How to Make Shroom Tea: Easy DIY Methods 2021

how to make shroom tea
There is nothing like enjoying your first brew of shroom tea. A great way to medicate.

Learn How to Make Shroom Tea: Top Methods

The distinction in between a regular tea and a good one coincides with the distinction between anything you make with your hands: it’s everything about the focus you devote. Every person recognizes that food preparation with love indicates far better meals! The same can be said when learning how to make shroom tea. When you place love in what you do, your initiatives will certainly constantly amass fantastic outcomes.

This being stated, the 2nd crucial thing is making use of top quality ingredients– and magic mushrooms are no exemption: make use of only the best dried out mushrooms readily available. Select the black or herbal tea of your choice of course, however avoid caffeinated tea. Caffeine in tea has the same effect as it carries out in coffee, so it can make you restless. The presence of uppers includes absolutely nothing to the psychedelic experience, apart from possible pain on both a physical as well as psychological level. So please avoid the caffeine and take this seriously. We want you to start with a positive experience!

Will Magic Mushrooms Lose Strength?

The most reoccuring question about this tea recipe is this: will the mushrooms shed strength if put in boiling water? Yes, they’ll lose a little strength when placed in boiling water ( i.e. greater than 100 ° C). At this temperature, the less stable psilocin deteriorates instantly– psilocybin however,  is extra immune. however in the cup with the teabag the temperature level, psilocybin strength does diminish swiftly to numbers less devastating to the active substances in it’s dried form.

While it is true, you do lose some of the active ingredients when putting shrooms in boiling water, you do gain some amazing flavour. You also can significantly have a reduction in nausea. This is quite a positive benefit if you’re someone that discovers the flavour of mushrooms hard to stomach, or that really feels upset conveniently, tea is a service to think about.

Should I throw out the mushroom powder after prep work?

Another inquiry regarding ground mushrooms which stays after their preparation is this: toss them away, or consume them? Making tea makes good sense as a method to avoid eating the mushrooms. The moment they sit in your stomach after consuming them in their usual dried method is a risk of nausea or vomiting for some people. So if queasiness is what you’re attempting to prevent, you can throw them away without a doubt. There will certainly be extremely little of use left in them anyhow.

I Have Small Supply of Shrooms. Will the Shroom Tea Be Worth it?

If you only have a couple of magic mushrooms at your disposal, there is a method to stretch them out a little further. I would certainly suggest an additional approach:

Lemon Tek

Instructions are as follows for Lemon Tek:

  1. Carefully grind up the magic mushrooms
  2. Now place the freshly ground up shrooms in freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix well, and wait a max of 25 minutes
  3. Now ingest!

The lemon will certainly cover the mushroom taste somewhat, yet significantly speed up the effect while simultaneously decreasing the effects of nausea. Personally, this is my favourite approach. However the preference of the mushroom grain and also lemon mixture not everyone appreciates. But the ability to also have the dried mushrooms in a liquid form, and all the active pharmaceutical ingredients present means this is my preferred method. The shrooms now in a liquid form allow you to just ‘shoot’ it down very quickly as well. Just to get it over with!

How You Drink Shroom Tea Changes the Effect

If you drink it gradually, taking your time before finishing it, you’ll experience a slow, steady come-up of its medical effects. On the other hand, if you drink it in a hurry, you will notice the effects at a much more rapid pace. Drinking the tea in 5-10 minutes, with a rapid peak does scare off some people. Others however are looking for this.

Some people maintain that tea generates a much shorter trip, however, just as many people object to this. Maybe it’s just a subjective mental reaction; as an individual, you’ll just understand without a doubt if you try it. I think that the product of the fungi has a tendency to extend the duration of the journey, the release of the active components happening slower. If you cut up the mushrooms and also consume just the active ingredients, it makes good sense that it can last not quite as long, but let me repeat:

there is no sure fire rule for everybody. Also me personally, I can experience several variables with the very same dosage.

How to Make Shroom Tea the Very First Time

Tea is also a method of interest for those taking mushrooms for the very first time. Right here are a couple of points to keep in mind though: do not surpass the gram as well as a half restriction, and also drink slowly; preferably, you must take 20-30 mins to complete it as well, allowing the result ahead up gradually as well as lowering the danger of nausea to a minimum (and even ruling out health issues altogether). If this is your very first time, it’s best to enter the magic world of mushrooms incrementally. If you take the “best” amount and the result still rises a little faster than expected, that alone could be frightening. It may go this way, and it could not. Simply remember you’re not racing anyone– there’s always time for a future experience which will assist you to understand, little by little, just how mushrooms deal with your system.

And also now, right here’s the dish you’ll need for an optimum magic mushroom tea.

How to Make Shroom Tea: Ingredient List

  • 5g of dry psilocybe cubensis mushrooms
  • 2 teacups of water (roughly 350-400 mL)
  • 2 teabags of (high quality, decaffeinated) tea or herbal tea. Ideally, select a flavour with lemon and/or ginger for the health benefits.
  • 1 spoon of honey
  • Few scratches of ginger (will minimize nausea and cover the mushroom taste)
  • Lemon juice (optional, but highly encouraged! Covers up the shroom taste and theoretically speeds up the rate of the active ingredients enter your system ie psilocybin).


  • kettle or saucepan
  • big mixing bowl
  • coffee grinder (pestle or mortar can also be used. Anything to break up the dried shrooms)
  • coffee filter (or tea strainer. Anything that can filter all the mushrooms and tea)

Making Your First Shroom Tea

  • Grind the dried shrooms into tiny pieces with the coffee grinder. There’s no need to pulverize them right into a powder. remember. (In this manner, you’ll boost the area of the mushrooms, enabling optimal contact with the tea for the very best end result possible.) Place the blended shrooms in a cup.
  • Pour 2 cups of water in your kettle or saucepan, and bring up to a boil.
  • Pour the boiling water in your cup with freshly ground shrooms.
  • Now put your tea bad, in the cup with the boiled water and ground-up shrooms.
  • Let this mixture steep for 10-13 minutes.
  • Now remove the teabag, and filter everything through your filter of choice.
  • Bring the 2nd cup of water back to a boil.
  • While you are waiting for the water to boil, mix up a tsp of honey and a little ginger (optional) and put in a little lemon juice (recommended).
  • Once the water has reached a boil, remove it and let it sit for a max of 20 secs.
  • Pour the newly boiled water in with the ground-up mushroom cup and tea.
  • Add the 2nd tea bag, let it steep for 10-12 minutes.
  • Take the 2nd tea bag out, and filter once more.
  • Press and squeeze the mushrooms to extract all the liquid.
  • Toss the tea bags and mushroom residue.

The dish I’ve provided jobs well for 3.5 g– remember this is a dosage which can be very tough for just someone– however, the amount can become your demands. If you up the quantity of mushrooms you’ll most likely have to up the amount of water, because insufficient water and also a big amount of diced mushrooms tend to form more of a thick lotion that’s much less easy to filter.


Additional Shroom Drink Recipe

An additional magic mushroom drink! This is really easy, and has its benefits and drawbacks compared to the tea approach.

In this method, we will ground the shrooms right into a powder and then put into, orange juice (and also lemon, if you like). This will certainly boost the level of acidity and help with the conversion of psilocybin to psilocin.

When you’ve added the well-ground powder, wait 20-25 mins max, then consume after offering it an additional good mix. Alternatively, you can place the completely dry mushrooms in a mixer, add in the already pressed orange as well as lemon and after that mix well. This is an excellent service if you do not have a coffee mill. The mushrooms call for some type of fluid to be ground up by the blender/juicer– otherwise, they’ll just fly around without touching the blades nearly sufficient.

What benefit does this approach deal over alcohol consumption mushroom tea? There’s no reduction in toughness with regard to the energetic chemicals. Actually, there’s no heat involved and also you can eat all of the mushroom itself. Although there’s little loss with the tea too, as there’s really little active compound left in the physical mushroom residues.

So what’s the drawback? If you struggle with queasiness when consuming mushrooms, this method is much less efficacious at lowering that. Orange is not the most digestible of citrus fruits, especially if you’ve consumed that afternoon or perhaps the evening before. Additionally, the resulting item will certainly include all the “flesh” of the mushroom, making it generally less digestible than tea all the same. With this method, adaptation will certainly happen much faster, and also the preference will certainly be much more camouflaged, specifically if you add lemon, however aside from that it won’t have actually any kind of added advantages as well as the danger of nausea or vomiting is the same as if you had simply eaten the mushrooms on their own.

A note on nausea or vomiting: many individuals do not actually experience this side effect. I, for one, never have, not when. Some people get it the first few times, however not afterwards. I think the trouble might derive largely from whatever people have consumed for their last meal and how many hours they have actually fasted before usage.

Stop Magic Mushroom Nausea

Attempt to take notice of this, and you may be able to solve the problem quickly and easily. For some, nausea could come from little more than the nasty preference of the dry mushrooms. If that’s the case, the solution is to camouflage the taste and prepare some sort of liquid which can be intoxicated quickly– maybe while holding your nose. In this manner, you might not spot any type of flavour in any way.

But if you’re ever before attempted ayahuasca … you’ll love the preference of mushrooms!

Other Delicious Magic Mushroom Dishes

The possible dishes for consuming magic  mushrooms are way too many to count. Personally, I would certainly suggest you to do some research on– as well as might experiment a little with– the dishes which make use of chocolate, starting with the dried shrooms. then checking out those which use cacao or perhaps chocolate. It’s uncomplicated to incorporate little chocolates or delicious chocolate bars with mushrooms, melting the chocolate in a bain-marie and after that cooling it fits of your selection.

The mix with chocolate is a nice one, in addition to the reality that delicious chocolate consists of compounds which synergize well with the psychoactive properties of fungi. Maybe I’ll try it one day and also discuss it in even more depth. Or if you’ve already tried it, you can let me find out about your experience, as well as perhaps even make a short article from it!

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