How Long Does It Take to Grow Magic Mushrooms

It is a known fact that mushrooms are not like other plants, they are not easy to grow or to find. First and foremost, mushrooms are not plants, they are fungi. Mushrooms, like magic mushrooms, would need the right conditions to thrive and grow. This is the reason why mushrooms are hard to find. This […]

Growing Magic Mushroom at Home Guide

When you are planning to grow your very own magic mushroom at home then it is vital that you consider some crucial factors. What you need to have is the right knowledge, skills, and patience. A lot of individuals today grow their own magic mushroom since it is a fun and rewarding hobby. The great […]

Common Problems in Growing Magic Mushrooms

Growing magic mushrooms takes special skills and the eye for some of the most common problems. Here are some of the top growing problems that even experts find difficult to handle. Problems with the spore syringe One of the most common problems encountered during the early stages of growing shrooms is using a spore syringe. […]