How to Buy Dried Shrooms Online

Dried Shrooms are illegal in most countries, that is why purchasing them can get a little tricky. A lot is at risk, and a wrong move can end you up in a bad situation. Depending on where you came from, there are different laws when it comes to drugs and drug regulation. Because of this, there are certain precautions to do. Perhaps, due to the risk involved, people will have a second thought on learning how to buy dried shrooms online. Buying it in your turf is risky, but what more in the online void where everything can get tracked and seen?

However, the world is evolving, and next time you know, you have a parcel delivered right through your door with all the dried mushrooms you purchased online. The question remains on the issue of privacy, safety, and legality. So, the idea of learning how to buy dried mushrooms online will rely mostly on how willing you are to take risks. It doesn’t have to be scary. All you require to comprehend are a few suggestions and know-how to get the order started. First, you need to do a lot of research. So, here’s how to buy dried magic mushrooms online and get it delivered safely in your home without the authority noticing.

What are Dried Shrooms?

If marijuana has the psychoactive THC contents, the magic mushrooms, wild or cultivated, have psilocybin, a psychoactive plus halogenic compound. Compared to marijuana, the magic mushroom is not recognized as medical use, and researchers are still in the process of conducting studies on the effects of magic shrooms on some disorders, especially cancer-related distress. Some states in the US chose to decriminalize the magic shroom, but this doesn’t mean shrooms are legal and approved for consumption.

These magic mushrooms are dried and prepared. Then, they are eaten or mixed into different drinks or food. However, some prefer freshly picked dried shrooms. Magic shrooms look exactly like any normal shrooms, with long gray-white stems and light to dark brown cap and a white center. When dried, the have the rusty shade of brown.

The effects once magic shrooms are taken include hallucination, paranoia, drowsy, relaxed, and panic. They cause the user to hear and see something unreal but feels like it is. When taken irresponsibly, the person could get a bad trip, or overdoing and overdosing magic shrooms. When done right, the person can have a peaceful and amazing trip.

Buying Dried Shrooms Online

Buying dried shrooms is easy. There are a lot of different online stores that guarantee excellent quality. Finding those legit online stores is what makes it tricky. However, when you find the right one, the ordering process is more or less the same as ordering in any online store. You pick your order and add it to your cart, then proceed to checkout. There might be a chance that you need to make an account first or buy as a guest. Once you are in the checkout, there are different ways to pay including your credit card, Bitcoin, and other easy payment methods. Thus, the process is no sweat at all. Some stores offer to ship worldwide, but there are also those with a limited range only. It’s likewise encouraged to find an online store within your country. If not, then you will have to do international shipping which can be costly.

The Risk of Buying Shrooms Online

The risk, once again, is finding the right shop that will surely guarantee a safe delivery right into your address, without anyone from the authority sniffing around. So, you have to gather as much information as you can. It is easier to track something illegal online and the police in your country might be on high alert. So, keep these things in mind before clicking check out. The punishment you will get depends on your country’s law. But is this meant to discourage you to buy online? No, it isn’t. This is simply a reminder that there is a risk when it comes to buying online. Still, there are trusted stores online in which you can purchase dried shrooms. They offer easy access and a variety of options to choose from to cater to your demands.

Helpful Tips to Know Before Buying Dried Shrooms Online

A high risk might be involved, but this doesn’t mean you can’t try purchasing dried shrooms online. You only need a few reminders and helpful tips before paying your purchase.

Find the Right Shop

As mentioned, the most important factor is finding the right smart shop for you to get your dried shrooms. There are countries that you can legally get magic mushrooms. If you are part of these countries, then it would be easier for you to find smart shops that sell good quality dried shrooms. However, if you are not, then you have to check the smart shop if it ships into your country. Some do not. Aside from checking the availability, you likewise need to check how the mushrooms are grown in this shop. Are they cultivated well in a clean and safe place? You must know if the shop has credibility and can be trusted. To know this, read online reviews about the smart shop to know the experiences of others.

Dried Mushroom of your Choice

If it’s your first time purchasing dried mushroom online, or getting your dried mushroom, you have a lot to learn. There are different kinds of magic mushrooms, and just like marijuana, these have different potency levels. Others are not good for beginners to handle. Thus, you need to be fully aware of the kind of dried mushroom you need to purchase first. The level of the trip, or high when it’s marijuana, will depend on what you purchase. The five different trip levels of magic mushrooms range from level one which is the milder and gentle level up to level five which leaves you completely at the mercy of dried mushrooms. So, research on the kinds of magic mushroom strains and the level of the trip they give.


Knowing how to buy dried shrooms online is an easy ride. The smart shops that sell dried shrooms will make it easier for you to do. With their offered accessible services and easy payments, you will get your dried shrooms delivered soon. If you aren’t confident to buy dried shroom due to any legal concerns, you can choose to buy a shroom grow kit which is granted legal.

Growing mushrooms is acknowledged legal in most of the countries. This will make your mind and heart at peace. But if trust the smart shop where you will purchase dried shrooms from, then go and take the plunge. The initial try is constantly the hardest, but once you get familiar with the process, ordering dried shrooms online will be natural. It won’t take a lot your time and you won’t have to stress about it repeatedly. It likewise pays to ask help and recommendation from your fellow dried shrooms enthusiasts on the best smart shops available in town. You wouldn’t want to eat or smoke on stale mushrooms and waste all that money for nothing. So, start your research and see which works well when learning how to buy dried mushrooms online.