Do You Have to Chew Shrooms

There are many ways to consume shrooms like mixing it with tea, chocolates, energy bars, or even taking it with lime shots. But one of the potent ways is to have them directly. For many, the taste of mushrooms is overpowering, and spoils taste palette. Shrooms have a very strong and earthy flavor that is distinctive and stays. The plants have alkaloids which why such a pungent taste.

It has always been debated whether to chew the shrooms or not. Many say that it can be chewed until it is mush and then can be swallowed. There have been instances when people eat the shrooms, take in the juices and then spit out the rest of the mush. But it is always better to swallow them to get all the psilocybin and psilocin in your system. Also, these mushrooms have made up of fiber which kind of makes it hard to digest. Hence, a lot of people prefer it to grind it first and eat or swallow it with any liquid substance.

Shroom Dosage

Whether you chew or swallow, it is essential to have the right dosage to experience the mind-altering effect. The dosage depends on not only the kind of mushroom and the amount, but also where it is cultivated and how it is handled. Along with the type of mushroom (fungus) in use, the effects of magic mushrooms will always differ from person to person.

Generally, people who are new to shrooms are advised to start with 0.5-1 gram. The effect will not be immediate; wait for an hour and then check how you feel. If you can take more, then go for it. Do not start off with a hefty dose. If you are chewing it, be ready for the sour and bitter taste. In case, you cannot take it wholly on its own, have with fruits or juices. Often, the mushrooms are soaked in rum or tequila to intensify the effect.

A single dose of shrooms can produce at least 3 to 6 hours of a trip on an average. It does depend on the individual to individual taking the shrooms. A sense of relaxation or a feeling of euphoria is the first kind of experience, followed by noticeable changes in the way you notice sound and colors.

Effects of Shrooms

Whether chewing or substituting it with something, shrooms can leave a lasting impact on an individual. Exaggerated emotional experiences, increased introspection, and altered psychological functioning are some of the effects of the shrooms. It takes you a transitory state between wakefulness and sleep.

Perceptual changes such as illusions and inaccurate sense of time are common. There are possibilities of bad trips as well, which results in dysphoric hallucinations, uncontrollable paranoia, and reckless behaviors. It is recommended to be prepared and knowing your motivations for any kinds of feelings you experience from beforehand can help manage the risks.

Other Ways To Have Shrooms

Chewing and swallowing is one way of having magic mushrooms, but there are several other alternatives as well which can make the experience of having the shrooms delightful. Below are a few ideas listed for you are:

Cannabis Blunts: To highly deepen the trip, it is best recommended to roll the shrooms with your joints. Smoking a joint tends to compliment the shrooms’ trip and sets up the mood. This combination also helps you hit your peak. Make sure of not overdoing this and take it slowly and steadily.

1. Truffle Tea

Make your tea sessions euphoric by adding the shrooms into it. Boil your drink with a few grams of shrooms and have it. This is one of the easiest ways to discard the strong smell of the shrooms.

2. Smoothies

Add some shrooms into your blender and mix it up with your fruit smoothie. The sweetness of the smoothie will help ease out the pungent flavor, thus making it tasty. Also, the trip is fantastic too! Smoothies are great during summer and make it healthier with magic mushrooms!

3. Lemon Juice

The sourness of the lemons makes the sour more effective and gives you a crazy trip. Just crush or powder the shrooms and add it to your lemon juice and stir it. Gulp it down or have it slowly, and enjoy the magical power of the shrooms. Lemon juice with shroom-induced flavor makes it healthier and natural.

4. Chocolates and Cakes

To make it extra special, add the crushed shrooms in your cake batter or while making chocolate bars. This combination is lit and will earn you extra brownie points amongst your peers. Oatmeal chocolate bars with shrooms are really healthy and delicious that you will definitely enjoy!

5. Pizzas

Best way to enjoy some good quality shrooms is by having a magic pizza night. Invite your friends and make homemade pizzas, top it with some crushed shrooms and indulge in some mind-altering experience after that. After a stressful day, you can make your homemade pizza with magic mushrooms at its best! Enjoy every bite and savor the flavor and aroma!

6. Alcohol

Add a few grams of powdered shrooms in your alcohol bottle and let it rest and soak for a week. Distill the alcohol and enjoy the magic drink with your friends over the weekends. Cocktails are also possible with shrooms. Don’t stop experimenting with new alcohol flavors with shrooms!

Final Verdict

Whether you want to chew the shrooms or consume it with any other way, honestly, it is all up to you – how you like it personally. Maybe there will be different levels of intensity if you chew, swallow or have it with something else, the best way to judge it is by trying it in all forms and choosing the best suitable for you and your body. But the critical factor to note is to not go overboard with it, especially when you are mixing it with other substances. Take enough time and enjoy the journey of the trip; learn your lessons with lousy trip experience and better it the next time.

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