How Often Should You Use Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin or also known as magic mushrooms are the ones that are used by different individuals due to their psychedelic effects. But despite the effects that it has on the brain, it is still considered as non-neurotoxic as long as you take it in the right doses. This simply means that ingesting magic mushroom has no damaging effects on your brain. You need to remember that there is a so-called refractory period after taking in magic mushrooms. This period can take for a few days or a week. This timeline will not give you any or will only have lower effects even if taking in the same dose.

There are studies that show that there is a certain degree of serotonin receptor downregulation during this phase before returning to the brain’s baseline state. Whenever this happens then most users will have a decreased urge in taking in magic mushroom especially during this time. Another reason for this one is that some people also do avoid taking in magic mushroom due to the intense emotional experience that they had.

How safe is a magic mushroom?

Taking in magic mushroom should have no ill effects on your brain as it is considered to be safe. There are many people who take in magic mushrooms due to the potential rewards that they will get. You need to remember though that despite this one, anything that is in excess will never be good for you. There are people who experienced physical difficulties in varying degrees depending on the trip that they have experienced. The trips that you will have can be mild to severe. And due to this reason, you need to make sure that you will have a good set of your intake.

You need to make sure that you will look at the possible risk involved. You need to remember this one since psychedelic experience will vary from person to another and they can also be quite unpredictable. Since there are limited studies when it comes to magic mushrooms, the long-term effects that it has psychologically might still be vague. Always remember that there are some things that might be hard to unlearn during your tripping experience.

If you have already taken in magic mushroom before without any issues then it can be a good sign for you. You need to remember though that this will not serve as your guarantee that nothing untoward will happen in the future. There are different individuals that have shown no issues with regards to taking in magic mushroom. There are some though that still experience untoward tripping even for those that are experienced, psychedelic users. That is why it is important for first-time users to take note of the frequency of their magic mushroom intake. Different individuals might also have varying results when to comes to a regular magic mushroom intake. It is important to not overdo it since it will take you to lose your grip on reality.

Understanding the right magic mushroom amount

You need to look at the different reason why you will opt to use magic mushrooms. Always make sure that you are into it for the positive experience that it is able to provide you. You also need to look into the positive effects that it will have on your everyday living. Remember that you should use magic mushrooms for the right reasons. Anything below these reasons is not advisable. It can also greatly help once you are able to ask advice and suggestions from your friends or families. They are the ones who are able to see the negative or positive effects that magic mushroom has on you.

Different people have different tolerances when it comes to the effects of magic mushroom have in their mind and body. If you are a beginner, then see to it that you will not bite more than what you can chew as this can be detrimental more than beneficial. You have to remember that although magic mushrooms will not kill you but overdosing will certainly have a psychological effect on you.

Using magic mushrooms once a week is good. Always remember that when your trip yield cognition or behavioral change then you need to change your frequency before trying to have another trip. If on the other hand you feel elation and it seems like Earth has become a better place, then you are getting the positive effects of its psychedelic. Take note of this dose- this should be considered as your sweet dose. This is also one way of determining that you are psychologically comfortable with a particular frequency. You still need to take any of any untoward effects like psychological turbulence. This can happen even to the most advanced users of dried shrooms out there.

Many experts approved that the safest spacing in taking in magic mushrooms is a week or two. There are people who have been using magic mushrooms once every three weeks and have never felt any untoward effects of it. You need to remember though that when taking in magic mushroom, you need to avoid it when you feel depressed. This can heighten the feeling that you have and will not give you a good tripping experience. You need to see to it that you are emotionally stable and comfortable before taking in any psychedelics.

Different people have different comfort levels when it comes to magic mushroom intake. It is why experts suggest finding that comfort levels of yours. This will help you determine how much you should get depending also on the trip that you want to have. The key here is to know how much you can handle comfortably.