What Do You Need to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Is it Illegal to Grow Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

Growing your own psychedelic mushrooms can be very fun and rewarding. It offers multitudes of benefits that you will surely appreciate as a magic mushroom or psychedelic mushroom enthusiasts. One of the best things about growing your own psychedelic mushrooms is that it eliminates the risk of eating poisonous mushrooms. The truth is, psychedelic mushrooms […]

Magic Mushroom’s Growing Cycle Explained

Magic Mushroom’s Growing Cycle Explained

Out of the thousands of mushroom species in the world, perhaps the most controversial are magic mushrooms. They arouse the curiosity or ordinary people and medical scientists alike because of their effects and benefits. Among the laymen, its psychedelic properties are worthy of interest, while in the medical field, the potential uses of magic mushrooms […]

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

all about psilocybin and its related components

As people continue to search for more ways to experience fun psychedelic trips, the popularity of magic mushrooms, or simply “shrooms,” is also rapidly increasing. It is no surprise that more and more people are now looking into growing their own magic mushrooms right from the comfort and security of their own homes. The main […]

Fastest Way To Grow Magic Mushrooms

An Introduction to Magic Mushrooms have been credited in the olden times for out-of-body-experiences. Yes, our ancestors have been using these “shrooms” for religious and therapeutic endeavors. Nowadays, many people who have used and experienced the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms testify that the fungi have given them one of the most vivid and significant […]