How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Last

go way, way back – way back when humans still hunt to survive; when we still worshiped the trees and the sun; when we still painted on cave walls and stone surfaces. Nowadays, magic mushrooms are taking the center stage again in the field of recreational drugs. The renewed interest in these psychedelic fungi is making waves in the drug culture of modern times.

The demand for magic mushrooms is growing with the peoples’ curiosity about its benefits and effects. The good news is, aside from the fact that magic mushrooms grow almost everywhere; they are very much available through the Internet.

If you have made a hobby out of magic mushroom picking, or interested in cultivating it indoors, or have bought some from Dark Web markets, then you’re probably wondering how long your magic mushroom will last and how long you can keep them before they lose their effects.

Fresh mushrooms

Fresh or raw mushrooms have a shelf life of about a month when you store them in a cool, dry, place such as you’re the fridge. Put them in a paper bag or on unbleached kitchen paper to prevent moisture from causing spoilage to the psychedelic fungi. It is also important that you put them in the fridge as soon as you can because exposing them to external conditions can make them prone to decomposition.

If you want to stock them for more than a month, then a vacuum packer is a good idea. Vacuum packing shrooms and then stowing them away in a refrigerator can extend their life for about 3 months.

Dried mushrooms

The Best Way to Dry Magic Mushroom

In case 3 months is still not enough for you, then drying magic mushrooms is the way to go! This method is perfect for people who cultivate their own magic mushrooms.  Dried shrooms don’t last for months, they last for years.

The process is quite long and time-consuming but worthy of your time and effort.

The secret to effectively drying magic mushrooms is to not use any heat. The procedure basically involves pre-drying them to initially remove the moisture and then using a dehydrator to make sure that all the liquid is removed from the shrooms. It takes 30 – 50 hours for the magic mushrooms to completely dry. Desiccants can also be used as an alternative if a dehydrator is not available. Store them in airtight jars or vacuum packers afterward.

Freezing magic mushrooms

For those who want to go the extra mile, freezing magic mushrooms is another option. Freezing is simply putting the packed dried mushrooms inside the freezer.  This process increases the shrooms shelf life indefinitely. The only thing you have to be very careful of is moisture. Make sure the jars and the packs are tightly sealed so moisture doesn’t get in and make the shrooms go bad.

Remember: never freeze magic mushrooms while they are fresh and raw. Freezing shrooms without drying them will destroy their cell membrane and reduce their potency.


Magic mushrooms are in their most potent state right after picking and lose more and more of their strength the longer they are stored. Drying shrooms also lessen their power, but it is the best method for keeping most of the potency in for a long, long time.


Shrooms are widely available online. You can buy them fresh, dried, or ready for cultivation. Many people pursue shroom cultivation and find it rewarding. Contrary to most perceptions, the endeavor is not very difficult. There are easy ways of growing magic mushrooms inside your own homes.

The easiest and most convenient way for starters to grow magic mushrooms is with the help of growing kits. These growing kits contain a substrate that is ideal for magic mushroom growth and a developing mycelium. Perhaps, the only thing you need to do is mimic the conditions that support mushroom growth.

Another more complicated way of cultivating shrooms is through the PK-Tek. This technique is an arduous but rewarding process. It is trickier because it involves making your own substrate and injecting magic mushroom spores into them. The spores are contained in a syringe and are also available through online dealers.

Cultivating shrooms also help ensure that you always have a stack at your disposal. This practice is also safer than picking magic mushrooms in the wild because it lowers the risk of accidentally mistaking poisonous shrooms for psychedelic ones. Needless to say, toxic mushrooms may put your health, and even life, on the line.


When you consume magic mushrooms with great control and caution, you can reap many of its wonderful benefits. They have the power to make you a happier and more positive person in the long run and let you experience things that you may find very relevant for the rest of your existence.