Is Microdosing for Migraines Effective?

Most people who experience migraines do not function in their usual way. Having a migraine usually gives pain more than just a headache. Migraine is defined as a severe headache that can ruin your day. Though there are some available over the counter pharmaceutical drugs for migraines, they just provide temporary relief that does not last long. So, is microdosing for migraines effective?

What is Migraine?

Migraine is described as excruciating intense, one-sided headache and it comes without sign and warning. You may feel like there is an ice pick that pierces from your brain to your eyes. Migraine gives pain that sometimes does not stop for the entire day. It commonly experiences within three or more times every week or month. Those who experience it may happen to cry, especially when the pain is so severe. Also, the suicide rate goes 20 times higher for those who suffer migraines.

Benefits of Microdosing for Migraines

As mentioned, migraine is a severely painful headache condition that commonly begins on one side of the head and can cause nausea and vomiting. They may also experience a very sensitive feeling in light and loud sounds. Migraines have a fast onset that can last for hours up to days. It can interrupt your daily routine activities that can lead to missed work. When people experience such pain, they usually engage to explore some extraordinary things to cure their pains.

Here are the good-to-know facts about microdosing for migraines using mushroom:

  • Microdosing for migraines using magic mushroom does not provide a complete cure from the painful symptoms of migraines. However, it still works for some people to relieve the worst part of migraine conditions, and it also lessens the severe feeling when it attacks.
  • Microdosing psilocybin for migraines is known to be the ideal way to relieves migraines and other types of common pain related to head. It is because the magic mushroom has psilocybin and psilocin that contain an alkaloid called the Tryptamine. This will helps to activate the serotonin in the brain, and increased serotonin may lessen inflammation. The result will help you to reduce having a migraine. This kind of compound can also found in other psychedelics such as LSD, magic truffles, and magic mushrooms.
  • After consuming the microdose, you may feel the benefits after 40 to 50 minutes.
  • Microdosing psilocybin is not only effective to treat headache, but it can also use to avoid having such migraines. Moreover, sufferers of migraines reported that there are no side effects after microdosing.
  • Compare to other pharmaceutical treatments that required to take every day, microdosing gives you less effort as you consume it ever after a few days.

How to Microdose Magic Mushroom

Microdosing is like an art that is quite tough to make it perfect. However, those experts in psychedelics should have no problem to get the ideal results that they want. It is highly recommended to eat magic truffles at only 1 gram directly.

Consuming 1 gram of microdose every three days may provide a break for your brain. This is also an ideal trial to observe how your body reacts in such a microdose. Dr. Fadiman’s method suggests that do microdosing if you have existing experience with the psychedelics.

Here’s how to microdose magic mushroom:

  • You may begin with 3/10ths grams of dry psilocybe mushroom after every three days. By having at least two days off of consuming microdose may give you a chance to feel the great benefits of the dosage, and it also helps you to prevent habitual of many doses.
  • Those who suffer migraines may include microdose with caution to get the rest that they need. This means that it is ideal to space out some days for a few cycles in a month.
  • And because everyone may respond to the effect of the magic mushroom differently, it is essential to increase or lessen the dose that needs by your body. If you experience all the things in your surrounding begin to glow, it means you’re taking too many doses. The result is something that affects your migraine positively with a regular or large dose of psychedelics.
  • It is ideal to have a journal to track your perception and experiences after consuming such a dose. During the first week of microdosing, write how many migraines attack you experience.
  • To boost the effect of microdosing for your migraine, you can also do some daily exercises, engage yourself in spiritual activity, and also eat healthy foods every day.
  • Lower your dose if you experience a hard time sleeping. Keep in mind that microdosing works differently into one another; create your dose that meets your personal needs.
  • Take note of the pain level, gram amount of intake, and what is the exact date you microdose. With the help of your journal, you can now mark the improvement you experience after consuming microdose.
  • Compare to other treatments such as pain relievers, microdosing gives possible long term relief. Try to be patient and steadily microdose to get the best results.

Other Ideas that Would Complement with Microdosing to Treat Migraines Naturally

  • Practice having more sleep for at least seven or more hours per night.
  • Eat foods that rich in magnesium content
  • Use a hot or cold compress to apply in the head and neck area. (hot compress may help for better blood circulation while the cold compress will help to reduce having inflammation)
  • Keep yourself hydrated, always drinks a lot of water.
  • Soak lavender leaves into hot water for about 10 to 15 minutes before sipping. If you don’t want the taste, you can also use lavender oil by simply inhaling it for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Practice eating any anti-inflammatory foods.


Naturally relieving your migraine can be done through microdosing. Microdosing for migraines using mushrooms provides a pleasant experience. It is ideal for creating a clear intention to bring you in a great process of physical awareness and also to increase the connection method to relieve your severe migraine completely. Microdosing is still about what results best for you and why you should do it. The only way to find out if microdosing is effective for migraines is to try it. This may give you the best effect to live every day without worry about migraines or just give a short term relieves with it.