How Long Does a Shroom Tea Trip Last?

Do you want to explore more the world of magic mushroom? How long does a shroom tea trip last? For sure, you are interested to know more about the best method of taking the shroom in the form of tea.

Shroom Tea High

Shrooms can take about thirty to sixty minutes before it takes effect. Since you fill your stomach with more foods, the tea trip can take up to almost 2 hours. Now, if you will take it on an empty stomach, you will feel high in just around ten to fifteen minutes.

Mostly, the shroom trips can last between 4 to 6 hours. This is true when you take it orally. An extra 2 to 6 hours will likely be experienced in this case. You will find it more difficult to sleep. You also exhibit the signs of a changed reality. This is somehow not that intense like with tripping.

When shroom tea is ingested, the psilocybin will be converted into psilocin. This takes place in just an hour. The majority of psilocin will be removed from the body. This takes in the first eight hours. The portions will still stay in your body for weeks.

You will be ingesting chemicals and mushroom material after ingesting mushrooms with lemon juice. If there are fungi or food in your stomach, it might delay the drugs taken orally. It will also require more time for your body to absorb the psilocybin. It works immediately after it is absorbed by the body. It somehow takes time for the psilocybin to become psilocin. Add lemon and all other acid substances to your body. You will then make it in advance. You also will be impressed by the effects than just waiting for it.

Factors That Influence How Long Does a Shroom Tea Trip Last


Strengths could differ from one species to another. The quantities also differ upon body weight. Doses also depend upon the same level of effects induced. Five grams of one shroom may bring the same effect as with one gram of another shroom. Thus, know the psilocybin or strength content of the shrooms to take.

A commercial shroom kit bought from a reputable fungus purveyor should have a recommended dosage. A wild shroom is a bit of the grab bag. It is recommended to just begin slowly. Begin working your way up.


The psilocybin amount will differ from specie to another. Some of them are mild, while some are very strong. Some also fall everything in between.

Dried & Aged Versus Fresh

A fresh shroom is not that strong as the dried mushroom. This is since the percentage of psilocybin in the dried shroom is higher. The strength also depends upon the way the shroom is dried. If it is slowly dried with a dehydrator, it then becomes a lot stronger than the dried and aged shroom.

Mode of Consumption

A shroom is ingested in so many ways. It is also traditionally eaten as a whole. It is also crushed into a grounded powder. It is sprinkled on food. It is also put into capsules and is brewed into a tea. Experts can source out pure psilocybin. The organic material can also be disposed of entirely.

Set & Setting

The shroom journey experience is established further by the chosen set & setting. This is a context for psychedelic drug and psychoactivity experiences. When it comes to set, it is the actual mindset, such as your moods, thoughts, and expectations. As with the setting, it means your social and physical environment. Social support systems indeed have an essential role to play in the psychedelic experience.

Increase your mushroom experience by being in a sound physical and mental state. Be in a comfortable and safe environment. Easily access food, water, and anything needed. Be alone or be with your trusted friends. Never be exposed to a disorganized environment such as a rave, a party, or a concert. This is true if no one will take good care of you.

Companions During the Psychedelic Adventure

The trip would last in drinking magic mushroom tea, depending upon your companions. Will you fly solo or go out with friends. The solo trip is impacted by the comfort you get from being alone. It’s also a good idea to enjoy a facilitated trip. You will then be guided by a mushroom sitter. For a group trip, it is influenced by the interaction between group members. Their intentions shared with you may be social or spiritual.

Effects of the Shroom Tea

Taking shroom tea comes with certain effects depending on the quantity and the strength. Below are the common effects of experiencing from tripping.

Microdosing Effects

  • Mild nausea
  • Sweating and Clammy Skin
  • Visual changes with more intense and more glowing colors
  • Malfunctioning of the short-term memory
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Distorted sound
  • Relaxation, general elation, and euphoria
  • Uncontrollable giggling

Bigger Dosing Effects

  • Complete disconnection from the time or time dilation
  • Objects appear to be curved or warped
  • Seeing sounds and hearing colors
  • Disconnection from reality, whether it be severe or mild
  • Out-of-body connection with logos and experiences
  • Completely-blown hallucinations

These effects can still be enlightening. But, they may also bring about feelings of fear, paranoia, anxiety, and panic.

General Note on the Shroom Tea as Psychedelics

Shrooms are substances that naturally occur as used by humans for hundreds to thousands of years. Even cave paintings during the Neolithic periods emphasized the magic mushrooms. Aboriginal peoples also have used mushrooms as psychedelics as a sacrament.

Shrooms can bring huge realizations considering human condition. That is also how people relate well to nature, to each other, to other creatures, and the universe.


How long does a shroom tea trip last is affected by several factors that include the set and the setting, mode of consumption, species, dosage, and more? Those who have mental disorders or illnesses should never take shrooms at all. Learn more about the shroom tea trip. Play and explore it safely. Be sure of what you will be taking!