Best Mushroom Trip Music to Add to Your Playlist

Tripping can be a delightful and relaxing experience. To make the experience more meaningful, most trippers would add it up with a little bit of spice by adding music on their tripping journey.

Music can play a vital role in enhancing the psychedelic experience and how to use it to shape a meaningful experience. Best mushroom trip music can help give you a significant and extraordinary trip.

The playlist is very helpful after you ingest or consume mushroom. You can create a playlist so that you won’t be adding up songs every time. It will just play the songs continuously while you are savoring a high.

What is a Music Playlist?

A music playlist is practically a list of video or audio files that can be played using a digital media player. It can be played according to order you have placed it or it can be shuffled. To make it simpler, an audio playlist is a list of songs that you can play using your media player.

How to Make a Music Playlist?

Making a music playlist is relatively easy. You need to have a music streaming app on your smartphones or computer and computer. You can search for the songs that you want. Create a playlist and then add up the songs in one folder. You can name the folder. For example, you have created a playlist for your shroom tripping, then you can name it magic mushroom so you would now that these are the songs for your magic mushroom tripping.

Best Mushroom Trip Music

Though the use of magic mushrooms is still a hot topic of debate, there is no doubt that it is gaining popularity. Music is recognized as a good source of relaxation and mixing it with the effects of magic mushroom makes the experience even more amazing. Here are examples of the best mushroom trip music that you can include in your playlist.

1. Dungtitled (In a Major)

This track is part of the and Their Refinement of the Decline by Stars of Lid. It will accompany you with relaxing and mind-clearing effects that can make you enjoy a more psychedelic high. The music seems to intensify the high that you get like it is working well with the psilocybin and makes you feel more euphoric and allow you to enjoy a pleasant disposition.

2. The Evil that Never Arrived

Is also part of Stars of Lid’s Their Refinement of the Decline which was released in 2007. This ambient music will help you enjoy a euphoric and enjoyable trip. It can be calming thus matching the calmness of the effects of the psychedelics in your body.

3.Sunlit Silhouette

Was released in 2003 by Harold Budd and John Foxx in the album Translucence Drift Music. This music is with slow calming instrumental and the effect can e relaxing. Imagine yourself, closing your eyes after taking in your shroom, and deciding to be calm. Listening to this song will help you achieve that more calming stage.

4. A Delicate Romance

Is another music from Harold Budd and John Fox which was released in 2003. This music is very soothing to the ears and it is very calming as well. It would make you want to just lay down and enjoy the feeling easiness and that relaxing and sense of peace and calmness. As you enjoy the psychedelic high from the shrooms, pairing it with a piece of good music will indeed make the experience more meaningful.

5. At the Mercy of the Waves

Nothing beats the sound of the waves. Listening to this music by Clem Leek will take you to a very calming and relaxing journey as if you are somewhere near the shore where you can hear the waves coming back and forth. As you are enjoying a happy high, there will be no doubt that this song will help you achieve a more meaningful psychedelic journey.

6. When I think of You

This is a song by Ex Confusion which starts with a slow and deep instrumental. As the song goes on, the music becomes easy and light to the feeling. This is perfect when you are enjoying a trip of magic mushroom and would like to spice it up better with the magic of music. When I think of You can help you achieve that goal.

7. Flute Traveller

This music by Rob Korb is very pleasant to ears and it can appease heaviness of feelings and it is also quite relaxing. This music is perfect to listen when you are savoring the high after consuming magic mushroom. Imagine yourself just sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, enjoying that happy feeling while also enjoying the soothing music that comes out of your music player.

Music plays an important role in our lives. There is something about it that makes us feel better and happy. If we are sad, we listen to sad songs that seem to speak to our hearts. There is also music that can make us happy. It is everywhere and anywhere, and Music is the best therapy, there is no doubt about it.

So imagine if you create a great playlist of soothing and mellow songs that can calm the senses. You play it in the order that you want and listen to it. For sure, you will feel better. You will feel relaxed. You will feel good. Now imagine being able to listen to soothing and relaxing music after indulging yourself and go on a magic mushroom trip. The pleasant and happy high from the shroom will allow the body to feel good and enjoy a comfortable relaxation. Listening to good music will enhance the experience.

If you often go on a mushroom trip, it is best o create the best mushroom trip music that will enhance your tripping experience. It will make you more relaxed like your mind is elsewhere but in a good way. It can soothe the soul and allow the body and the mind to enjoy a deep sense of calmness that only music can do. Again, there is something in music that makes it special. Enjoy your trip and enjoy it with a good song.