Magic Mushroom Juice Preparation Tutorial

Pulverizing the magic mushroom into a very fine powder can make it easy to dissolve to make a magic mushroom juice. You can also add flavor such as lemon and orange to hide the Magic Mushroom’s taste. Other cannabis trippers claim that adding flavor to the Magic Mushroom can enhance the potency of the tour while others say that they get the feeling to begin sooner. Consuming magic mushrooms may produce exciting and beautiful journey. However, some consumers find the taste of magic mushroom a crucial depressant to begin with their journey.

Why Make a Magic Mushroom Juice

Also, if you are planning to hide the magic mushroom into your food while you are eating, you can make a magic mushroom juice easily. Taking mushroom juice usually works at its best when you haven’t eaten yet, for short, it can work with an empty stomach. Making the magic mushroom into the lemon juice technique is a favorable way to hide the taste, and it even increases the acidity that making many consumers enhance their trip while taking magic mushroom.

Adding lemon recommends that the acid content from the lemon juice can make the blend begins the psilocybin changes by way of an enzyme called the alkaline phosphatase. This kind of enzyme distilled in kidneys, liver, and even in the biliary duct. Skilled users differ about the journey that happens while consuming magic mushroom juice. They consider that it becomes more intense, especially the journey will start in a moment. It is good to think if you start with just half the magic mushroom, especially when you take it for the first time. You can also try this procedure in order to help you prepare magic mushroom juice.

Steps on How to Make Magic Mushroom Juice in Lemon Tek

  1. Grind the dry magic mushroom until they pulverize like a powder.
  2. Place all the powder into a clear glass.
  3. Squeeze a lemon juice.
  4. Combined both powdered magic mushroom with the lemon juice.
  5. Leave it to blend for at least 20 minutes (avoid leaving the juice longer)
  6. Stir the mixture every 5 minutes.
  7. Drink.
  8. To get the leftover part, add some small amount of water in the glass.
  9. Enjoy the experience like having a journey.

The Lemon Tek is one of the party children of dosing magic mushrooms. This type of juice is not only easy and fast to extract but also many consumer declare that the acidic feature of lemon helps to function the psilocybin makes it a more intense upcoming journey. Many consumers considered that using this procedure will help to release the journey quickly easily. It is highly recommended to begin with half amount, especially when you are a beginner consumer. Like what procedure said, consumption of magic mushroom in lemon tek is very simple. Using lime juice can also give a similar result. The ideal benefit of using the juice is by taking out the nauseating taste of mushroom. As long as you prefer either lemon or lime juice, the Lemon Tek is still a fast and efficient method to consider.

How Magic Mushroom In Lemon Tek Juice Works?

It actually works by copying the acid content of lemon in your stomach. The lemon juice will start to break down the magic mushroom before you consume it. Since that stomach has an acidity level of about 1.5 to 3.5pH, the lemon will mimic the surrounding. Whatever the thoughts among the magic mushroom community that takes the lemon tekking into a different level, the lemon juice is still shifting the psilocybin of magic mushrooms into another prodrug psilocin. This type of compound is the one that is responsible for the main effects called entheogenic.

Even all the knowledge and idea of lemon tek is clearly conceptual. It is still based on the knowledge about psilocybin to increase the acidic conditions that blend with the consumer. Also, it is a fairly reasonable idea but not been tested on a different basis.

Does the Magic Mushroom Juice Reduce the Nausea Effect?

One of the common basis, why people tend to make the magic mushroom into lemon juice, is they notice quite a nausea upon consuming magic mushroom. By consuming it with lemon tek, this will make it easier for many consumers to reduce the nauseous taste and a comfortable effect. Because of this reason, many consumer tend to lemon tek their magic mushroom and don’t want to eat the magic mushroom using another way. This method would be less hard to the body as it skips the element that makes the stomach feel upset.

The juice begins to break down the cell walls and calmly function the magical components such as psilocybin, psilocin, and any other compounds. There are also consumer reported some acid reflux with this method, especially by those consumers who have a sensitive stomach. The best method to lessen any upset effect is by fasting for about two to 4 hours before consuming the lemon tek juice.

Long Term Effects of Magic Mushroom

Another consumer who regularly consumes magic mushrooms will usually feel flashbacks. The flashback that called is when the experience upon consuming magic mushroom reoccurs. This effect involves emotional changes and visual distortion. This flashback effect happens about years, months, and even weeks right after the drug was taken. This can seems disturbing, especially if you just recalled hallucinations or bad experiences. The flashback experience usually lasts about a minute up to two after consuming the magic mushroom.

Effects of Magic Mushroom

Consuming any drug usually carries a few risks. It is very important to be careful about consuming any type of drug and avoid consuming an overdose of it. The magic mushroom can affect every consumer differently based upon their weight, size, and even health conditions. The consumer may experience being euphoria, headaches, fast heartbeat, vomiting, and even dilation of pupils. Just consume a small dosage to prevent such effect takes place.


Keep in mind about the overall diet that may lead you into the journey of eating healthy foods while preventing you from consuming alcoholic beverages. Also, remember that fasting before consuming magic mushroom edibles and treats can help you strengthen your journey. Furthermore, the potency will be increased from the magic mushroom juice. Begin with a small dose to try doing your first trial.