How to Order Shrooms Online

As more and more people are being introduced to Shrooms, you can’t help but find ways on how to order Shrooms online. It’s the only way you can consume and have Shrooms if there are no able dispensaries near you. Luckily, there are dozens of Shrooms dispensaries online and you can outright order them anytime you want.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways on how to order Shrooms online and what are some benefits and advantages when ordering Shrooms online. Just be sure that when buying spores online, it is only for research and educational purpose. Still, growing psilocybin is illegal and is only legal in a few states.

How to Get Magic Mushrooms Online? And Be Safe Doing it?

When it comes to magic mushrooms, the biggest test comes when you are trying to buy them because most countries consider magic mushrooms as illegal because they are considered a controlled substance. Especially in the United States, Magic mushrooms are considered schedule 1 drugs. This means that the U.S. Government considers them as a psychedelic drug with no current medical use and has a high potential for abuse.

Ordering Shrooms online is different from country to country. Some countries like Jamaica, Brazil, the Netherlands considers magic mushrooms as legal. Other countries such as Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom consider this substance as illegal.

In the United States, however – it can be quite tricky to have magic mushrooms, it is because only a few states decriminalized magic mushrooms. Moreover, in some states that haven’t decriminalized it yet, you can still buy magic mushrooms legally. There are 3 known states that you can’t buy spores are in Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Ways on How to Order Shrooms Online

When it comes to ordering Shrooms online, this might be the safest and easiest way to do it and get them even if it is illegal in your country or state.

When it comes to buying online, although there are around 180 different species of magic mushrooms, the only available type of Shrooms is the Psilocybe Cubensis. One interesting about Psilocybe Cubensis is that they are broken down to different strains that are associated to place where they were found, place where it was cultivated, or hybridizing strains to form new strain. There are a variety of ways on how to look at them when buying Shrooms online.

Grow kit

Typically, grow kit is a box-formed substrate from inoculated with magic mushroom mycelium. As long as it is exposed to air, light, and water, it will start to fruit and will ultimately produce mushrooms in a little less than a week.

While this is the easiest way on how to order Shrooms online, it can be a little tricky from different kinds of countries. Since almost 80% of the world considers this illegal, getting the, right next to you is an impossible task. And even if you’ve successfully bought it online, it could be seized at the customs once they checked that these are Shrooms.

Spore Print

By far, this is the easiest and safest way to order Shrooms online and that will allow your Shrooms to be directly shipped into your home without the fear of being seized is by buying a spore print.

A spore print is a mushroom cutting that is usually slashed of the cap of the mushroom and placing its gill side down onto a piece of tin foil or depending on how big the cap is. After that, you’ll place a glass cover onto the cuttings make sure that the mushroom cap is entirely covered. Once don, you will have to wait for around a day or two before coming back.

When you lift the cap, you will find hundreds to thousands of little spores around the cap that you can scrape them with distilled water and adding those spores onto a syringe.

When they are stored in a syringe you can easily inject them onto a substrate much like a grow kit along with your preferred soil to grow with your spores.

What’s good about spore prints is that they can be stored up to 2 years in your fridge and can be used to inoculate different substrates. By far, in this list, this would be the cheapest option as most spore prints cost around 30$ that easily produces around 400 wet grams which would come down around 30 grams when dried.

Spore prints are a beneficial option if we are to recommend one. Especially that you can produce different kinds of the spore into different substrates, this means that you will have infinite spore prints at your disposal. Meaning you’ll produce Shrooms by yourself when that time comes.

Spore Vials and Syringes

This would be the last option on how to order Shrooms online. Unlike the second option where you would need to harvest little spores and add them onto a syringe or vial. This option is that one, meaning that it already has the little spores from these vials and syringes, you’ll only need them to be inoculated into a substrate. This is especially a good option if you are trying to grow some species but they don’t sell the spore print themselves.

Note: Always remember that it would be hard for you to order Shrooms online if your country or state deems it illegal. It would take some time for it to be legalized in most parts of the world and may it would take longer than expected as more and more researches are conducted as to how Shrooms affect humans.


Magic mushrooms may take a longer route to be legally available to other countries. Just like Marijuana, it would need a hefty amount of studies to fully support magic mushrooms consumption. If you are planning to take a chance and order them online, we’ve listed some ways on how to order Shrooms online.

Now that you know the ways on how to order Shrooms online, we strongly suggest ordering a spore print. It would be the safest and easiest way to order Shrooms online without hassle.