Best Way to Eat Dried Shrooms Revealed

Shrooms or Magic Mushrooms as most know it might be hesitant to try for most. A natural psychedelic, Magic Mushrooms have actually been proven to be safe based on years of research and experience, plus it offers plenty of health benefits. Where Shrooms are legal, these “fun guys” have been used to aid in the treatment of cancer, substance addiction, and emotional and mental health concerns. But what is the best way to eat dried shrooms?

The real ongoing problem with the mushies is how to consume them. While medication offers various ways to accommodate patients in need, recreational users who need a lift with a little dose have found it a pain to eat a plain mushroom on its own. Depending on the strain, most Magic Mushrooms have a bitter, almost pungent taste that does not go away even after drying. Shrooms need to be kept dry to sustain their shelf life though it affects the potency of its psilocybin content that gives it giddy, trippy high.

But through the home chefs and culinary experts of the Magic Mushroom community, we now have some highly recommended ways to enjoy your dried Magic Mushrooms, perfect for both beginners and experienced consumers. All suggestions here do not need many tools and can be easily crafted from the comfort of your home for a hassle-free treat that will delight your taste buds and satisfy your senses.

Preparing You and Your Shrooms

Purchase shrooms from trusted dispensaries like Shrooms Direct or pick them right from the garden, rinse the shrooms first under running water and brush off any excess dirt. Pat them until they are completely dry. Let them sit in a food dehydrator or bake at 150 degrees Celsius for one hour until crisp.

If you already have a dry bunch of shrooms on hand, all you have to do is take note of how many grams you would normally dose on, and reduce. Though the recipes in the next portion will mask the flavor, expect the psychoactive components of the shrooms to be triggered, especially with beverages. You will also want to do some fasting before your shroom session to avoid any nasty side effects, often caused by using a large serving of shrooms in your recipe combined with the components of the shroom as well.

Know the Best Way to Best Way to Eat Dried Shrooms

1. Drink Up


A fruit or veggie smoothie is a healthy and refreshing way to get your buzz. The combination of fruits and veggies can also cover up the bitter taste of Magic Mushrooms as long as you incorporate only a few grams or just a teaspoon, to begin with. If you want to get the feel of a more powerful trip, feel free to add some extra shroom. Bananas and berries are a favorite combo to a Magic mushroom-infused diet smoothie.

Lemon Tek

Lemon and Shrooms have been recommended to complement each other in this popular recipe. A lemon tek is basically a lemon juice shot, with just a small sprinkle of ground Magic mushrooms. Drink up and feel the magic.


If you have been trying to figure out if mixing shrooms in your booze would taste good, we know two drinks you might like, that can be done with only one method. With rum or tequila, just step a few ounces of mushrooms in the drink for at least 15 minutes then strain. There should not be much of that mushroom punch, but you should feel its effects sink in an hour or sooner.

2. Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Gummy candy like gummy bears have been mixed in with ground shrooms to make psychedelic gummies or can be crushed into tiny bits for funky chocolate bark. It is the best way to eat dried shrooms infused in candies. Mushroom-infused candy has been noted to be the best way to enjoy your dry shrooms if you want little to no taste with a slight buzz.

3. Baked Desserts

Top your cookies and brownies with some crisp, dry shrooms to add texture and a positive vibe to follow. Unlike weed brownies and cookies that would use cannabis butter or oil, you can crush up your dry mushrooms and mix them right in the batter. Baked sweets often affect the potency of your shrooms, so you can also do the same with a non-bake version of your chosen dessert to retain the amount of psilocybin you would expect.

4. Fruit Snack Combination

A simple fruit snack such as banana slices, strawberries, and blueberries go well with magic mushroom bits. You can also combine mushrooms in a fruit bowl, overnight oats, and other sweet fruits that should mask the bitter mushroom taste.

5. Upgrade Your Favorite Meals

If you want to fill your empty stomach, you can always go with cooking up a delicious meal with some mushrooms for a hippy trip. Beef Chili can use a bit of seasoning and spicing up when you add shrooms into the piping hot stew; Make a pan pizza or order your favorite one at a local pizza palace, then top with Magic mushrooms that will perfectly blend with a classic pizza’s pepperoni and cheese. Even shrooms can be a game-changer on a savory pasta dish for you or to share with friends who want to dine and still get high.

6. A Simple PB&J Sandwich

Need a quick and easy snack that you can easily pack too? Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Magic mushroom bits can keep giving you a creative vision in the most discreet way possible. Dry mushrooms are perfect for recreating the crunch you get in a nutty butter, plus the creamy spread with blueberry preserves will surely hit the spot to get you tripping.


Now you know the best way to eat dried shrooms that is suitable for you. As nasty as they taste, you can still prepare delicious meals using dry shrooms instead of having to eat them plain. Desserts, craft drinks, and comfort food can be upgraded with your very own secret ingredient of magic mushrooms that can make any lunch break or snack appetizing and addicting. Always make sure when you try a new recipe, start with small doses, and add depending on your desired effect and flavor. Now, go have a fun time in the kitchen with some funky fungi.