How to Keep Magic Mushrooms Fresh

If you are curious to try a psychedelic experience then you must consider having some magic mushrooms. But you also have to know that it is not something that you can have whenever you what to. It is important to remember that you get a magic mushroom that is of good quality. This is why you need to check the reputation of the magic mushroom supplier first. You can also start searching for shrooms in the while. However, picking mushrooms outdoors can be quite risky.

There are some places where you can readily get your hands on magic mushrooms. This depends on the climate or the environment conditions of the area. Also, you should wait for the mushrooms season. If you reside in the west then you need to wait for the autumn months before magic mushrooms start to appear. This is also the reason why you need to know the season based on the location that you have. You need to be more proactive if you want to have magic mushroom any time of the year.

Always remember that you still need to follow the law of your area so that you will not get into any kind of trouble. There has been a time that harvesting magic mushroom has been considered to be legal. Take note that there are areas like the UK where picking magic mushrooms off the ground is now considered it be illegal. No matter what area you are from, it is important to make sure that you consider the law of the land.

It is also important that you know how to keep your magic mushroom fresh if you truly want to enjoy it. Luckily this article will be talking about the many different ways on how you are able to store your magic mushroom to somehow keep it fresh for future use.

Storing Your Magic Mushroom

If you are looking for long-term storage for your magic mushroom and truffles, then you have a number of options. There are individuals who store their stocks in a cool, dark, and dry place. They can do this and still have a good stock that is still good for around 2-3 years. There are even reports that they have stored magic mushrooms longer using this method. What you need to remember though when doing this that there is a chance that your stocks will be infested with insects. There is also a possibility for light exposure and moisture. All of these things can lead to a decrease in the potency of your magic mushroom. You need to make sure to remove all moisture. This will stop any form of decomposition making your stocks in good shape.

The best way to do this one is to make sure that you will not be using any type of heat in drying your mushrooms. There are many people that use heat in order to speed up the whole process but it is not the right way to do it. Heat also destroys the potency of your mushrooms making them less effective. You need to make sure that you are able to do the right pre-drying method. This is also followed by the main drying process with the use of a desiccant. This process is helpful in removing any moisture in your magic mushroom. Once you have done this one then you have a mushroom that is ready for long-term storage.

Freezing Your Stocks

There are some people who think that drying may not be enough in preparing their magic mushrooms for storing. What one can do is to freeze them. You need to make sure that you will still be following the right drying process prior to freezing your magic mushrooms. You have to see to it that they are fully dried when planning to freeze them. Once you have secured the dryness of your magic mushrooms, it is the time to place them in Ziploc bags and place them inside of the freezer. You have to know that when you freeze your magic mushrooms, you can store them almost indefinitely. Always remember that you should never freeze any fresh magic mushrooms. Once you will do this then you will be destroying their internal cell membrane structure. This can then affect the potency that they have.


You always have to take note that no matter how good you store your magic mushroom, you will not always have an infinite stock. For this very reason, you also need to keep your sessions at a reasonable level. You also have to make sure that you will weigh the dosage that you will take in. This should be done every session or every time you consume dried shrooms. This will help you get the accurate amount that you really need and avoid wasting any of your stocks.