Magic Mushroom Treatments Getting Approved

The use of cannabis, in some countries, was legalized for its medicinal and recreational properties – Will magic shrooms direct canada follow suit?

The researchers think so and believe they are on the road to a medical breakthrough with psychedelics like a magic mushroom.

Helps People with Cancer and Terminal Illness

The psilocybin treatment was applied to cancer patients, victims suffer severe anxiety, and depression after a cancer diagnosis, especially terminally ill patients.

Sufferers become so focused on their dilemma, they dissociate themselves from people and things that really matter. Relationships are in shambles, loneliness creeps in, and all those negative thoughts take control.

The psilocybin application changed all that. Majority of the patients had significant drops in depression, anxiety, and mood level. They had a different outlook on life, death acceptance, and optimism. The treatment with medical supervision had a long-lasting effect they attribute the change to their connection to the world and appreciation of the things around it.

May Help with Addictions

Psilocybin is an option for people suffering from alcohol, tobacco, and drug addiction. It is not addictive and safe to use in a controlled setting. Compared to the drugs used to fight addiction, a single session can spark a life-changing transformation in behavior and outlook of a patient.

Alcoholics had long-term abstinence with the spirits and had no side effects. As the dosage of psilocybin increases, the patient is held back from drinking and the craving is reduced.

Most of the participants in the clinical trial had totally ceased smoking.

Increases Positive Emotions

People treated with psilocybin had improved positive emotions and enhanced mood. The negative emotions are disregarded decreasing depression and anxiety helping those with mental disorders as well as healthy people.

No Serious Adverse Effects

There were no deaths or serious damage connected with mushrooms to date.

People who suffered damage or contaminated disease consumed the poisonous fungi which look like the magic mushroom spores Canada. Others, combined psilocybin with a substance of abuse.

At shroomsdirect your safety is our concern we only sell dried shrooms and other products that are safe for human consumption.