Does Orange Juice Enhance Mushroom Trip

The magic mushroom can give you a trip that is truly out if this world. It gives your brain a creative boost and can make your imaginations more vivid. No wonder many people are happy to find shrooms in parklands and deciduous forests. Aside from giving you the most awesome trip ever, magic mushrooms are also considered as the safest drugs by far. The good news is there are many awesome magic mushroom recipes that you can search on the Internet today.

One of the most popular magic mushroom recipes out there is made out of orange juice. People believe that orange juice enhances the magic mushroom trip. That is why you can find a lot of individuals who are drinking orange juice and vitamin C when taking dried shrooms. If you are one of these magic mushroom enthusiasts who want to know more about the relationship between shrooms and orange juices, then this article can definitely provide you with some answers.

Psilocybin or easily break down into psilocin if you put in in an acidic substance. Orange or citrus juice are considered to be acidic and so it is an excellent substance to break down psilocybin to psilocin. Among the two, psilocin is the one that is actually hallucinogenic. Rather than relying on your body to break down psilocybin, drinking orange juices can help in producing psilocin. Orange or citric juices are perfect if you want to kick-start the process.

By drinking orange juices while taking magic mushrooms, you are helping your body to rapidly absorb a higher concentration of psilocin. Hence, your mushroom trip is enhanced and becomes more intense. Although some reported that the trip becomes shorter.

Orange juice contains citric acid that acts like gastric juices in your stomach. Citric acid replicates what happens inside your stomach when it consumes or digests magic mushrooms. Taking citric acid can help your stomach in breaking down psilocybin in magic mushrooms. Moreover, citric acid can also help your stomach to rapidly absorb the end product which is psilocin.

You can find numbers of individuals today who are suggesting that you let the shrooms sit in fresh orange juice. Let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes and expect the mushroom trip to come sooner. The initial effect of this process can make the trip a little bit stronger. But then again, the duration or the longevity of the trip becomes shorter.

Oranges and Mushrooms

Making an orange juice with magic mushroom is very easy. First, you need to get 2 to 5 ounces of fresh orange juice you can also choose lime juice. The next thing that you need to do is add the chopped magic mushrooms. Let the shrooms sit for about 20 minutes to an hour. Remember to stir the mixture occasionally. You should expect the psilocybin to break down into psilocin if you follow this instruction. After waiting for 20 minutes or to an hour, you can now drink the mixture. It is also advisable that you ingest the remaining magic mushroom content.

This mixture makes the trip come to you sooner. Also, you can expect a more intense trip. Orange juice and magic mushrooms are indeed a perfect combination. This is because citric acid effectively enhances mushroom trips. If this is your first time taking shrooms, then we suggest that you add small doses only. You can add another dose if you think that it is not strong or potent enough. Make sure that you gradually add small doses and don’t take in too many shrooms.

In some areas, they call the orange and shrooms mixture as “go-go” juice. Some users also add vitamin C to the mixture. Imagine having a magical trip to wonderland and at the same time boosting your immune system! You will not only be experiencing a great trip but you are also making your body healthier if you add vitamin C and shrooms. Be sure that you keep the good vibe and stay hydrated.

Mixing orange, shrooms, and vitamin water can also enhance the mushroom trip. Just remember to not drink excessive amounts to prevent you from vomiting the contents. Another advantage of mixing orange juice and magic mushroom is that it keeps you hydrated. Expect your body temperature to rise once you take magic mushrooms and so you have to have water near you to keep yourself cool. Be sure that you drink fluids when drinking orange and magic mushrooms.

You can also find individuals who are making orange smoothies with magic mushroom. It is also easy to prepare and all you need is your pulse blender. Add orange, shrooms, and honey and you are good to go. Then again, it is very important that you know the right dosage when making orange smoothies and magic mushrooms. Enjoy the drink and have fun with the trip!