How to Store Magic Mushrooms

There are a couple of options to considering how to store magic mushrooms. First, are the mushrooms fresh from a recent cut? Or are they dried?

How to store fresh shrooms?

Fresh magic mushrooms are extremely delicate. Like all mushrooms, magic mushrooms are prone to mold and oxidation over time. Contaminated magic mushrooms can quickly take an enjoyable trip and turn it toxic. Considering how to store magic mushrooms happens as soon as they are picked and harvested. It is always best practice to thoroughly wash your hands, and put on disposable gloves. The goal is to reduce the risk of any contamination as much as possible. if glove use is not possible, wash your hands with plenty of soap ensuring a good lather, and higher temperature.

how to store shrooms freshOnce actually picking the mushrooms from the grain spawn, use a brush to remove any dirt from the shroom at the base of the stem. Remember, they are delicate, so nice gentle strokes work best. If the mushrooms still have dirt on them, run them under cold tap water. Then lie them out over a kitchen towel on the counter or table. Allow them to dry for 30 minutes. If there is still any excess water on them, give them a gentle pat dry. Now it is time to move them to the fridge.

How to store shrooms in the fridge?

If your shrooms are not able to be dried for whatever reason, they can be stored in the fridge. How to store magic mushrooms in the fridge is best when they are wrapped fairly tightly with an unbleached paper towel, and placed inside a brown paper bag. The snugger the paper bag, the better. This will limit decay and oxidization. When stored properly, magic mushrooms can be stored successfully in the fridge for 5-10 days.

After that, they will have to be dried to prevent and further decay. Mold can be visible in 3-5 days. So it is best to check your shrooms to ensure stored. Magic mushrooms with a lower water content will have a shorter life span. An example of this will be psilocybin truffles.

What about how to store dried magic mushrooms?

How to store magic mushrooms when dried are pretty easy. They just need to a cool, dark, dry place and they will be great to use for 2-3 years. Once you have gone through all the work of drying and dehydrating the magic mushrooms, most of the hard work has been done. But really, who wants to wait 2-3 years before consuming these amazing funghi?

What are the ways I can dry my magic mushrooms?

dehydrator – This is probably the most preferred way to dry shrooms when considering how to store shrooms. The advantages are, a thorough, controlled method to dry out magic mushrooms. The time is fairly quick, and the risk for contamination is extremely low. However, not everyone has a dehydrator ready at their disposal.

oven – Some people consider the oven to dry out their magic mushrooms when considering how to store magic mushrooms. There are some risks when considering this method. Most conventional ovens are too hot to dehydrate mushrooms, and there temperature can not go low enough. So there is a risk of cooking the mushrooms instead if not done properly. We suggest setting the oven from 110-120°F and placing the shrooms on the middle and top rack. Also leave the door a couple of inches open.

air dry – The oldest way on how to store shrooms. This method just involves setting your shrooms on a screen, and allowing nature to take it’s course in a low humidity environment. Ideal humidity is 40% and below. This can be achieved by use of a dehumidifier if you are in a high humidity environment. It is definitely a positive to increase air flow in the are by use of a light breeze from a fan.

What other ways can I learn how to store magic mushrooms?

There are of ways on how to store magic mushrooms that also include:

  • alcohol tinctures
  • honey
  • tea
  • chocolate
  • capsules (gel caps)

how to store magic mushrooms in honey

There are a lot of factors to consider on how to store shrooms. There is no way you should ever let your hard earned work in growing go to waste. Make sure that psilocybin is stored, and you have medicine all year round.