Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Eats Magic Mushrooms on Logan Paul’s Podcast

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson eats 4 grams of magic mushrooms on the hit podcast “Impaulsive.”

Mike Tyson brought a blend of wisdom and also antics to Logan Paul’s podcast, after eating four grams of magic mushrooms. He also smoked a joint.

Logan Paul has made headings lately due to his upcoming battle versus boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr, and ahead of the battle, the YouTuber decided to host heavyweight GOAT Mike Tyson on his podcast.

For context, Tyson is perhaps the greatest heavyweight knockout artist of all time. Battling in what’s still referred to as the golden era of heavyweight boxing, Mike Tyson compiled an excellent 50 wins in the ring. What’s even more outstanding is that, out of his 50 victories, Mike Tyson knocked out senseless 44 opponents.

His propensity for knocking opponents out has made him among one of the most memorable boxers in the history of the sport. Moreover, Mike Tyson, is currently 54 years old, recently made his return to the ring, dealing with on a card along with Logan’s bro Jake Paul. It seems that after satisfying the Paul family members, the boxer has developed a relationship with the bros, triggering Logan to invite him on his YouTube podcast, Impaulsive.

In traditional Tyson style, Mike came on the show and also quickly loaded the conversation with enjoyable bits and also dynamic shenanigans. Nonetheless, what truly appears to have actually drawn the passion of fans is the fact that the boxer was seen cigarette smoking a joint. He also inhaled 4 grams of magic mushrooms.

Armed with a mixture of cannabis and magic mushrooms, he was ready to educate Paul, through the knowledge he’s obtained over his lifetime, as a person and also a championship prizefighter. On the podcast, Tyson opened up to Paul regarding his struggles as a boy as well as several of the things he’s realized over the course of his life. Mike Tyson eats magic mushrooms helps divulge this painful past.

As a child, Mike Tyson was apprehended a whopping 40 times before the age of 12. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison bythe age of 22. He explains his teenage self as a terrified individual on the inside, that made him overcompensate to the outside world. When asked about bringing that anxiety into the ring, Tyson informed Paul. He claimed that all fighters feel concern.

The ones that recognize just how to utilize it succeed. The heavyweight champ really feels that concern isn’t a weak point, and that a fighter must really feel anxiety when stepping into the ring. To combat anxiety, Mike Tyson eats magic mushrooms.

Tyson likewise summarizes his time under famed boxing coach Cus D’Amato. He defines the partnership he had with D’Amato, describing that it advanced from mentorship to seeming like D’Amato was his surrogate father. As his trainer, D’Amato would certainly make Tyson seem like “a God”, constantly informing the boxer that he was undefeatable, and the best that ever was. As a father figure, D’Amato would certainly take care of Tyson, constantly watching his back and maintaining him on straight and narrow path.

That was definitely the situation when Tyson was pistol-whipped by previous fitness instructor turned boxing marketer Teddy Atlas. D’Amato quickly got rid of Atlas from his training personnel, and the partnership with the promoter has been sour ever since. Tyson connects the ambience he experienced under his train as one that aided to develop an altered human being that got in much less problem and focused solely on training.

This experience has most certainly helped the boxer to get over several errors that he’s made over the years. For more information about Mike Tyson and also his incredible life story, fans can look into the complete Impaulsive podcast in the video clip below. Check out the clip to see Mike Tyson eats magic mushrooms.

Mike Tyson is a fantastic podcast guest that simply doesn’t keep anything back. His honest comments to Logan Paul made his lots of followers delighted. Tyson is debatable, yet nobody can contest his boxing expertise and fearlessness. Paul has plenty to gain from Mike Tyson.

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