How are Psilocybin Mushrooms Grown?

Nowadays, more and more people take interest and are now growing psilocybin mushrooms at home. This is another way of keeping up with the demand of this product, as well as giving a reliable, a year-round supply of mushrooms. Home cultivation or mushroom gardening surely eliminates the danger of misidentifying mushrooms as compared to finding and searching mushrooms in the wild. For a lot of mushroom growers, it is also a fun and a relatively low-cost kind of hobby that has a big potential of earning.

If you have never tried or ventured in growing mushrooms before because of lack of experience, you might want to reconsider and you might be tempted to start with a psilocybin mushroom grow kit.  Because mushroom grow kits are ready-to-use packs that contain a living mycelium substrate, the material that helps in the proper mushroom growth. With these ready-to-use packs, all you just need to do is to keep humidity suited for mushroom growing.

Although there is a different kind of feeling if you’re starting from scratch, growing mushroom is very rewarding. Like making your own substrate, this will not only bring more consistency but also make them less prone to contamination as well. When it comes to the cost, there is also no remarkable difference in the price, and still, you will end up learning and earning a lot more.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Finding Spore Syringes of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Finding or getting a good spore syringe could be one thing you might be challenged with. The spore syringe will contain your spores and will be used to sow them into the substrate. There are some mushrooms growers who have reported concerns and issues of contamination. Some issues on misidentified strains and there are even syringes that only contain nothing but water

But as long as you are doing your research and never stop in looking for a reputable supplier like reading feedback, then you don’t have to worry. In successfully growing your first bath or flush of mushrooms, you can now start filling syringes on your own so you can be self-sufficient.

Varieties of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Another thing you will need to do is to choose what species and strain you want to cultivate. A lot of suppliers offer a wide range to choose from.

But the Psilocybe cubensis are generally recommended for beginners. While these, they are not as potent as others, like the Penis Envy, they are more relatively forgiving on suboptimal and changeable conditions.

Other Methods of Growing Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms From a Kit

For people who are first-time growers, growing mushrooms using a ready-made kit can still be a lot of fun because it is an easy option in order to produce their own mushrooms. These growing kits normally consist of plastic bags that are filled with sterilized and inoculated straw or soil.

So all you need to do is to keep the bag in the proper living conditions, and if done correctly, in just 7 to 10 days, you will have your very own homegrown mushrooms. Kits generally cost around $20 and $30 and are used to grow most of the common mushroom types like the following: crimini, white button, portobello, shiitake, lion’s mane, and oyster mushrooms.

To start the growing process, just open the bag and place it under a bright location, but out of direct sunlight, places like a shady windowsill. The kit must be stored in a place at room temperature, but it needs to be sprayed with water daily to keep a high level of humidity. There are some kits that will provide you with plastic tents to cover the bag and to maintain humidity levels.

The mushrooms will soon start to sprout after seven to ten days, but you can already expect to have two or three flushes of growth in a three month period. Another great thing in using these kits is that after they have produced mushrooms, you can bury them outdoors, ideally, under bark mulch or in your compost pile. The given favorable weather conditions, your mushrooms will begin to grow on that spot.

Growing Mushrooms on a Hardwood Log

This is another natural way to grow some species of mushrooms like the  Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Shiitake mushrooms, Pearl Mushrooms, Maitake mushroom, and Phoenix Oyster mushrooms are with the use of a log. To do this, you have to perform an inoculation of the hardwood logs using birch plugs which have been completely colonized by mushroom mycelium. Birch plugs are commercially available online and also from specialist mushroom spore store suppliers.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

The first step, you need to look for a suitable log for mushroom growing. The logs that you choose must be cut from non-aromatic hardwood trees like the poplar tree, oak tree, maple tree,  and elm tree. The size should be around 3 feet or 4 feet in length and not more than 14 inches in diameter. You have to make sure that the logs are cut 2 weeks before you do the plugging. This will allow the trees’ anti-fungal characteristics to degrade.

In order to colonize 3-feet to 4 feet long, you will approximately need 50 plugs. In inserting the plugs, you need to use a 5/16 inches drill bit to make 2 inches deep holes and made a diamond pattern all over the entire log. The holes must be 4 inches spaced apart. Insert the birch plugs gently into the deep holes and gently tap using a hammer in order to fully insert.

If you are planning to leave the hardwood logs outdoors, you’ll need to cover and also seal the drilled holes with either a cheese wax or beeswax to protect the plugs from prying insects and harsh weather. But if you will keep the log indoors, like in your a garage or basement, you do not have to put cheese wax or beeswax.

The mushroom mycelium will start to spread from the birch plugs throughout the entire log until the whole piece of wood has been colonized. Once the log is fully colonized, mushrooms will then begin to sprout from the cracks of the log. This usually happens in between 9 months to 12 months, but of course, this will also depend on the temperature and humidity conditions. The mushrooms will reproduce year after year.

Final Words

Mushrooms are fun to grow with the right conditions and right practice. Growers can earn a lot by growing healthy mushrooms. Growing kits are easy and effective in growing mushrooms in an affordable manner.

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