What Can You Make With Magic Mushroom Powder

Magic mushrooms are well-known hallucinogens that make life a bit more fun. Consuming these magic mushrooms come in different ways. Others tend to simply eat them while others incorporate them in food. Some also use magic mushroom powder to make it more accessible to users as an ingredient to their dishes. There are lots of ways to use magic mushrooms and it only needs your imagination and creativity to do so.

But first, we need to understand what are magic mushrooms and the implications of consuming such types of hallucinogens to the body. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin which is the hallucinogenic properties. They usually look like dried mushrooms that have slender dirty-white stems. These mushrooms have a long history and were used for spiritual experiences back in the ancient days. Many have believed that this was a way for them to commune with the spirits.

Today, these mushrooms are now used for recreational purposes. It brings out a peaceful high and reduce stress and increase relaxation. The common side effects of ingesting these mushrooms include a drowsy experience, euphoria, hallucinations, and introspective experiences. However, overconsumption of these mushrooms can lead to panic attacks, paranoia, and even psychosis. Careful consideration of the dose should always be followed.

How To Make Magic Mushroom Powder

Now that we understand the implications of ingesting magic mushroom, it is time to know how to make magic mushroom powder. One of the main advantages of using magic mushroom powder is convenience. Through its powder form, you can incorporate this into many dishes that you can serve for yourself or your friends when you want to get high on mushrooms. To make your mushroom powder, gather your dried magic mushrooms and chuck them into your food processor.

Once inside the food processor, break up the pieces by turning the food processor on and off in pulsating fashion for about 20 seconds. Maintain the constant pulse for the next minute. It should grind the mushrooms within the food processor. Make sure to let the dust settle first before opening the food processor to check. If you can still find large chunks of the mushrooms inside, continue to pulse until you only get small chunks.

Once you have thoroughly blended and ground the magic mushrooms, strain them using a strain and pour the mixture into the bowl. It will separate the small pieces or clumps from your powder. Put the small chunks back to the food processor and grind them again until they become powder and repeat the straining process.

The best way to extend the shelf life of the powder is to store it properly. Use an airtight glass container instead of a plastic container or a ziplock. Store the jar in a cool dry place until you are ready to use them as ingredients.

Magic Mushroom Recipes

Speaking of ingredients, there are a lot of food recipes that you can prepare together with magic mushroom powder to make your food more interesting. Here are some of them:

1. Chocolate Magic Mushroom Balls

If you like to serve some desserts to your friends or simply have a supply of magic mushrooms on your shelf, make some chocolate magic mushroom balls for you to enjoy.

Gather chocolate and grind them into smaller pieces. Chop some dried fruits and nuts. You can also add marshmallows for more texture. Heat some water into the saucepan and put a heat-safe bowl into the pan. Pour coconut oil into the bowl that has simmering water underneath. Make sure to avoid letting the water come to a boil. Lower the heat if this happens. Add the chocolate into the coconut oil and mix until it is completely melted or the texture is smooth.

Remove the bowl from the simmering heat and let it cool down. Keep on stirring until it slowly cools down and becomes sticky. When the mixture starts to solidify, add your fruits and nuts as well as the magic mushroom powder. Form them into small balls and place them on a tray that has non-stick baking paper. Then, sprinkle your magic mushroom powder and add a touch of chocolate powder as well. Place it in a fridge for several hours before serving.

2. Magic Mushroom Capsules

Another fun way to consume magic mushroom powder if you are not fond of incorporating them in food is to simply make them into a capsule. This will allow you to control the way you consume magic mushrooms. Use empty capsules and a capsule machine and add the magic mushroom powder to make your magic mushroom capsules.

These capsules can be taken throughout the day without anyone noticing. This is best for those who want to have that extra kick for the day at any given time. Since it takes a while to take effect due to its capsule form, make sure to plan and dose properly.

3. Lemon Tek

While magic mushroom capsules take a lot of time for you to fully experience the effects, drinking lemon tek is the total opposite. Lemon Tek is very easy to make and requires only a few ingredients for you to enjoy it. People often drink this beverage as the acidic nature of the lemon allows for the faster breakdown of the hallucinogenic properties thus the body can readily absorb it. To make lemon tek, simply squeeze some fresh lemons and add your magic mushroom powder. Stir it properly and let it sit for some time. Add water and drink it all in one go.

You can also use lime juice or orange juice as a substitute for the lemon. Drinking lemon tek is a fast and convenient way to experience the effects of magic mushrooms plus the citrus flavor also takes away the bland taste of the mushrooms.


There are a lot of ways to enjoy magic mushrooms. The best way to enjoy them is to make sure that you are safe and aware of both your setting and dosage. It is important to note these factors so that you can avoid taking a trip to the hospital. This is the reason why the use of magic mushroom powder is highly advantageous. It lets you measure the amount of magic mushroom you use for each recipe.