Top Recipes for Magic Mushroom Edibles

Magic Mushrooms, ever since its peak of popularity, gained several blended ingredients that undoubtedly piqued the interest of its users. According to consumers, it’s agreeable that eating a magic mushroom in a raw way is not that tasty. Because of that, experienced users are finding out things on how to spice up their magic mushroom experiences by experimenting with several food mixtures and releasing it to the mushroom community. By then, words spread out, and ingredients are already enhancing into rare processes. This article will discuss the top recipes for magic mushroom edibles and the brief procedures that you will need to follow to obtain your preferred outcome.

What are Magic Mushroom Edibles?

As the name suggests, Magic Mushroom Edibles are consumables that you can consume directly or mix with any food you wish to eat. It holds no difference from other ways of magic mushroom consumption because it will not boost the impact, whether you prefer to experience medical and recreational sensations. What sets it apart from others are its various recipes that will take you by surprise by how it will sound, look, and taste normal. If you’re a newbie in this field, you should read these top recipes for magic mushroom edibles and prepare for your own, or prepare for someone else.

The Top Recipes for Magic Mushroom Edibles

The following procedures might be a bit different from how you do it. In that case, you are free to alter the methods and do what you like the most. Meanwhile, the reason why these are the top recipes is due to its popularity around mushroom users. Should you have additional ingredients, you opt to contribute to making it tastier, and you are free to do it. But if you are severely new to such things, you should follow the basics instead.

Fruit Smoothie with Magic Mushroom

Like any ingredients needed for a smoothie, you will also need it for this recipe. What you will need is a frozen fruit (whatever fruit you desire to have and eat), apple juice, pulpy orange, yogurt, and your very own magic mushrooms. For the ingredients, place all the mentioned ingredients above in a blender. (Tip: If you have no frozen fruit on hand, you can add ice to your fresh fruit.) But, if you own a dried mushroom, you should grind it first through a coffee maker before you add it to the blender together with the fruits.

Mush-gurt (Mushroom Yogurt)

This procedure holds no hassle because you will only need lots of magic mushrooms and yogurt. To prepare for your mush-gurt, dice up your mushrooms before you add it to your highly preferred yogurt. Fruit-flavored yogurt is extremely recommendable. Aside from that, it will depend on you if you like it cold or at an average temperature. It will not matter at all, except the pieces of mushrooms that you will slice and add to your yogurt.

Sesame Balls with Mushroom

The ingredients for this recipe are sesame seeds, honey, salt, and your favorite magic mushroom. Before we dive into the methods, do not forget to dry the magic mushroom first before you crush it into a powdery form. Now moving on to the procedures. First, have your stove set at a medium temperature. Second, toast and stir your sesame seeds in a frying pan until it starts to pop out.

Third, pour the sesame seeds in a bowl and let it cool. When it’s cold enough, set some seeds aside and put the rest into a blender until it’s all grounded, but not entirely. Fourth, place the mushrooms, blend, and pour the mixture into a bowl. To obtain the clay-like appearance, add salt and honey. Fifth, roll the mix in the sesame seeds you set aside earlier. In the end, you will need a tight-sealed container for your sesame balls while you let it cool. You can re-heat it again if you think it’s time to eat it.

Magic Mushroom Jello

Who would’ve thought that a magic mushroom fits well with jello? Well, if you’re a fan, you would know that jello is one tasty edible to have. For the ingredients, you will need a magic mushroom, one pack of jello and water. It’s as simple as that. Now for the method, you will need to heat 2 cups of water and make sure it won’t boil. Please remove it from the store before you let your mushrooms to steep for a few minutes. Stir it frequently, and when done, strain the mushrooms, and use water to mix it with your jello. Let it cool in a refrigerator for later consumption. To achieve potency, you can stir the jello-mushroom mixture after half an hour in a fridge, pour another diced mushrooms, and put it back.

Magic Mushroom-made Honey

The only ingredients you will need with this one are your magic mushroom and honey. Chop your mushrooms, whether if it’s dried or fresh since it won’t be affecting the overall outcome. Pack it in a jar and pour honey with an intent to fill up the whole space available in the pot. Set it aside in a cold and dark place, and leave it in the storage for a month or two. By then, it should already be up for consumption. (Pro tip: You can add mushrooms into the honey-filled jar consequently after eating to top it up and for it to remain full for your use.)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

If you categorize yourself as a party-goer, this recipe will fit you dearly. You will only need a magic mushroom, ¼ cup of peanut butter, 1 to 2 tbsp. of sugar and some chocolate chips. Expect a substantial effect from this one. To do so, seize and measure the right dosage based on your expertise level. Grind the mushroom in a blender or coffee maker. Pour sugar to your peanut butter, mix it with the mushroom, and make sure it’s stiff enough to look like a dough. Roll it into balls. Then, melt the chocolate chips and put the rolled balls in it. Please place them in a cup wrapper before storing it in a refrigerator. Serve when it’s up for consumption.

The recipes listed above are only half of what magic mushroom can do. There are more of them, and you can find it by simply searching it up. If you think you’re a master in cooking, you should experiment in creating more magic mushroom edibles and treats!