Shroomery Magic Mushrooms from Top Contributor

shroomeryEver wanted magic mushrooms grown from one of the top Shroomery contributor’s? Ever wonder how good these psychedelic shrooms are from a team with over 12 years of cultivating experience? Well now you can. A team of us got together and formed Shrooms Direct.

Why Start Shrooms Direct Now?

Quite simply, it is evident that times are changing. The therapeutic benefits are painfully obvious, the medical evidence is growing each day to support this.

We have also been around for a decade and have seen first hand the positive change shrooms have been for:

We know a lot of people follow shroomery and don’t have the knowledge, space, expertise, time or really whatever reason to produce high quality magic mushrooms and magic mushroom edibles quite like we can. We know this powerful medicine should be available to everyone.

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Wide Variety of Products Offered

Shrooms Direct we offer a wide variety of products, and our selection is growing. See our categories in:

All of our products are lab tested, and can be shipped discreetly world wide. Take control over your own health.

We offer multiple payment options, and guarantee the arrival of your order.