Shrooms Visuals: What Are They Like?

Tripping on magic mushrooms will often tend to let you experience a variety of shrooms visuals. Those visual effects from indescribable shapes and colors to psychedelic patterns and forms that look like the real thing. Outlined below are the common visual effects that you will encounter once you use magic mushrooms.

The Different Shrooms Visuals That You May Experience When You Consume Magic Mushrooms

Color Enhancement

It means the colors will look brighter and more vivid than they are during your trip. Red can be redder, or green can be greener. The colors tend to be more distinct and intense in your eyes than they are in reality. Some consumers also reported they saw “new” colors during their trip that seem not to have real counterparts.

Improved Pattern Recognition

It’s another of the hallucinogenic visual effects that you can compare to a pareidolia phenomenon. Every human has the natural capability to recognize and identify significant patterns like faces. When it comes to pareidolia, a person sees things even if it’s not really there.

When you consume a psychedelic substance like magic mushrooms, the natural capability to identify patterns could be significantly improved. During this trip, you may see faces in every leaf on the tree.

External Hallucinations

Scientists said hallucinations come in 2 forms: internal and external hallucinations. The latter is also known as visual transformations. They can happen due to ordinary things around you like people, animals, objects, places, and so on. Those things and people around you can completely transform into something else. In many cases, the details you see appear to be more enhanced.

Internal Hallucinations

These are different from external hallucinations. These are things that happen within your imagination without a direct link to the actual world. Many internal hallucinations begin as a tiny image in your front that is not filling out your field of vision. Once it occurs, you can separate the background from the hallucination.

The images could have various qualities, ranging from something cartoon-like to something extremely realistic. Higher-level internal hallucinations aren’t simply small images as they can be landscapes or full-fledged scenes.

A good example will be dreams. While you’re under the influence of magic mushrooms, you may feel like you’re in another world. The full-blown hallucination may seem to let you think you’re dealing with different entities. When you close your eyes, the scenario tends to be more intense and more lifelike.

Trailing or Tracers

These are those moving entities or things like cars, people, animals, or anything else that can leave you with visual “trails”. It is the same as the effect that you will also see in computer games or movies.

Traces also be of the same color as the moving entity or object. Sometimes, it is not the case. Tracers triggered by a moving object can be half-transparent, solid, or completely translucent. The duration and intensity may differ as well. Some tracers are extremely short and will instantly disappear. Others last longer. Tracers are sometimes extremely intense that it could be hard to see except when you don’t move, and your eyes don’t roll.

After Images

These are pretty the same as tracers stated above. Those are visual distortions that persist in appearing within your vision even when the actual image disappeared. You may compare it to the after image or glow that you will see after staring into the bright light. The only difference is that after images do not look smooth and blurry behind the
moving objects.


It is a visual effect classified as a sight enhancement. It can make anything look larger and closer than it is. During your trip, you will likely see distant objects, humans, or animals with greater detail. However, magnification is quite uncommon. Although, when it occurs, it usually lasts for a short time.

Clearer Vision

Also categorized as a visual enhancement, clearer vision during the trip means you can clearly see visual details. Even the smallest detail can look defined and focused. The details and edges of objects and humans can be sharper and more pronounced.

Visual enhancement can also be more elaborated. It happens once your vision enhances that it also involves your peripheral vision. In a normal state, a person’s vision is limited.

Shifting Colors

This particular visual effect is usually experienced with extremely bright and colorful objects. The colors of an object will begin to “change” in which the color appears to cycle and transform in the wave and fluid-like manner.

Any green thing like a tree or leaf may begin to change colors and cycle the shades repeatedly. Perhaps, they may turn into blue or red and back to green again. The effect may also differ in terms of speed and intensity as some objects may slowly change their colors while others do it faster.

Visual Changing and Drifting

This phenomenon takes place when an object you’re staring at starts to distort as if they are visually drifting and warping. The drifting may be more intense once you look at things. However, you can usually reset the changing shapes by staring at a distance and staring at them for the second time.

Drifting can also be less or more obvious with various intensity. The mildest type can be something such as a straight-lining of anything that slightly wiggles within your exterior vision. The succeeding intensity step-up occurs when you directly observe portions of an item wiggling and drifting.

While the effect is becoming more pronounced, an object may begin to entirely change into anything else. Thus, you cannot recognize the actual object anymore. If the drifting effect reaches the peak, anything that you can see will begin to drift and transform. Hence, you will feel like everything around you is changing and becoming distorted.


When you consume magic mushrooms, expect that you will experience something strange but interesting, mainly in the way you see things. These shrooms visuals explained above best explain why magic mushrooms have become extremely popular. You will understand them only when you experience them yourself.