Psilocybe Cubensis and Golden Teacher’s

Psilocybe Cubensis: The Mushroom Behind the Magic

Perhaps one easy, down-to-earth observation serves as the strongest testament to the power and sacredness of psychedelics-that they grow naturally, like a gift, from our very own earth. No other naturally happening psychedelic illustrates this much better than the psilocybin mushroom. It is important to clarify that “psilocybin mushrooms,” or “magic mushrooms,” may refer to any variety of mushrooms that consist of psychedelic substances like psilocybin or psilocin.

Though there are various kinds of psilocybin mushroom, the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom species is probably the most popular, particularly for growing. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that we are seeing great strides in the usage of psilocybin in therapy.

Why cubensis?

Psilocybe cubensis grows naturally in some locations of the U.S., throughout Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. They are so popular for home growing because they are reasonably forgiving- even within the cubensis species, some particular strains have actually made credibilities as being especially simple to grow.

While some mushroom strains can’t thrive in house grown settings without painstaking measure to accurately recreate their natural conditions, cubensis can grow well even in suboptimal conditions that are so typical with amateur growing setups. They are likewise robust against altering conditions, while more delicate strains may be harmed by a slight change in the environment.

The B+ and Amazonian cubensis strains are favorite picks for novices. Probably the easiest and most popular psilocybin cubensis strain, however, is the Golden Teacher strain.

Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher’s are also commonly known as Golden Emperor’s. Golden Teacher mushrooms have a unique look, with long, winding stems and large caps. They are a favorite amongst growers for being reasonably easy to preserve and cultivate.


psilocybe cubensis golden teachers
Dried Golden Teacher for sale.


The Golden Teacher have moderate potency and a variety of effects. These consist of visual distortions, improved colors, lightness or giddiness, and effective feelings. Individuals also report sensation blissful, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive when taking Golden Teacher mushrooms.

Golden Teacher trips can frequently be revelatory, or a minimum of informative. As suggested by their name, these mushrooms impart powerful lessons that remain even after the experience.

A Golden Teacher dosage, like a lot of other psilocybin mushrooms, would begin at around two grams dried. A higher dose would begin with three or more grams, and going beyond 5 grams ought to be plenty to experience the Golden Teacher in complete force.

How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis

Whether the Golden Teacher, Amazonian, B+, or another strain, the cubensis mushroom is among the easiest types to cultivate. With proper preparation and research, you ought to be able to grow your own within two months.

To grow psilocybin cubensis, you can either gather your materials from scratch or use a mushroom growing set. In the purest sense, to grow mushrooms, you require a mycelium substrate and a hospitable environment for the mycelium to grow. The cubensis mycelium is simply the underlying fungus that turns into your edible cubensis mushrooms.

Due to the fact that growing sets consist of the mycelium and a grow box, it makes the growing procedure straightforward-they and extremely easy already consist of almost whatever you require, and you can grow without spores. When utilizing growing packages there is a possible threat of contamination, absence of consistency, and even phony products.

An alternative is to grow your mushrooms from scratch using what is called the PF Tek technique. It requires some more preparation to assemble the materials but is still an easy, reliable method to grow cubensis mushrooms from house.

Utilizing the PF Tek method, you would cultivate your mycelium by injecting cubensis spores into containers including a substrate. The substrate serves as fertile ground for the spores to establish and includes wild rice flour and vermiculite.

After about a month, the spores will turn into mycelium and colonize the substrate. These substrate “cakes” can then be moved into grow chambers, where they will further develop and eventually fruit. After sprouting, the mushrooms are generally ready to collect in about a week or 2.

It is best to utilize a dehydrator to dry cubensis mushrooms, but a more economical alternative is to use a dessicant, like silica gel.


This year, Denver transferred to legalize psilocybin and Oakland went a step further by decriminalizing all plant medications. It’s a winner that interest in cultivation is most likely to broaden. Utilizing either a growing set or an approach like PF Tek, you can dependably cultivate a mushroom like psilocybe cubensis in less than 2 months, with materials that are easily available online or in shops.

Compared to the resources needed to manufacture psychedelic compounds like LSD or MDMA and DMT, the process of growing psilocybin mushrooms is not just simple, but will free your dependence on an outside source for psychedelics, and deepen your experience when consuming them.