How to Prepare Your Own Magic Mushroom Burger?

With the magic mushroom’s fame expanding over time, new ways of consumption made noise in the magic mushroom circle. Some procedures are too complex to execute, and there are significant proportions that seemed to be only advisable for highly experienced users. Either way, the only thing users at all levels, can agree on, is its versatility that you can mix it with other consumables and still get to remain heady. One way to consume is through making your own Magic Mushroom Burger. From the sound of it, it will probably let you taste the luxurious zest of a burger all while giving you potent impacts. Beginner or not, a Magic Mushroom burger is something you should be aware of, and know-how to make. Because of that, we gathered credible sources that will offer you definitions that you will need to know, along with ingredients you will need with its precise measurements and the step-by-step preparations.

What is Magic Mushroom Burger?

Like any other mixtures and blends that associates with Magic Mushroom, the burger version will bear identical effects, whether in terms of recreational or beneficial. Perhaps the only difference is the taste of the outcome. Still, expect the same as what another blended mixture gives. But, with the rising level of magic mushroom users, questions and queries fill their mind if they can acquire medical benefits from consuming it. According to a clinical trial made by medical officials, especially authorities belonging in the addictive substance-related operations, the compound of Magic Mushroom, specifically, the Psilocybin is quite advantageous towards individuals. Based on the findings, a precise portion, equipped with moderate use, may trigger hallucinations that are only enough to heighten the senses of its users. Aside from that, it also increases productivity, creativity, and reduces emotional issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. Therefore, not only will you experience a different experience when it comes to Magic Mushroom Burger, but you will also acquire ease and assistance.

However, the question here is whether a user can keep themselves from depending on Magic Mushrooms? Because if not, the ratio, according to scientific findings, from those who get half yet helpful aid from mushroom and heavy users are low to none. Meaning, the more you consume, the less likely to encounter the positive results. Nonetheless, as a newbie user, you should be more knowledgeable about different magic mushroom mixtures so you can have a taste of different flavors but with the same potency. To give you something to follow, here are the ways on how to prepare your magic mushroom burger.

How to Prepare Your Own Magic Mushroom Burger?

Surely, all will still depend on your preference and desires, but you shouldn’t let popularity kill what you would like to try. Magic Mushroom Burger, compared to other recipes, is not that known yet, probably due to a misleading conception that a mere burger can boost your high. The truth is, no ingredient can increase the impact of a magic mushroom when instilling with other food types. The only difference you will notice is the taste. So, that means consuming a magic mushroom burger will require research and several queries. With such an impression, there is no guarantee that you can achieve the perfect and fitting taste of a mushroom in a burger. Sure, there is no typical taste, but that doesn’t mean you can expect less. Besides, you can always search for things that are already visible on the internet like the materials, ingredients, procedures, and what not to do.

In conclusion, when using a different Magic Mushroom approach, you should not place your hopes high that it will leave you stoned like what Marijuana strains can give. Instead, heighten your expectation on what you can do now that your preference is highly essential.

Note that, there will always be substitutes when you wish to grow your magic mushroom burger, but the listed below are the most common and prominent that circulates mushroom users. Before you delve into the specific target, which are the guidelines for methods, here are the necessary materials you should have, or you should look in your kitchen to ensure that everything will fall right into place.

Materials Needed for Preparing a Magic Mushroom Burger

For the contents, you will only need your kitchen materials. In this case, you should know the elements that could go under alternatives, mainly when you don’t invest much of your time in your kitchen. The basics are chopping boards, any types of pans, grills, stoves, stirring materials, and everything you see fits. Also, don’t exaggerate things, not until you reach the end part where you can manipulate your burger’s overall appearance. But, in the meantime, you will need to follow the correct order strictly.

Ingredients Needed for Preparing a Magic Mushroom Burger

1. Ground Beef 1 pound
2. Seasoning (Based on your preference) 1 pack
3. Freshly chopped parsley leaves 1 tablespoon
4. Minced green onions 2 pcs
5. Oil Depends on your preference
6. Clean Mushroom 1 pint
7. Chicken Stock ½ cup
8. Hamburger buns 1 package
9. Brie Cheese Depends on your preference
10. Pepper Slaw
11. Sweet Potato


The table above contains all the ingredients you will need to prepare for your magic mushroom burger. It shows that the elements you encounter in making an ordinary burger also follows. There will be quantities and sizes that will vary.

The Step-by-step Procedure in Making a Magic Mushroom Burger

Firstly, pour the seasoning onto your ground beef with any seasoning brand you wish to have. Add parsley and the green onions as well before you mix it all. If the seasoning already fully covers the ground beef, mold it like what patties looked like. Cook the beef patties in a pan and remove it if they are brown enough.

Second, in a separate pan, heat the olive oil as you add mushrooms gradually. Make sure that you get to stir it now and then. Put the chicken stock, pepper, and salt, and let it stay for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, grill any amount of buns you wish to use, face down, and wait until it begins to brown.

Lastly, place the buns on another place, put the patties and wrap it up with a slice of brie cheese, and one spoon of sautéed mushrooms. Finally, serve your magic mushroom burger. Again, you can always modify it in the way you’d like it to be.

In conclusion, making your magic mushroom burger is like making an ordinary burger, except the presence of magic mushroom’s extract is there. If you’re a newbie in this type of field, the easy steps given above should serve as a guide to you. Most of the time, profoundly experienced users like to have their style of consumption, so if you’re one of those, you might not find this amusing enough. Regardless, you can always spice up your magic mushroom burger and create one of a kind magic mushrooms edibles and treats!