Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in UK

In previous years, discovering a source for magic mushrooms used to seem like a trip in and of itself. They utilized to look like some magical substance that needed substantial foraging or hitting up the weirdest man you understand to find a plug.

Noise familiar? We’re here to let you know that your life simply got 10x much better due to the fact that you can now buy safe, high-quality psilocybin mushrooms online. What a relief! Please note that you need to be 19 to buy magic mushrooms online in the UK

Benefits to buy mushrooms online UK

To some individuals, buying magic mushrooms online, uk seems like the finest thing worldwide and they’ll wish to dive right in. However if you’re in the ‘not rather persuaded’ boat, that’s reasonable; provided that magic mushrooms are technically still unlawful in the uk, you’re ideal to be suspicious about the idea.

It needs to be kept in mind that it is extremely rare for magic mushroom dispensaries to be prosecuted. Law enforcement firms throughout the uk have kept in mind that they aren’t especially worried about prosecuting gray-area and psilocybe mushroom dispensaries since it takes resources far from fighting bigger things like the mob groups pushing controlled substances.

If for some reason the police ever were to prosecute a magic mushroom dispensary, it would be the dispensary themselves that got into trouble, not the customers. This suggests it’s very safe to buy magic mushrooms online; in truth, it’s probably much safer due to the secure payment techniques than buying them from your local dubious dealership. Such as buying magic mushrooms online with your credit card or crypto payments utilizing coinpayments.

Super Easy

Since it’s so easy to utilize, numerous individuals turn to the web to buy magic mushrooms uk simply. Rather of going through the uncomfortable circumstance of discovering a dealer, getting in contact, waiting around for them, and satisfying them in a dubious place, you can just search the great variety of psychedelic items at your own rate through Shrooms Direct.

Online mushroom dispensary have almost any psilocybin item you can consider on their menu. From microdose capsules to edibles, online magic mushroom uk stores have a whole range of items for a bunch of various impacts. The online format therefore makes it way easier to search and get specific items, rather than simply any old psychedelic mushrooms.

You put an order similar to you ‘d place an order for anything else, the same as you would when shopping on Amazon. As long as you have a login username or e-mail password, address, and capability to transfer money through credit card, you’ll breeze right through our checkout.

The shipping used for all orders is Canada Post, indicating your orders will arrive straight to your door just like the rest of your post when purchasing magic mushrooms uk. Delivering normally takes 2-3 days as we use the Express Post choice, guaranteeing it arrives to you incredibly quick.

Shipment is constantly ensured to be discreet; vacuum sealed and plainly packaged. Your delivery guy will have no idea that there is magic mushrooms for uk shipment in the box!

Less Risky

Foraging for magic mushrooms in the forest can be a harmful game, particularly if you’re new to the world of psychedelic mushrooms. They can be quite difficult to identify, and given that many magic mushrooms in the wild are extremely poisonous, your efforts to discover magic mushrooms might easily result in catastrophe. The better choices are to buy magic mushrooms uk.

When you purchase shrooms online, you’re guaranteed a safe sale. All of our magic mushrooms are grown fresh in our British Columbia shop, from attempted and checked psilocybe cubensis strains. Even the most current strains and items have been through comprehensive testing from our specialists, who have a good deal of experience with magic mushrooms and uk magic mushrooms online.

We likewise utilize one of the most safe methods of payment online, charge card and crypto payments for our UK consumers. Your login username (or email address) & password are always safe, as they are never shown any 3rd parties.

Client service

Dealers aren’t precisely renowned for their fantastic consumer service. In the contemporary age, you as the client deserve the very finest experience despite what you’re buying. The very same should opt for wishing to buy magic mushrooms online uk, right?

When you purchase magic mushrooms online uk, specifically from Shrooms Direct, you’re ensured a quick, handy action from our dedicated group. Whether you’re not sure on how to order magic mushrooms, you have questions about shipping, or you’re looking for a particular psilocybin experience, our great representatives will point you in the direction you need to be.

Do not forget that you need to be 19 to order magic mushrooms online in Canada, making age the only location in which our group won’t be able to assist you out!


All of our shrooms are available in discreet packaging, suggesting there is no odor or visual signs of you having bought shrooms online from Canada. Mail order shrooms use Canada Post express shipping, so they’ll arrive inconspicuously with the rest of your post.

The postman nor anyone you cope with will understand what you’ve purchased thanks to our discreet payment approaches which will not tip off anything in your savings account, in addition to our plain packaging which makes it look like any old piece of mail.

How to get Mail Order Shrooms UK Online

To purchase magic mushrooms online, follow these easy actions and you’ll have shrooms at your door in no time!

Mushroom Dispensary UK

You require to discover a shrooms dispensary that fits you and your requirements. Consider what type of shroom experience you desire to have- are you aiming to feel the complete psychedelic effects, or just desire the beneficial psychological impacts without the hallucinogenic experience?

Your answers to these questions will determine what type of dispensary you go two. Online dispensaries are presently split into two camps: medicinal magic mushroom shops, which intend to relieve signs of depression and anxiety in users through microdose shrooms, and recreational shroom stores, which provide a wide range of terrific, dried shrooms, edibles, and a lot more.

Browse Shroom Products

When you buy shrooms online in Canada, you’ll realise that it’s quite simple to buy magic mushrooms given that the website menu is basic to navigate. Simply take a look at the items you ‘d like to attempt- whether that be the OG dried mushrooms or microdose pills- and do not hesitate to take guidance from our client service group for the very best effects.

Products in the Cart

Put your mushroom items in the cart and see if you receive complimentary shipping in Canada.


At Shrooms Direct, shipping on orders under $199 is constantly $15. We do use complimentary shipping on orders of $199+ in Canada.

If you’ve never ever attempted to buy magic mushrooms before, the very first time you purchase shrooms online in Canada can seem a little daunting. There’s many various shroom products that it can seem frustrating. Here’s a little breakdown of what psilocybin mushrooms are on deal.

Something to note is that all psilocybin mushrooms have the technical name of psilocybe cubensis, so if you see ‘cubensis’ connected to any products, there’s no need to freak out- it’s simply the fancy umbrella term for shrooms.

Psilocybin is the chemical found in the mushroom that triggers hallucinogenic impacts.

Dried Shrooms

The most conventional and popular shrooms items in Canada are dried psilocybin shrooms. Most orders we get are for big quantities of dried shrooms; this is just since they’re the cheapest way to get a high quality journey, and due to the fact that they’re the most identifiable shrooms products on the menu.

Dried shrooms are exactly how they sound; literally simply psilocybin mushrooms that have actually been dried to maintain quality and permit intake. The majority of people bake them into things or turn them into tea, which is much more delicious than consuming the dried product on its own.

At shrooms 247, we guarantee that each time you buy shrooms online, you’re purchasing mushrooms ranked 5 00 out of 5 each and every single time. We always recommend purchasing bulk orders of dried psilocybe cubensis to get free reveal shipping and the finest deal on price.

A new classic, the modest edible is taking over the video game of mushrooms online in Canada. Our menu includes chocolates and gummies for sale to get that good trippy feeling without the gross taste of dried shroom.


Microdose capsules are best for those wanting favorable psychological benefits without tripping. Take pills every few days for a more productive work day, or more routinely for an express trip to PMA.
Last Thoughts

We make the actions to buy shrooms online in Canada extremely fast and simple. Keep in mind you need to be 19 to order from us, and we can not process shipping to orders beyond Canada. Shipping on orders of over $199 are free!

Every item we have for sale, whether pills or edibles, is ranked 5 00 out of 5 by our experts, making all products incredibly safe and powerful. Your order filled with the current shroom item for sale in Canada will arrive through express mail.