Sporeworks Is a Pain


Why Grow Magic Mushrooms, When You Can Just Order?

Sporeworks only sells syringes to grow. This can be costly, time consuming and just down right frustrating.

Shrooms Direct makes it easy! Simply just choose from a ton of high quality magic mushroom products that can all be delivered discreetly to your door World Wide!

Tons of magic mushroom products such as:

  • Dried Magic Mushrooms
  • Magic Mushroom Chocolates
  • Magic Mushroom Gummies

Sporeworks Limited Payment Options vs Shrooms Direct



Sporeworks Reviews Are Average

Some of their discount syringes have not received the best reviews on Trust Pilot. It seems overall though Spore Works does have decent reviews. However, you really need to know what you are doing in order to get consistent results growing mushrooms. It also takes a lot of time, effort and of course sterility!

Looking for the best magic mushrooms online, just head to our shop. Highly potent varieties like blue meanies, penis envy, rustywhte. If you are looking for something for the beginner, you can always try the golden teacher’s. Perhaps looking to microdose, or an edible to get rid of the taste like a magic mushroom chocolate or magic mushroom gummies. Whatever it is, Shrooms Direct has you covered. Trip safe!