How Long Do Shrooms Take to Kick In

Magic mushrooms are known for its psychedelic, spiritual, and mind-altering effects. A lot of individuals out there describe the experience as reality-bending. Its effects can be both pleasant and relaxing. However, this depends on the dosage that you are taking. It is vital that you understand how much magic mushrooms you are going to take. It is also smart that you have an idea how long do shrooms take to kick in.

Psilocybin mushrooms or magic mushrooms are considered to be part of the hallucinogenic drug class. For this reason, shrooms can cause hallucinations and even mixed sense. There is also an increase in your body temperature if you take it. Some individuals feel nauseated after taking shrooms, but it can also cause a feeling of relaxation. Magic mushrooms and marijuana almost have the same effects.

There are multiple factors involved that can change how magic mushrooms affect an individual. It depends on the dosage, age, type, or variety. Doing a little research on the Internet before taking shrooms is advisable since it can also affect your personality. Countless blogs, articles, or videos are posted on the Internet today that can give you accurate information about the effects of magic mushrooms.

If you search on the Internet, you will discover that there are several methods of using magic mushrooms. You can ingest it as a whole or you can also sprinkle it onto your food. A lot of people are mixing pizza and magic mushrooms. Another way of using shrooms is by making it into a tea. Of course, just like marijuana, you can also smoke it.

Shrooms can take about 20 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. Its effect can last from 3 to 6 hours. But then again, there are factors involved regarding how long before you can feel its effect and how long do the effects last. Compared to other drugs, the effects of magic mushrooms last longer.  The advantage of using shrooms over other drugs is that it has a long-lasting effect. The effects of other drugs can only last for about five to 10 minutes. And so, drug abuse happens. This is why many individuals prefer magic mushrooms over other drugs because of its long-lasting effects.

When it comes to taking magic mushrooms, it is necessary that you be careful with the dosage. Remember that one dosage of magic mushrooms is equivalent to 1 gram. For some users, this dosage is too much. You don’t want to take shrooms without knowing the right dosage since it can cause anxiety and paranoia. It is recommended that you ask for advice from your friends or families who have taken magic mushrooms before.

It is also possible that the effects of the shrooms will kick in 10 minutes to 1 hour if you take it with an empty stomach. The onset phase is when the effects of the magic mushroom slowly start to kick in. There is also what we call the peak. The peak is when you are feeling the highest point of the effects. After 2 to 6 hours, the effects of the shrooms will slowly wear off. This phase is also called the “coming down”. There are also users out there who reported that they were able to experience the shrooms effects for up to eight hours.

As we mentioned earlier, the effects of magic mushrooms depend on the dosage. Magic shrooms tolerance also varies from one individual to another. Understanding different dosages and its different effects are necessary. Having control over the dosage also means that you are able to control what kind of effects you are going to feel after taking shrooms.

Different Magic Mushroom Dosages

You can expect some changes in sensation and seeing more vivid colors if you take a shroom dosage that is equivalent to .25. If you take .26 to 1 gram of shrooms, you will notice that the appearance of your environment starts to change. The colors are now stronger and there is that sense of fleeting distortion around you. Bright or intense lights may appear shimmering as that of a star. You will also start seeing some movement at the walls, paintings, and even the ceilings. Your pupils are starting to dilate.

If you take shrooms between 1g to 2.5g, expect to have intense hallucinations. Even if you close your eyes, you will still see different kinds of pattern. Believe it or not, you will also be able to hear colors and see music around – this is what we call the “crossover-sense”. This dosage can change your mood. It can make you feel more static. Now, if you take more than 2.5g of magic mushrooms, then expect intense visual distortions. This dosage can make your world look like it is spiraling down. There is already distortions in your space and time. You are also now more spiritually aware.

When taking shrooms, it is very important that you keep water near you. Magic mushrooms can dry your mouth and so make sure that you stay hydrated. Also, there is magic mushroom has an aftertaste. Drinking water is really important when taking magic mushrooms.

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