Mushroom Therapy for PTSD: Must-Read Facts

Aside from helping someone to control having an addiction to alcohol, many researchers claim that legal, medical magic mushroom therapy for PTSD provides many possible health benefits, including treat to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a condition regarding mental health that caused by either traumatic experience or seeing some different disturbing events like accidents, sexual abuse, and ant kind of violence and crimes. It is considered to be an unusual thing for people who experience serving in the military to develop PTSD. Having a childhood trauma is also at high risk to have PTSD.

PTSD usually last for a year or more and can affect having friends with others, coworkers, family, and can affect the quality of your life. In the US, there are more than 8 million Americans with an average age of 18 and above have PTSD. Women are reported twice to develop PTSD than men.

Common Symptoms of PTSD

  • Nightmares
  • Sense to kindle past traumatic events
  • Experiencing a depressed mood
  • Heightened anxiety
  • Anxious
  • Having some flashbacks

Why is PTSD Difficult to Treat?

Having a traumatic experience that relates almost all the senses; smell, sight, hearing, physical pain, emotions, thought, and speech may affect your brain. Since many patients that suffer PTSD have a different experience, there are particularly set this form of suffering into different kinds of mental conditions.

Similar to those who suffer depression or anxiety, the traumatic event resulted to have PTSD may become a long-lived deeply embedded memory. The patient that suffers a minimal PTSD will have the possibility to get better after time without undergoing therapy. Early treatment is better to avoid the symptoms get even worst.

Mushroom Therapy for PTSD

Magic mushroom therapy for PTSD contains psilocybin that is being tested to treat many physical and mental conditions, which include PTSD. Magic mushroom has a psychoactive compound that is known to stimulate receptors in the brain by escalating more neuro activity. It will help to treat trauma from past psychological events. Compared to ordinary antidepressants, the psilocybin has much good dominance like you don’t need to have lethal
dosage and psilocybin are considered to be a non-addictive substance.

On how exactly the psilocybin affects the brain is not recognized. However, some MRI scans show that it reduces the activity of the amygdala. Amygdala is the one that overactive during someone’s experience having stress. The usual antidepressant is like psilocybin that plays in serotonin to help the nerve cells to convey with one another. There are some research shows that changing the level of serotonin may help to boost the mood and helps to lessen the signs of depression, PTSD, and other types of mental disorders.

Psilocybin and another kind of psychoactive components are usually found in different species of mushroom, and then humans used it to become beneficial compounds to treat different conditions. Psychedelic users have already known that small microdoses of magic mushrooms can provide medicinal benefits without even making psychedelic trips with a higher dosage of magic mushrooms. Many scientists also consider that the effect of psilocybin reconnects the brain.

People who suffer from PTSD experience a hard time recovering after witnessing a traumatic event, they traditionally treated with trauma-focused psychotherapy and combines with different medications. Most patients did not respond well in such medicinal treatment. Still, there is new research suggests that using the combination of magic mushroom psychedelic content with the usual psychotherapy offers promising effects.

What Do Mushrooms Do To Your Brain?

There is a study that proves the tripping on magic mushrooms can help to free your mind from all worries. The psilocybin, which is one of the psychoactive ingredients holds to be the potential to help ease severe anxiety and even PTSD. Magic mushrooms are known for developing most effects that act on neural parts of the brain that use the neurotransmitter into serotonin.

Magic mushroom can affect the other part of the brain, which is the prefrontal cortex that helps to develop abstract thoughts, and it acts in someone’s mood and perception. Having a sudden personality change is likely to psychic surgery that features in psychedelic medicines.

The mushroom therapy can clear the mind that lasts for up to several hours. Even the other chemical structures are different, the usual feature of the psychedelic drug pays as an activator on serotonin.

Studies show that psychedelic drugs decrease the blood flow to the network of the brain makes it control things such as self-reflective thoughts and even how we move our whole body. So, when the psilocybin makes the brain to slow process the information like its usual way, this can describe the patient to express their past experiences with the help of psychedelic drugs and how it helps to alter the ideas and thoughts.

Other Ways to Treat PTSD

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

It is a type of psychotherapy that is considered to be the most efficient treatment for PTSD either in the short and long term. CBT focuses on recognizing and tolerating the changing thinking and temperament formation. This treatment is an active treatment wherein the patient takes part in and outside weekly appointments. Patients can also learn different things to cope with their PTSD symptoms. The ability learned with the therapy sessions is used repeatedly to help and support the improvement of the symptoms.

Present Centered Therapy (PCT)

It is a treatment that is a non-trauma focused that tackles current issues rather than straight processes with the traumatic event. This treatment offers psycho-education about how trauma affects one’s life. It also focuses on teaching solving the problem to deal with current life problems.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

It’s a psychotherapy that focuses on processing distress-trauma-related memories. This therapy can ask the patient to pay attention to a sound and movement while thinking back to all the bad and traumatic memories.


Magic mushroom therapy for PTSD gives you a good feeling of relaxation, similar to what you experience after consuming a smaller dose of marijuana. The neurotic network can reconnect in the narrative process, either it revisits a situation that happens from past, hallucinations, and having a spiritual state as they unite with the universe. Clinical trials show that psychedelics are effective to use as compared to psychotherapy alone.