Shroom Hangover: Information and Cure

Shrooms or magic mushrooms are also called as the psilocybin mushrooms. This is among the known psychedelics today. This fungi type contains psilocybin that is a psychedelic compound functioning in the prefrontal part of the brain. It further activates the receptors of the serotonin. This thereby affects cognition, perception, and mood. When it is consumed, the psychedelic shroom or psilocybin shroom can cause hallucinations. It also can elevate the mood of a user. That’s when shroom hangover information and cure is necessary in this case.

If you have a medical condition, taking psilocybin at the right dosage is a must. And there is no worry about its devastating effect. This is safe, but this may still bring about a hangover. This should never be taken in a huge amount. Or else, this might result in unpleasant symptoms. It is best to know how to get out of a shroom hangover.

Shroom Hangover Causes

What causes a shroom hangover? When the psilocybin is consumed and is already inside the body, an amount of serotonin is activated in it. It also then is increased. The serotonin neurotransmitter is activated in the pre-frontal part of the brain. This part is responsible for controlling body activities. These can include mood regulation, pain, sleep, and appetite. As the serotonin is increased, it copies the effects enabling an individual to feel boosted in his or her mood. Also, one feels euphoric.

Some people would ingest psilocybin mushroom at a larger amount. Some also would take it more than what their body could handle. A huge amount of psilocybin entering the body further increases the serotonin level. The person will also feel negative emotions resulting in a bad trip.

A bad trip may not cause any mental and physical damage. It can still bring about negative effects. These can include an unpleasant or negative feeling created, such as frightening hallucinations and paranoia. The bad feeling or hallucinations could last for hours. That’s when you will mentally be. This is now what is called the shroom hangover. This is likewise different from the alcohol hangover.

Shroom Hangover Effects

Shroom users will often feel the hallucinations and mood-elevating effects of psilocybin. Indeed, psychological addiction is in any way possible. Taking a huge amount of mushrooms causes an overdose. This could lead to an unpleasant symptom.

Shroom overdose is not likely to be lethal. It might not also bring about permanent physical damage. The lethal amount of the compound in the psychedelic shrooms is excessive. This is true when compared to the amount a user will take for a recreational drug. The main danger of shroom overdose is none other than the psychological effect. This is true to say to an experience it brings to a user. A shroom hangover could ordinarily cause:

  • Paranoia
  • Intense discomfort
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Invincibility

If you use hallucinogenic mushroom, it could pose danger to you and to others, too. Taking psilocybin shrooms is not legal in the United States. Shrooms containing psilocybin may be legally possessed in the states. This makes drug law enforcement against shrooms difficult.

Things to Expect from Shroom Hangover or Overdose

Shrooms users report a lot of symptoms. The most common and negative symptom is the “bad trip”. A mushroom user will feel extremely paranoid or anxious. One will also become withdrawn or violent. The feeling of wearing off brought by the mushroom effects is experienced.

Taking a huge number of shrooms results in intense and extreme visual distortion. This can seem not a pleasant experience. This is also accompanied by nausea waves. Other users will likely vomit after taking shrooms or overdosing at them.

After a shroom hangover or overdose, you will report symptoms the same as the hangover. This follows the excessive use of alcohol. This shroom hangover may become severe. It may also result in intense nausea and headache. It may bring about unpleasant and non-fatal symptoms.

The majority of shroom users who get overdosed also are inexperienced with mushrooms. They might also be not aware of the potency that each type or batch of shrooms can bring. There are shrooms available that contain the psilocybin. An experienced user might also become overdosed after using a new shroom type.

Some shrooms also contain additives making them dangerous. Shroom users also mistake the poisonous mushrooms as the psilocybin shrooms. This now results in muscle cramps, serious nausea, and dangerous symptoms. When you experience any of these symptoms, you must call for a poison control center as much as possible

Shroom Hangover Information and Cure

Shroom hangover can last for hours or so. Others would allow it to run without seeking medical treatment. It may drain you physically or mentally. It is still good that it does not report any deadly or lethal effects of a hangover. The experience is described to be lasting for hours. Their head would feel like being smacked. This is when a bad headache is felt. They also feel disoriented.

Below are the valuable tips on how to get out of the shroom hangover.

  • Never take psilocybin mushroom in a day. Allow it to get out of your system first. Do not take any sort of psychedelic in a day. It can further expand your creativity or mind. It must never be taken daily. Be mindful of the amount you will take and the frequency, too. Be sober, and then re-acquaint yourself to yourself.
  • Feed yourself. You must have the food to feed your body. Eat more. Your body will then need food so as to recover.
  • Drink an Orange Juice. Orange juice helps you to fully recover from dehydration. Water will be enough. Nevertheless, Vitamin C in the orange juice helps calibrate the brain. It also increases the activity level of your mind’s visual receptors. Thus, you can see more clearly.
  • Get comfortable and relax. After you eat up the food and rehydrate your body with orange juice, it is finally about time to get relaxed. Relax your mind and your body.
  • Sleep. This will allow you to relax physically and mentally.
  • Replenish your Serotonin Levels. This will help in stabilizing your mood. Eat food enriched with tryptophan. This is an amino acid serving its many different purposes, such as the nitrogen balance. This creates the niacin that also creates the neurotransmitter as the serotonin.


Shroom falls under the category of psychedelics. It is gaining much more acceptance than ever in the medical or recreational world. It must be taken responsibly at the right dosage. Taking higher than the allowed or prescribed amount of dosage is not good for your body. Never allow yourself to experience a shroom hangover. Keep this shroom hangover information and cure in mind!