Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Just How & Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online?

1: Choose the Correct Strain of Magic Mushrooms:

Magic mushrooms come in a variety of different classes. Psilocybe cubensis is the most common you will see online and also you can find a large range of different varieties expanding both in the wild as well as indoors all over the globe. Presently, there are over 200 different psilocybe cubensis strains that we know of. Hence, not all Psilocybe Cubensis strains are cut from the exact same fabric.

Amazonian, Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, Mazatapec, Cubans

The stamina as well as tripping levels are different in each of these pressures. If you are trying to find delighted sensations as well as great deals of laughs, you may opt-in for Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms, while B+ Psychedelic Mushrooms will certainly give you among the hottest visual and also spiritual trips.

2: Determine How Much You Plan to “Trip” on Magic Mushrooms:

Determine what sort of trip you want you can acquaint on your own with what kind of trips every Magic Mushroom stress produces by investigating its impacts and also checking out other people’s trip reports. For example, is a Canadian Psilocybin Mushroom Encyclopedia and a wonderful source to begin.

When acquiring your Magic Mushrooms online, you also need to decide what journey level you would love to experience. There are 5 numerous Magic Mushroom trip levels relying on the dose:


  1. Microdose (0.05-0.25 g): Quite mild and gentle. Many people will experience nearly no effects, with exception of mood enhancement and a benefit to overall energy.
  2. Mini-dose (0.25-0.75 g): Increase flow state. Clearer thoughts and vision. Linked thinking, working fluidly in synergy. Further enhancing energy as a whole.
  3. Museum dose (0.5-1.5g): Further increased mood enhancement accompanied with very mild visual changes for some people. Starting of clear introspection, mild sensitivity to light might be possible.
  4. Moderate dose (2-3.5g): Life changing introspective and philosophical insights. The discovery of some mundane objects or items amusing and interesting. The start of synesthesia.
  5. Hero dose (5g+): Strong visuals, intense hallucinations are all possible. Mystical experiences and extreme introspective, and connected feelings. Dissociation from the physical world. The loss of vanity, self reaching the sough after “ego-death”

3. Consider What Your Goals and Purpose are for Your Trip

Whether you’ve made use of Magic Mushrooms before is vital to take into account when acquiring Magic Mushrooms online your plan beforehand. Are you a novice, looking to break the ice and want as few outside threats as possible? Do you find it  essential that your psychedelic trip is motivating or uplifting? Or is your primary concern on the amount of mushrooms you are taking because you are an experienced psychonaut?

Although the active ingredient in every Magic Mushroom is psilocybin, a lot of customers report a significant difference in the impacts of the various strains of Magic Mushroom. It’s possible that the precise complete chemical make-up is different for each and every variety. For example, Golden Teacher is an excellent strain for new trippers and newbies. Typical customers that can take care of a lot more intense journeys can attempt B+, Nepalese Chitwan, as well as African Transkei Mushrooms.

Penis Envy as well as Blue Meanie varieties are best for seasoned trippers or experience psychonauts. These are for people who want a fully immersed experience, and seeking ego-death.

4. Pick the Correct Looking Magic Mushroom

There are couple of points to watch out for when picking your mushrooms. Observe carefully the colour and the size of the stem, along with the size and the shape of the cap.

Whole caps in the mushrooms, clean stems, which should be lighter than the brownish cap, and also no really dark colours unless they’re intended to appear like that.

We would strongly suggest against foraging for magic mushrooms in their natural habitat, as picking the wrong ones can have dire consequences.

5. Pick the Right Online Store

Last but leading, see to it that you acquire your Magic Mushrooms from a reliable source. There are many on-line shops to pick from, so spend some time to do your due diligence.

Read on-line testimonials as well as reviews to see what people are saying concerning numerous orders and purchase histories. That will certainly tell you a great deal of confidence concerning their reputation and also reliability.

Other traits are companies that accept credit cards. Suppliers must have stellar results in order to secure a merchant account in this industry.

6. Final Thoughts

Make sure you extensively take into consideration all of these actions before picking your Magic Mushrooms. Every one is incredibly crucial for the high quality of your tripping experience.

We definitely suggest making the effort to take into consideration all of the alternatives. From experience, we can state that we are certain this will aid you to choose the best mushroom for you, which will only raise your experience with them. Prepare yourself to enter the magic globe of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms.