#1 Way How to Take Shrooms? Everything You Need to Know

Way How to take shrooms?

Most people looking how to take shrooms, want to know the feeling and what to expect prior to taking them. Rightfully so. Magic mushrooms require the right mind set before entering. For some people, this can take some preparation. Others, just knowing what to expect, or wanting to know how long do magic mushrooms last? With the right preparation, safe dose, shrooms can be a life changing, positive experience. Learning how to take them properly, can open your mind up to a new way of life.

Magic mushrooms can be ingested a variety of ways:

  • dried
  • tea – steeped for 20 min in warm water
  • blended in a drink – my favourite
  • ground up in canna gel caps

So What are Shrooms Anyways?

Magic mushrooms are psilocybin-containing mushrooms. The psilocybin leads to a distinct, often enlightening, spiritual, psychedelic experience. The most popular psilocybin containing variety of magic mushrooms are the psilocybe cubensis with over a 180 varieties.

how to take shrooms
blue stemmed shrooms with psilocyin showing.

What is a shroom trip like?

Shroom trips can be psychedelic, spiritual, gentle, fun, even mystical. Profound, in thought provoking space some times. Some of these self thought probing thoughts, can bring a lot of self-reflection and challenges. Psilocybin does not provide a complete detachment from reality, but can dramatically alter perspective and consciousness. Often what psychonauts are searching for “ego-death“.

What I felt on magic mushrooms?

Personally, I felt a sense of closeness. Belonging. Warmth. Much more than just a personal level. Something much greater, but hard to really put a finger on, or something more concrete. In synergy with that feeling, I felt a gentle, warm, psychedelic experience with a complete dissolving of stress from life. I could almost feel a mass just fall off my body – I was free.

Insecurities, suddenly did not exist. Stressors were gone. I felt, so small, but not in an overwhelming, insignificant way. I felt part of something immense. I felt all of us are. A true sense of unity and belonging.

After the trip it led to a refreshed feeling, a sense of appreciation, and most importantly a slight change or perspective.

How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Last?

Magic mushrooms first of all, it varies depending on the dosage. The lighter the dosage, the shorter the trip will be in general. When considering how long do magic mushrooms last, there are also an array of other factors to consider. Factors to be considered are:

  • age
  • body composition
  • metabolism
  • species of magic mushroom consumed

Typically magic mushrooms “kick” in on their trip about 30 minutes after consuming. But, for some people can kick in as fast as 5 to 10 minutes after ingestion. Important information for how long do magic mushrooms last?

Trips can vary from 4 to 6 hours. This is important to consider to know how to take shrooms.  Again, there is some variability to this. Some people can also have lingering effects the next day, especially with a bad trip. Most people, do feel a lifting, positive feeling the next day. Stronger doses, will lead to longer trips. This is important to know for how long do magic mushrooms last?



How to take shrooms: Dosing Magic Mushrooms

Shroom Dosage Chart

Mushroom Dosage Chart
Weights of psilocybin shroom for dosing. Penis Envy are approximately 20% stronger.

Other Factors Affecting Dosing?

  • the type of mushroom species
  • how you consume (blending makes all them bioavailable, tea the least)
  • fresh vs dried (dried mushrooms are more potent)
  • age
  • tolerance
  • mental predisposition, expectations and frame of mind
  • pre-existing mental conditions
  • other substances. Stacking effect can minimize dosing, or act in synergy

Within 24 hours, most people do not feel any lingering affects.

Safe Trip

Learning to take magic mushrooms safely, learning to know what to expect along with knowing how long do magic mushrooms last, all contribute to a safe trip. They can be an extremely powerful tool in reshaping your mental framework, and improving mental health. But like anything, need to be done responsibly. Knowledge before a trip, is always a good starting point.