Magic Mushroom Tea vs Eating: What Should You Choose?

Magic mushrooms have become more and more popular. Today, you will find many people across the world who consume and cultivate shrooms. They do and enjoy the priceless benefits they can get out of growing and consuming these mushrooms. Only the shroom enthusiasts can better explain the goodness of these edible foods.

The market is now full of a wide selection of shroom strains. Each strain comes with a specific level of potency. At times, a strain induces a mellow high. In other cases, it induces wild and weird visuals. It’s up to you what type of strain you want to use.

Moreover, the magic mushroom enthusiasts are still debating about the best way to consume these edibles. The mushroom tea vs. eating debate is still a hot topic on the internet. The effect of the shrooms might be the same irrespective of the way you choose to consume them. However, both consumption methods differ from each other in some aspects.

Should You Eat the Magic Mushrooms Cooked or Raw?

People often eat mushrooms, but how? Should you cook it first or enjoy it after rinsing it with water? Well, when it comes to mushrooms, many will think they should be cooked before being consumed. The truth is that you can actually eat them right after harvesting.

Raw magic mushrooms are already delicious and okay to eat. If you want to add a touch of creativity, then go for the cooked ones. Nevertheless, you do not necessarily need to cook them. You don’t need to buy spices or seasonings to enhance their taste.

If you can’t take the natural taste and smell of these mushrooms, go ahead, prepare, and cook them. Whatever you choose, magic mushrooms will always have their nutritional value and benefits.

Drinking Magic Mushroom Tea

Whether you don’t like the taste of both raw and cooked magic mushrooms or you want a more delicious alternative for regular tea, you must consider drinking mushroom tea. You don’t need fresh mushrooms in making a cup of tea. Instead, you can shop for powdered mushroom teas in the market. You can also get them in tea bag forms.

What’s interesting is that some commercial mushroom teas are mixtures of mushrooms and herbs. Therefore, the taste will not be the same with raw and cooked mushrooms. Besides, magic mushroom tea is extremely customizable. If you’re using these shrooms for medicinal purposes, then consuming them as tea would be a better alternative.

Benefits of Magic Mushroom Tea

The overall gut health and the good bacteria living in it play a significant role in your general health. Most of the advantages of magic shroom tea likely have something to do with the prebiotic advantages that the mushrooms can give on the gut microbiome.

Moreover, these mushrooms have beta-glucan – a kind of soluble fiber that can give certain benefits like lower cholesterol levels and stronger immunity.

Preparing Your Own Mushroom Tea

Mushroom tea is a good way of masking the original taste of the shrooms. How? You just need to crush the mushrooms in the bag and add the tastes you like.

Feel free to be creative in preparing your mushroom tea. You may add slices of ginger or squeeze a slice of lemon on your drink to make it more delicious. Avid magic mushroom tea drinkers often add lime or lemon juice to the mix. The citric acid in lemon or lime juice can easily break down the psilocybin and convert it into psilocin.

Pure mushroom tea is already delicious. If you want your drink to be more intense, then you better try mixing some lime or lemon juice.

The Mushroom Tea vs Eating Debate and Adaptogens

You will understand better the debate if you know the adaptogens and their role. These are fungi and herbs that that will help the human body to adjust. Furthermore, adaptogens not just help stabilize but optimize the various physiological functions once you’re experiencing stress. Just imagine that your body has a vitality reservoir that works like the water reservoir. Adaptogens develop and fortify the vitality reservoir. So, when you’re experiencing stress, the vitality reservoir will help keep everything okay and in balance.

Tips on Eating or Drinking Magic Mushrooms

The most important of all things, no matter how you want to consume magic mushrooms, is to research and feed your mind with more knowledge about consuming and using them. You need to consider some factors before you get started consuming them. You have to know the type of mushroom that you are taking. Likewise, you must be sure the mushrooms you have are truly psychedelic.

Foraging magic mushrooms is a fun experience, but be extra cautious when picking and ingesting wild mushrooms. If you are not familiar with any of the mushrooms you saw in the forest, then you must leave them alone. Be sure you learn more about the wild mushrooms. You better check the images of the edible mushrooms or get them printed so that you can easily distinguish what to pick and eat.

In case you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for pieces of advice, tips, and recommendations. Do not simply ingest the mushrooms you will find during your foraging trip. Be sure as well that you’re already familiar with those mushrooms that are toxic and deadly. Ingesting them by accident can lead to poisoning.

Grow Your Magic Mushrooms

Why not choose to grow magic mushrooms? Getting spore prints is now much easier as you can do it with the help of the internet. By growing magic mushrooms in the comfort of your home, you will love unlimited supplies. You don’t need to wait for too long to see them popping out. Growing your magic mushrooms will give you peace of mind and confidence that your shrooms are safe and edible. They are also easy to grow and maintain.


The mushroom tea vs eating debate has been one of the most interesting topics about the magic shrooms. It does not matter whether you choose to cook or drink them. No matter how you consume them, the magic mushrooms will benefit you physically and mentally.