How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Shroomers (individuals who plant magic mushrooms in their area) made every growing procedure as easy as possible by providing aspiring growers enough information they should know. The inconvenience is what newbie shroomers are looking out for, even if it means purchasing material that is not present in their household. Talk about convenience. Still, the legality of magic mushrooms is one thing to consider. Fortunately, it is perfectly legal to have a crop of magic mushrooms in your backyards or indoors. Therefore, all is already there, such as the procedure; what you will need to know is how to store magic mushrooms and keep them fresh for days, weeks, and months. The efficiency of storing a magic mushroom solely depends on how knowledgeable you are in that matter. Meaning, there will be methods that will fit a beginner, intermediate and expert shroomers. Here are ways to store magic mushrooms and the basics that you will need to familiarize yourself with to obtain expertise.

How to Store Fresh Magic Mushrooms?

In this condition, there are two existing and widely prominent techniques in doing so. Just make sure that you are following the desired instructions.

The easiest way to store your magic mushrooms is during its freshly-harvested era. You can place them in any paper bag and leave them stored in a cold, dark, and dry, remote location, where no other materials exist, such as refrigerator. In this way, you can keep the psychedelic contents for a month. For the methods, you will have to ensure that the temperature goes from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. Besides a paper bag, you can also search for worthy alternatives such as any unbleached kitchen paper. It’s highly essential to consider where you will be wrapping the freshly-picked mushroom since it could damage the fungus with its ability to accumulate excessive moisture. By damage, it means losing the potency and wither the entirety of the magic mushroom. With a proper wrapping method in a paper, rest assured that you can duck the latter effects.

Employing fresh magic mushrooms, it pertains to shroomers who have mushrooms in their place and is in the verge of harvesting condition. In other words, this application only applies to shroomers who grow mushrooms and harvest them when ready, since there are no available fresh magic mushrooms in the market. Though some are present in any agricultural land, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can trust your instinct and select the edibles. For all you know, it could be a poisonous one.

Then, there’s also the vacuum storing process that will require you to purchase a food vacuum package. Doing this technique is more manageable and efficient because it helps the mushroom keep its freshness for up to 3 months. To achieve this instruction, you will need to dry the shroom first to avoid bacteria from growing.

How to Store Magic Mushrooms by Drying?

Aside from the fresh storage technique, drying your magic mushroom is one way to keep it preserved for a long time. Drying these psychedelic-instilled substances can make it last for up to 3 years, and longer. In doing this technique, you can assure longevity and freshness since the moment mushrooms lose their moisture, they also stop undergoing decomposition. The lingering issue with this condition is, who would like to store a psychedelic fungus in their storage rooms that will soon enter their digestive system? Surely, only the dedicated shroomers can achieve this.

On the other hand, despite having an excellent performance for up to 3 years and longer, long-term storage of dried shrooms can deliver risks and harmful outcomes. The risks they could face include infestation of insects that could happen even if it’s only been a year, completely wiped out potency from exposure towards moisture, light, and heat. Because of that, one key aspect to consider is hearing or direct heat application. You might think about storing it in a refrigerator, but note that it will decompose faster due to moisture. You can’t also have it outside of any darkroom because there will undoubtedly be a light. Still, you can only expect those circumstances if you fail to follow the instructions thoroughly. Ensuring that you aced the procedures will keep your method safe and successful.

How to Store Magic Mushrooms in a Freon?

For starters, Freon is the one responsible for cooling the air-conditioner you have in your house. You can also use it to preserve magic mushrooms. One good thing about the material is it keeps Psilocybin, an active compound known for its psychedelic traits, from breaking down. You will only need Ziploc bags, weighing scale, Freon, and dust removal equipment for the methods. Place the pieces of dried magic mushroom inside your Ziploc bag (size will not matter as long you can store all your desire amount of fungi), and press the bag to flatten it as much as possible. Then, you will have to put the nozzle of the dust removal and zip it. With the help of Freon, blast it until it’s slightly inflated. Afterward, remove the nozzle and squeeze in the Freon. Do the steps for approximately five more times. Finally, seal the Ziploc tightly. You can expect your mushroom to last for a year with this technique. However, make sure that the shrooms underwent the pre-drying process.

Are There Other Ways on How to Store Magic Mushrooms?

If you find the provided steps above complicated and hassling, there are still present techniques that are still profoundly efficient and easier. However, the guidelines above are the most prominent ones. Besides, it’s a matter of preference anyway because the storing process will depend on how you like to control things. Also, do you know that there are methods for people who have a sweet tooth? That technically means they will be storing their shrooms through chocolates. You can also have it in any kit you wish to place it in, make sure you know the factors that could affect it.

In conclusion, storing away your magic mushrooms will bear two possibilities: one is an utter failure, and the other side is a real success. It will all depend on your dedication and perseverance to know which is the right process.