mushrooms “magic” anyway?

Magic mushrooms contain a chemical called psilocybin. This is a psychedelic chemical that can affect your perception and senses. This combines with different serotonin receptors in the body to cause hallucinations and other central nervous system effects.  If you are familiar with LSD then the effects of psilocybin are almost the same but with a different edge.

There are some experts that actually reveal that magic mushrooms don’t actually cause hallucinations. Instead, shrooms just distort perception. With a lower dose, you will get a high similar to taking a strong sativa. You will realize colors around you are getting vivid and saturated. Then, you will feel an overwhelming sense of euphoria which will make you giggle and laugh uncontrollably. You will hear sounds that seem to go over and over again. Tasting things are also different. You will find regular food tasting exotic. Flavors and smells are also heightened.

And these are effects when you have your eyes open; closing them would even intensify your high. According to most magic mushroom users, will see three-dimensional geometric patterns moving, sliding and rotating. You will see morphing shapes and patterns that may also appear in walls as you open your eyes.

After these illusions, you will find yourself thinking about different ideas all at the same time. This is as if all your thoughts are happening simultaneously until these merge into one solid thought. This is when the spiritual and divination effects of magic mushrooms start to happen. Even with just a small to an average dose of magic mushroom can take you to this stage especially when you are taking strong shroom species.

What is the “best” dose?

Every person reacts differently to different drugs and chemicals, therefore, you have you’re own particular safe and effective dose. The best dose would be the right amount of psilocybin mushrooms to give you the high you want. But if you are a first timer, don’t immediately go into intense tripping but remember to take this in moderation until you are finally comfortable with your own personal dosage.

There is such a thing as a threshold dose. This is a dose that will get you barely noticing the effects of the shrooms. Sometimes the threshold dose is accompanied by a cold feeling with a slight change in the vividness of light and colors around you. According to the Erowid Psilocybin Mushroom Vault, the threshold dose is about a quarter of a gram of dried magic mushrooms.

According to Erowid, a medium dose is about a gram to two and a half grams. A strong dose is about two and a half to five grams of dried shrooms. A dose over five is considered a heavy dose and this is for people who want to experience a full-bodied, intensifying magic mushroom effect.  

The “set and setting”

Most experts will tell you that before you start thinking about the dose you want to trip in, think of a calm and safe tripping environment first. Because magic mushroom effects could be very intense for first time users, considering a safe environment is a must. This should be an environment you are familiar with like your home and not on the streets or at a party. Don’t use magic mushrooms before an interview or before you take an exam. Have someone you trust to be with you. He has to know and understand what it feels to take magic mushrooms for the first time. Call this person your “trip sitter.” His task is to protect you from harm and to help you enjoy your very first magic mushroom trip.  

How to ride the high

As with all psychedelic drugs, magic mushroom high should be enjoyed while you stay safe and secure. As long as you are conscious about the right dose for beginners and you are in a safe environment then you can simply relax and let the high take you to whole new levels of psychedelic high.

After effects of using magic mushrooms could be different for different people as well. Some people would rather stay in bed and sleep all day while some may not mind the hazy effects. Some may want to eat and binge while some would just need a hot drink. It is very rare that a person who has just taken shrooms would ask for another dose. This won’t cause violent thoughts, aggression or any form of activity that can cause self-harm. First-time users may suffer from a mild panic attack after using shrooms. You might end up thinking what made you use shrooms in the first place or recalling how many or how much you took. These effects will simply go away as you regain complete perception in a matter of hours.

Can you overdose on magic mushrooms?

You can overdose on magic mushrooms but the untoward effects could be very different from what you expect. You might suffer from an upset stomach accompanied by vomiting which usually goes away in just a few hours.  The worst effect could be a lingering haze which could last for days but after a while, these disappear without the need for medical intervention.

Taking magic mushrooms will not make you lose the sense of reality or won’t turn you into a schizophrenic. You won’t also suffer from addiction to the point of permanently taking shrooms. But if you have a family history of schizophrenia and other mental conditions, talk to a doctor before taking magic mushrooms.