Must-Read List of Psychoactive Fungi

Compared to other types of plants and herbs, fungi seem a lot different in many ways. They are different in appearance and other factors. One that is fat and small. One that is bulging and little. Though they may look ugly while seeing plants with green and colorful leaves and buds, fungi are still beneficial and coveted because there is a lot to gain from.

Despite their unsanitary looks and ugly impressions, fungi can still offer you something that you may like. Little you know, fungi are psychoactive. In this article, we will be talking about the list of psychoactive fungi. But before we even go any further, let us first have an overview of their psychoactive history.

The History of Psychoactive Fungi

Fungi are regarded to be holy and sacred by others when we are talking about religious aspects. As they are known to include psychoactive properties due to their ability to make someone high, some ancient people, and even in the current days use it as a medicine.

When we are talking about the past, there are a lot of artifacts and writings that confirm the strength of fungi to the human body from every perspective. Ancient people leave a lot of evidence on various types of psychoactive fungi linkage to their religion and beliefs. Others consider fungi as their food or something beneficial coming from their almighty’s.

Meanwhile, other ancient people think, based on their belief, that fungi serve as their means to communicate with their known god. And even hundreds of years ago, back in 500 B.C, psychoactive mushrooms, and fungi are already valued.

Yet, though psychoactive fungi are currently known to present an intoxicating effect on the human body, ancient people see it differently. And, they are solely used for religious purposes. They are used for sanctification, prediction, etc.

This just concludes that psychedelic fungi have had a part in the diversity and changes of the world from cultures to a lot of aspects.

List of Psychoactive Fungi

Psychoactive fungi play a big role in our changing and developing culture. In the next section, we will talk about the list of psychoactive fungi that are worth learning and understanding.

Amanita Muscaria and Pantherina

Amanita is one of the various classes of fungi that are known to have several species that are psychedelic. They are Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina. While Amanita muscaria is known to have originated from and can grow in America, Australia, Europe, and Asia, Amanita pantherina, on the other hand, grows throughout Russia and Asia.

Amanita muscaria is known as Fly Agaric or Fly Amanita. They are typically found in the forest and are well-known to have played a big part in religious ceremonies during the ancient period. Amanita muscaria is easy to recognize based on their physical appearance especially their color. They have various white dots on their red cap and their stems have white gills. One that is very psychoactive, not only that it is regarded as holy hundreds of years back, but they are also now known to be powerful due to the effect it can give to the body.

Meanwhile, Amanita pantherina is known as panther cap or false blusher. Compared to Amanita muscaria, Amanita pantherina has various white dots on their brown cap. This species of Amanita is known to be psychoactive due to its muscimol compound. Amanita pantherina is typically used nowadays for recreational purposes.

Balansia Cyperi

Balansia cyperi are other psychoactive fungi that originated from and have the ability to grow throughout America. This fungi species is the so-called Cyprus grass fungus. As its name suggests, they exactly grow in greens and grasses and mainly act as a dependent. The main reason why they are psychoactive is due to their chemical compound present which is ergot alkaloids.

Claviceps Paspali and Purpurea

Claviceps is another classification of fungi that are recognized to have various varieties that are very psychoactive. They are Claviceps paspali and Claviceps purpurea. While Claviceps paspali is known to grow throughout America, India, and even Asia, Claviceps purpurea, on the other hand, grows in every corner of the world.

The main reason Claviceps paspali is psychoactive is due to its chemical compound present to it which is an ergot alkaloid.

On the other side of the spectrum, Claviceps purpurea is regarded to be very psychoactive with its properties incorporated in it which is ergot. Ergot is a parasite that contaminates various grasses like rye and is found to affect the human system with its psychoactive properties.

Psilocybin Mushroom

Psilocybin mushroom is another fungi classification that has various species with psychedelic effects. Known as the magic mushrooms, this fungus belongs to the polyphyletic group of fungi that includes various types. They are Psilocybin azurescens, Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe cyanescens, Psilocybe mexicana, Psilocybe semilanceata, and Psilocybe spp.

Their Growing Range and Origin

  • Psilocybin azurescens – America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East
  • Psilocybe cubensis – America and parts of Mexico, Australia, and Asia
  • Psilocybe cyanescens – Europe and other parts of America
  • Psilocybe mexicana – Guatemala and Mexico
  • Psilocybe semilanceata – Worldwide
  • Psilocybe spp – Worldwide

Their Chemical Compound Present

  • Psilocybin azurescens – Psilocybin, Psilocin, and Baeocystin
  • Psilocybe cubensis – Psilocybin, Psilocin, and Baeocystin
  • Psilocybe cyanescens – Psilocybin, Psilocin, and parse amount of Baeocystin
  • Psilocybe mexicana – Psilocybin and Psilocin
  • Psilocybe semilanceata – Psilocybin, Psilocin, and Baeocystin
  • Psilocybe spp – Psilocybin and Psilocin

If you have noticed, there are three common active ingredients of the above varieties of Psilocybe that have relatively caused a human high. They are hallucinogenic substances that are not only regarded as psychoactive but also with other effects.

But not only that they are considered as a great psychoactive agent for recreational purposes, but all of them also made great contributions in the history and lives of ancient people linkage to their culture and beliefs.


Though fungi appear to be very unlikely due to their untidy appearance and ugly impressions, they seem to be far impressive when it comes to the contribution and the part they played in our diverging culture and social development.

Currently, fungi include great advantages due to their psychoactive effects. But not all of them include chemical substances that are psychoactive and hallucinogenic. The above list of psychoactive fungi serves as your guide throughout their growing scope, history, and their chemical composite that made it possible for them to make people high.

Whether fungi is regarded as per beliefs, medicinal or recreational use, their psychoactivity went throughout even hundreds of years back.