Useful Tips on How to Buy Mushroom Spores Online

In recent times, more and more people are getting introduced to using Magic mushroom. Magic mushrooms contain the psychedelic compound known as Psilocybin. It is the active compound found in the magic mushroom that people are after. It gives you that psychedelic high and other health benefits. As you get more and more acquainted with magic mushrooms, you may want to buy one. Lucky for you, we’ll discuss with you some of the useful tips on how to buy mushroom spores online.

Before we starting diving directly to useful tips, let us first discuss what are mushroom spores and why should we buy one? Read down below!

What are Mushroom Spores?

Mushroom spores are tiny, reproductive cells that are capable of growing into a mushroom. They are sold online and can be available in different kinds of strains. If you are planning to cultivate or buy magic mushrooms, you aren’t getting the real deal because it is almost illegal in almost 80% in counties around the world.

The best way to cultivate or get a magic mushroom is through mushroom spores. They can be bought in a lot of different ways. They are like pollens from flowers, mushroom spores allow the fungus to replicate and grow in the wild. Each spore is different from other spores. Sometimes, mushroom spores are calling cards for the type of mushroom identity it has. They are usual identification for mushroom hunters in the wild if that certain mushroom is safe for consumption when caught in the wild.

Mushroom spores are located from parts of the mushrooms, they are found in the gills, underside of the mushroom’s cap, and teeth. Plus, not all mushrooms produce pores most of the time. Spores are similar to the fruit of a tree. Mushrooms, just like fruit-bearing trees only produce spores and fruits if they have they have enough available nutrients and water to account for the added energy required for producing the spores. Therefore, when mushroom produces spores, it only means that it has a healthy way of living in their environment.

Useful Tips on How to Buy Mushroom Spores Online

When buying Mushroom spores online, be reminded that there are a lot of strains of Mushroom. However, there are specific strains that are for beginners which can be grown with minimal knowledge. There are also specific strains that are hard to deal with and can only be trusted to a few experts and seasons growers.

Tip 1: Know Your Mushroom Spore

Many known species of mushrooms are sold online. And if you are a beginner, you are opting for an easier to grow mushroom, right? Then lucky for you, there’s a wide variety of mushrooms that can be easily grown such as the Golden Teacher, B+, Ecuador, and PES Hawaiian strains. If you only have minimal knowledge or are new to the mushroom industry, then go from there.

Certain mushroom strains are for intermediate and expert users, if you are planning to study mushrooms, then the most commonly encountered mushroom is the Psilocybe Cubensis. This is the best choice for mycologists for their microscopic studies.

Then there are the mushroom strains that are for intermediate and expert users. And most of them are sought for their psychedelic effects. To name a few, Psilocybe Cyanescens, Psilocybe Galindol, and Psilocybe azurescens.

Tip 2: Legality

All species of Mushroom from psychedelic mushrooms are currently legal to possess, countries such as Canada, the United States, and most other countries, because these mushroom spores don’t contain any chemicals that have an illegal controlled substance. However, if they are to be cultivated the mushroom may produce mycelium, which may be an illegal act depending on what part of the world they’re cultivating.

Remember that psychedelic mushroom spores are only sold for educational purposes and microscopic studies. They aren’t intended for cultivation. When you are trying to cultivate the spores for your psychoactive purposes, then it’s a different story.

Tip 3: Buy from Reputable Online Companies

It is always better to study the overall background of the mushroom seller you are trying to buy from. This is the common mistake people go through. Some vendors aren’t highly-reliable when offering their products, and sometimes most of it is low-quality. Always buy mushroom spores online through a reputable and trusted site. Although some of them are quite expensive, it is better to trust your money buying in them rather than in vague companies.

Furthermore, reputable companies have internal quality control protocols. This means that before their products leave their warehouse, it went through quality observation to deliver high satisfaction from their buyers. By far, it is one of the best useful tips on how to buy mushroom spores online.

Tip 4: Price

It would be wise to spend a little less. However, in the magic mushrooms community, it raises red flags. One of the common negatives when trying to buy mushrooms online at a cheaper price is having low-quality products. Always remember that mushroom production is labor-intensive and costly, unreasonably cheap mushroom products might deceive you. Expensive mushroom spores bought online from a reputable company will only yield better results and overall satisfaction.

Tip 5: Magic Mushroom Overall Strength

Identifying your mushroom spores is not enough. You need to know the overall background of your mushroom. This is usually determined through the overall process of its production and where it was grown. You can’t just buy mushroom spores because your friend uses it, although it may play a little role in buying your mushroom spores online, it is important to know that physiology differs from person to person. This means that it may have a different interaction with them and you.


If you are intrigued by these mushroom spores and are planning to buy them online, it is important to carry our useful tips on how to buy mushroom spores online. Not only does it will give you better products but also overall satisfaction.

As more and more people are using magic mushrooms, it is always good to remember that some things need consideration before trying to buy online. Finally, our tips should suffice everything you need when trying to buy mushroom spores online.