Drying Magic Mushroom the Right Way

Proper drying is very important if you want to maintain the potency of magic mushrooms. Drying your mushrooms is also essential if you want to avoid molds. Moldy mushrooms can cause serious health problems and so you need to avoid it as much as you can. If you search on the web today, you will notice that there are a lot of ways on how you can dry your mushrooms. However, it is important to note that not all drying methods are the right way.

If you are one of those individuals who want to know more about drying magic mushroom the right way, then you will find this article very useful. We will give you easy to follow steps and guidelines on how to properly dry your magic mushrooms. Following these steps will surely help you enjoy the awesome magic mushroom experience.

Many gardeners and enthusiasts think that drying magic mushroom is a very complicated task. However, this is not true since drying shrooms is so easy as long as you follow certain steps and guidelines. But before you start learning how to dry your magic mushrooms, it is critical that you take the time to consider some few things first. A single mistake can ruin the quality and the potency of your magic mushroom and so you really have to be very careful.

First of all, it is important that you dry your shrooms right after harvesting. How will you know whether or not it is harvest time? The best time for you to harvest is when the veil of the shrooms is about to break from the cap. This should happen between 6 to 12 days after the first mushroom pins have started popping up. Take note that the peak of magic mushroom potency is when the veil breaks. Every psychonaut and magic mushroom enthusiasts should learn the best time to harvest and the best ways to drying the shrooms.

After harvesting your magic mushrooms, you need to immediately begin the drying process. You need to start the process straight away in order for you to narrow any risk of molds and decay. Remember that you need to avoid moisture when doing the drying process. This is because moisture can cause molds. Once you’ve taken care of this, then you are now ready to start the magic mushroom drying process.

Right Way of Drying Magic Mushrooms

  1. You need to gently place your magic mushrooms onto a flat and clean surface. Make sure that you are working on a clean surface to avoid any contamination. Remember that you are not only avoiding molds but also other bacteria that can ruin the quality and the potency of your magic mushrooms.
  2. Spread the magic mushrooms apart and make sure that they are not touching each other. You can choose to place the shrooms on top of a baking tray or a large plate. Again, the most important thing is that you place them on a flat and clean surface. You can use whatever stuff you have at your house so long as you can place your mushroom.
  3. After placing your magic mushrooms on a tray or any flat surfaces, the next thing that you need to do is to place it near to a warm window. You can also place it in a greenhouse if you have. Don’t forget to place a black towel over the tray. This should allow the natural sunlight to heat up and dry you the magic mushroom. The rationale behind placing a black towel is to avoid any damaging caused by heat. If you are living in an area where there is not much sunlight, then it is advisable that you place the magic mushroom next to a heater or a radiator.

Drying Magic Mushrooms Through Desiccant

The steps above are practical and very simple though. But there is also another way of drying your magic mushroom and it is through the desiccant. Although this procedure or method can be quite complex, it produces excellent quality results.

  1. Get a desiccant material and an airtight container. You can purchase desiccant materials almost everywhere. Make sure that the desiccant material is top quality. What these materials do is that they extract moisture from the air. They are used in many products in order to avoid damage caused by moisture during transportation and storage. One example of a desiccant material is called silica gel.
  2. Place the desiccant material such as silica gel inside the airtight container – you can use Tupperware. You also need to make sure that you place some screen or grid above the desiccant material to make sure that the magic mushroom will not come in contact with the gel.
  3. Make sure that you regularly check your magic mushroom while inside the container. Always check whether or not the container is really sealed. It is very important that you stay patient when waiting for your magic mushrooms to try. It may take some time but the results can be very rewarding. Your aim is to be able to get a “cracker-dry” magic mushroom.

Additional Tips When Drying Your Shrooms

It is also essential that you check out other methods in drying magic mushrooms. Don’t just focus on one method or approach. Exploring and experimenting with different ways of drying magic mushroom is essential if you want to master cultivating and drying magic mushrooms. It is advisable that you seek for advice or recommendations from other magic mushrooms enthusiasts who have been drying and storing shrooms for many years now.

Do not hesitate to ask them for tips and tricks regarding the right way of drying shrooms. By listening to the advice of other magic mushroom grower or gardener, you are increasing your knowledge and skills in cultivating and drying shrooms. Aside from asking for advice from your friends or families who are also magic mushroom enthusiasts, it is also essential that you visit forums or online communities and join discussions. Doing your research is indeed important if you want to become an expert in shrooms.

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