Is Buying Magic Mushrooms Legal?

For many magic mushroom enthusiasts, they consider this fungus as a natural wonder. Psilocybin is a type of fungi that delivers powerful psychedelic effects. Psilocybin mushrooms have long been used thousands of years ago by different tribes. Aboriginal Australians, as well as the Mesoamerican cultures, have been seen using magic mushrooms. Despite the extensive use of magic mushrooms, some countries still deemed them as illegal. This is the very reason why you also need to be informed about the different places where you can buy, use, and grow magic mushrooms legally.

The Reason for the Prohibition

Ever since the drug war in the 60’s to ’70s, any psilocybin containing plants have been prohibited. Since dried shrooms are considered to be psychedelic juts like the LSD, they were seen as something that empowers the counterculture movement during that time. They have been seen as a reason for some government to maintain their power over anti-war and liberal groups.

There was also a huge event by the different government to control LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin over different countries – this was the Vienna convention in 1972. This event spearheaded, by the US, to counter these psychedelic drugs. This convention has pushed many countries to agree that these drugs are to be classified to be harmful. This convention has made 183 different countries to agree with this perception. You have to know though that psilocybin shrooms fall into a grey area. The Vienna convention was made in order to target different psychotropic drugs that are mostly synthetic like the LSD and MDMA. This is not what magic mushroom are since they are considered to be a naturally occurring substance. This is the reason why there are many countries that have different interpretations of the law when it comes to using these natural psychedelics. This also happened to another natural psychedelic substance which is the ayahuasca. Despite this one, you are still able to see some countries that classify the magic mushroom as class 1 drug.  These types of drugs have the harshest sanction and punishment especially for growers and users alike.

Taking a look at the prohibition being imposed on psilocybin, you will find out that there is still no scientific evidence that says that it is bad for human beings. There has been no evidence leading to short or long-term effects that psilocybin has on its users. In fact, there many different proofs that psychedelics can address different conditions like depression and anxiety. What the law is aimed at is to sow fear among different individuals without any compassion and reason.  For this very reason, anyone using or selling this plant in countries that prohibit it can go to prison or whatever sanctions that a particular country has.

Countries that allow the use and growing of magic mushrooms

Despite the many different countries that ban the use and growing of magic mushrooms, there is still a glimmer of hope. You have to know the different countries were psilocybin has been considered to be legal so that you will not get into trouble yourself. These countries will allow the purchase, use, and cultivation of magic mushrooms. You can even opt to sell magic mushrooms in these countries as well as transport them in different areas within the country.


The substance psilocybin in this country is still considered illegal. But the shrooms that contain the substance are not. Individuals can sell, purchase, and consume these mushrooms. Until today, there has never been an incident of arrest regarding the use of magic mushrooms in Brazil. The other natural psychedelic which is the ayahuasca is considered to be legal especially for sacramental use. This law can also be applied in magic mushrooms in the country as using them for a sacramental purpose is allowed.

British Virgin Island

The sale and transport of magic mushrooms in this archipelago are still considered to be illegal. The possession and consumption though is a totally different story. You can still find different areas where the selling of psilocybin has certain consequences. There are also some places where selling shrooms are legal and so you won’t have to fear about anything.


It has been considered that the use of magic mushrooms in this country is considered is legal – at least that is what it seems like or the authority is just turning a blind eye to it. You don’t need to worry about a thing using magic mushrooms as long as you behave while using it. There are even some places where you can book for a magic mushroom retreat. This is one of their way on how you are able to have spiritual development.

The Netherlands

If you are in the Netherlands, you can still purchase magic truffles. You can do this due to the loophole in the law that is designed to prohibit the use of psilocybin.  The part of the mushroom which is the sclerotia is the part of that is used in truffles. This is also the part of the mushroom that remains dormant which is useful in helping the mushroom grow after it has been damaged. You can also choose to buy spores and grow kits in this country. You need to remember though that some other varieties of magic mushrooms are still prohibited in the country including the selling and possession of them.


There are several pointers that you need to consider if you would want to get your hands on a magic mushroom. One of which is to make sure that you are in a country which allows it. You can also choose to pick wild magic mushrooms and use them personally. You have to remember that there are still possible ways in which you are able to get your hand on these healing fungi despite the many different restrictions. Since there are more and more people testifying about the positive effects of magic mushrooms, many countries are now trying to loosen up the prohibitions. But that moment comes where magic mushrooms are considered legal, you still have to be wary and follow the law in your area to avoid getting into trouble.