Magic Mushroom Popcorn Step by Step Guide

Aside from addictive substances that you always see on the internet such as marijuana, alcohol, etc., magic mushrooms belong to the same category as well. The common denominator a magic mushroom has with cannabis is every grower, and aspiring cultivators can have it, especially those who are users as well. Also, like how cannabis plant owner’s techniques in different applications go the same with magic mushroom. There are several ways to consume magic mushroom, and one of the easiest is the magic mushroom popcorn that will serve conveniently-found materials, making it less-hassling to do. Here is the step by step guides that will let you make your magic mushroom popcorn.

What is Magic Mushroom Popcorn?

Before defining what magic mushroom popcorn is, we have to know what magic mushrooms are, what does it do, and what benefits can it give to its users. Magic Mushroom is a wild cultivated mushroom naturally psychoactive and hallucinogenic. The two contents of the said substance are due to its Psilocybin, which is dubbed as the most prominent psychedelic based on the findings provided by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations. Psilocybin is a Schedule I drug, responsible for most common cases of abuse and misuse. According to medical professionals, no individuals should consume due to the hallucinogenic properties it possesses. Besides, it doesn’t hold medical accreditation, so it doesn’t serve patients with illnesses. Still, people often find themselves in the comfort of magic mushrooms to help them momentarily forget about life’s stressful events and take their attention away from never-ending issues.

In terms of consumption, there are innumerable ways of allowing magic mushrooms in your system. You could eat it upon picking, without any additional ingredients. But, most of the time, drying and food, and drink-mixing is the best option for users, especially those with a higher tolerance. One of the most popular ways of consuming magic mushroom is through growing a magic mushroom popcorn. Magic Mushroom Popcorn is hybrid corn, and as what the name suggests, its content has mixtures of magic mushroom. Is it going to give you impacts as to what magic mushroom does? Yes, definitely. Is it going to provide health benefits? If you consider having a full and satisfied stomach as a health benefit, then it might be. Is it better than all methods used to ingest magic mushroom? If we’re going to talk about the procedures, yes it’s much better because it delivers inconvenience, not complexities. However, it will depend on your preference if you wish to talk about the effects and taste. Still, it has to be something you should try if you’re into magic mushrooms.

If you’re new to such a thing, you should inquire about the information you can act on, along with other hacks and guides that could help boost your capabilities. So, to serve as a guideline, here are the step by step procedure on how to make a magic mushroom popcorn, as used by experts and intermediate consumers.

How to Make Magic Mushroom Popcorns on Your Own?

In the following procedures and techniques, the most common essentials are being precise with your measurements and what products should you choose. After all, the outcome will solely rely on your materials rather than your methods. For instance, you were able to find the best approaches there is on the internet, but you failed to buy specific products, and you didn’t get the chance to seek for alternatives. In the end, the taste will produce different sensations because you missed the point, and you cannot blame it on the procedures you found because you only followed it. Regardless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should pay no mind to what you’re doing, given that all the proposed materials are given because there are chances that you will fail too. For the basics, here are the elements that you should be aware of, starting from the ones present in your kitchen and those that you will need to find in supermarkets and magic mushroom stores.

Materials and Ingredients

1. Magic Mushroom Extract 2 teaspoons
2. Dried Parsley 2 tablespoons
3. Parmesan Cheese ¼ cup and grated
4. Popcorn 1 pack
5. Sea Salt Depending on the taste

The listed materials above are only for the entire procedure. Before you get to make your magic mushroom popcorn, you will first need to acquire magic mushroom extracts.

1. Syringe 10 cc
2. Desk Fan Small size
3. Dust Pollen Mask  
4. Bottles Depends
5. Funnel 1 medium-sized funnel
6. Drinking Glass Depends
7. Ethyl Alcohol 200 Proof

To extract the compounds of Magic Mushrooms, the Psilocybin, you will need to take note of the materials and ingredients listed above. A reminder that there will be uncertain quantity and size to undergo precise measurement because it will depend on how you taste me.

Step by Step Guides in making Magic Mushroom Popcorn

For the Magic Mushroom Extract

To extract Psilocybin from Magic Mushroom, you will have to harvest the said psychedelic crop while the veins remain open. First, dry your harvested magic mushroom. Any method is suitable as long as you can follow accuracy in steps. Ensure that it’s dry enough. Second, Grind the magic mushroom and turn into pulverized ones, and after wrapping it up, place it in tightly-closed storage so it won’t leak. Third, add 200-proof ethyl alcohol.

The next step is activating the Psilocybin by shaking the storage bottle every few hours in a day. Using a dust pollen mask to filter out the alcohol and store the extracted and filtered juice in a different flask. Next, you will need to soak the magic mushroom and re-do the same process with the alcohol. Afterward, combine all the extracts in one container. Through a small desk fan, allow air to enter the glass and wait until the liquid is producing movements, an indication of the evaporation process speeding up. Remain to do the said procedure and proceed to store it in a small vial the moment you already got a one cc solution.

For the Magic Mushroom Popcorn

For the first step, you will have to blend the parmesan, magic mushroom extract, and parsley into one container. Stir it thoroughly before leaping onto the new levels. Next, you will have to cook all the popcorn (the more, the better, but it will depend on how you like it) using a microwave, and make sure to follow everything the packet of popcorn will say. The instruction will go as follows; firstly, you should select a microwaveable popcorn where you won’t be needing to put it out of its packet. Follow the right side of placement when you put it in the microwave and do not leave the process unattended while the popcorn is popping. If you successfully followed the instructions, you can now proceed to the next method.

When done, mix the cooked popcorn with the mushroom mixture done earlier. You can add a bit of salt to enhance the taste. Since the procedure is a matter of preference, make sure you get to add what every spicing up materials you can add. Take note: You cannot make a magic mushroom popcorn without the mushroom extract to ensure that you’re done with the steps for extraction.

The procedures stated above are only guidelines that will lead you to make magic mushroom edibles and treats out of popcorn. There are instances where shroomers are using popcorn to grow a magic mushroom, which is a bit – hassling, yet conceives good return. Should you want to know the latter, you can find several step-by-steps everywhere, and if you’re not experienced enough, the ways above is a great start-up process before you do the difficult part.