Mushrooms for Depression: Treating With Magic

Depression is a serious and sensitive topic, commonly reserved for private talks or not mentioned at all. For the past few years, depression is seen generally by everyone as a melancholic and sad feeling that can get easily overcome through time. However, depression is more than just a sad feeling. It’s a serious and now common medical illness which a lot of people suffer.

Fortunately, depression is treatable. With therapies and other means, depression can be beaten. With the modern-day treatment, people have been eyeing mushrooms for depression, just like marijuana. Statistics continue to present data regarding the increasing number of cases of depression and suicide. The current and used therapies may not work as effectively as they are deemed. An urgent answer is needed to stop the dilemma.

It wasn’t until experiments and trials are made did scientists learn what magic mushroom can do. A trial conducted in 2006, considered the first modern study of treatment-resistant depression using psilocybin, led to scientific reports proving that magic mushroom can treat depression after a couple of treatments. Does this mean the start of fully realizing the use of magic mushrooms? Learn more about how magic mushroom works for depression.

Where is the Magic in Mushroom From?

Magic mushroom is a kind of natural psychedelic drug or commonly called hallucinogens which triggers a change in the person’s mood, perception, and even cognitive processes. It affects all of the person’s mind, emotion, and sense, causing them to hallucinate and see or hear something that doesn’t exist.

There are different kinds of psychedelic drugs, some are natural like the magic mushrooms can grow anywhere, while there are others that are the product of science and experiments. Now, the magic mushroom has psilocybin, which is present in more than seventy-five kinds of mushrooms.

Once the psilocybin is ingested, it turns into psilocin, the psychoactive agent of magic mushrooms. The use of magic mushroom is illegal in most countries, however, in the U.S., the FDA authorized the usage of psilocybin in a drug experiment for treatment-resistant depression.

Mushrooms for Depression – How It Works

Dr. Kenneth Duckworth, a professor at Harvard University and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) medical director, revealed that researchers don’t fully grasp the answer to why drugs like the psilocybin work well in treating depression. However, their observation leads to the common conclusion that it works well. He stressed out the need to find a better and effective solution to the growing suicide rate.

However, he believes that the subjects for the test which involves psychedelic drugs should be screened carefully for any high risk of psychotic episodes. Aside from that, researchers need to find more ways to treat depression and welcome the idea of considering nontraditional treatment.

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, the head of the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London, thinks that one reason for the effectivity of such drugs is because it helps people see their lives. He believes that what the people see when using drugs is truer than what the therapist is trying to tell them.

In a study conducted at Imperial College London, patients with treatment-resistant depression were reported to have improvements after weeks of taking psilocybin. The brain scans for the nineteen patients revealed a reduced blood flow on the brain section commonly connected with the emotional process, including fear and stress. Thus, there’s stability in the section of the brain where depression is linked.

Advantages of Mushrooms for Depression

More Effective than Traditional Treatments

Psilocybin is approved in science researches for patients with treatment-resistant depression and the results are looking well. The traditional and tested therapies including medications, talk therapies, and lifestyle changes proved no effect on treatment-resistant depression patients. Thus, there is hope for those who don’t respond well to the traditional way.

Results that Last

Even with two doses of psilocybin, the relief on the patients lasted up to five weeks. Other studies reveal how a single dose of psilocybin lifts the anxiety and depression of cancer patients. Compared to medications such as antidepressants that need to be taken every day or every week, the results are almost the same. Thus, psilocybin shows a brighter future as an alternative medication.

Aside from lasting for a long time, David Nutt, a professor from Imperial College of London, states that studies show how fast psilocybin acts when done carefully and correctly. They are considered safe as well. Improvements are noted after a week. Compared again to antidepressants and therapy, these traditional methods work after a few weeks or so. This is the worst-case especially when the symptoms are severe. Immediate treatment is needed especially for self-harming and suicidal patients.

Patients Connect with their Emotions

Researchers believe that magic mushrooms for depression strive in helping patients connect with their emotions. Thus, making peace with them. Antidepressant, on the other hand, relieves depression by suppressing or dulling the emotions, both positive and negative. So, in the end, the patient won’t feel anything, but numbness.

Side Effects

Antidepressants are noted to have several side effects, especially in the long run. However, the magic mushroom lacks most of the side effects of these antidepressant medications. These side effects usually include an increase in weight and appetite, fatigue and drowsiness, insomnia, diarrhea, and blurred vision.

Disadvantages of Mushroom for Depression

On the opposite view of the coin, there are additionally various limitations on the use of magic mushrooms for depression. Here are the following grounds why you should take time to evaluate it better before using magic mushroom.

Options are Limited

Most of the patients who get to be treated using magic mushrooms for depression are those who are part of the study or experiment. Since magic mushrooms are illegal in most states and countries, getting the correct and proper treatment is difficult to achieve. Although you can take magic mushrooms, it is different in the way the researchers take the dosage and structure of the drug for treatment.

Bad Trip or Experiences

Self-medication is not likewise good. It can do more harm than good. There is a great risk involves and when done incorrectly, it may be harder for the patient to cope up. Paranoia, confusion, and scary hallucinations might haunt those who try magic mushrooms as a form of self-medication. A professional is needed to guide the patient through the difficult times.

It’s Illegal

Using magic mushrooms is considered illegal. Thus, you are technically breaking the law and committing a dangerous and heavy crime. Knowing this and still taking the magic mushroom might cause intense paranoia and other unpleasant emotions.


There is no telling when magic mushrooms for depression will be available for everyone who is suffering from the illness. Most hope that someday soon, magic mushroom gets to be considered as a legal therapy for such serious illness.

Though there is no assurance, researchers continue to study and find a better way to treat depression. It may be limited now, but it could be available in the future. Once studies reveal more, a whole new hope is found. In the meantime, there is yet hope for depression, as well as those treatment-resistant depression patients. Therapists continue to help and find ways on helping people relieve the agony they feel. When going through depression, it is important to ask for help from the experts. This way, you will be able to know and follow the right part toward a helpful treatment. Let’s hope that the future of mushroom for depression is not that far.