Top 10 Safest Recreational Drugs

Before you take any recreational drugs, it is crucial that you have an idea of whether or not it is safe for you. There are different kinds of recreational drugs that you can purchase today. You can find cheap and expensive drugs. You can also find safe and harmful drugs. Different recreational drugs also have different effects. Knowing the effects of the drug before you use or consume it is necessary if you don’t want to experience unpleasant and harmful effects. It is not good that you take in a particular recreational drug without having knowledge as to what it is and what it can do to your body.

This article should provide you with useful information regarding the top 10 safest recreational drugs out there. It is smart that you know what recreational drugs you need to take and what drugs you need to avoid.

Here are the top 10 safest recreational drugs. The data shows the percentage of individuals who were hospitalized due to use of a certain recreational drug. This data is from a research conducted by Global Drug Survey.

  • Methamphetamine – 4.8%  
  • Synthetic Marijuana – 3.2%
  • Ketamine 1.3%
  • Alcohol – 1.3%
  • MDMA – 1.2%
  • Amphetamine – 1.1%
  • Cocaine – 1%
  • LSD – 1%
  • Marijuana – 0.6%
  • Magic Mushrooms – 0.2%

Based on the percentage, magic mushroom is the safest of them all. Global Drug Survey stated that people being rushed to hospitals for medical treatment due to magic mushroom consumption is unheard of. Because of the research conducted by the Global Drug Survey, now we know that magic mushroom is the safest recreational drug available today. However, the group added that although it is the safest recreational drug out there, it is not completely harmless. That is why Adam Winstock, founder of Global Drug Survey, said that proper dosing and usage of magic mushroom is essential. It is not advisable that you mix alcohol and shrooms since this can cause panic or anxiety.

In most cases, females are found to be at greater risk although the numbers were averaged across genders. Global Drug Survey emphasized to make drug use or consumption safer regardless of its legal status. They also want every medical professional, policymaker, and even recreational drug users to be aware of the potential effects of the substances that they are about to use or consume. One cannot afford to use a certain recreational drug without having knowledge about it.

Aside from knowing the effects of the recreational drug, it is also necessary that you have an idea how long will the effects last. Different drugs have different effects and these effects also have different duration. Like for example, the effects of shrooms or magic mushrooms can last 3 to 6 hours, while LSD can affect your system for about 12 hours. Cannabis or marijuana only last a couple of hours just like shrooms.

You need to prepare yourself when taking in recreational drugs. It is essential that you know how the recreational will affect you. If this is your first time taking recreational drugs, then it is necessary that you know the proper dosing. It is also advisable that you only use recreational drugs that are considered safe. Take note that these drugs can give you not only discomfort, but it can also take your life. There are numbers of reports being published every year about an individual who died due to a drug overdose.

You need to have the right information about a particular recreational drug before you start using it.  Even if shrooms are responsible for the lowest percent of emergency room visits, it is critical that you understand how they affect you and that you know how to properly consume them.

It is advisable that you read blogs or articles that talk about different recreational drugs and their different effects. You also might know someone who has experienced different recreational drugs before and so do not hesitate to ask for advice and recommendations from these people. Try to ask them what they felt after taking a specific kind of drug. It is also essential that you ask these people for tips when taking a certain recreational drug. Do not limit your research on the Internet but make sure that you also ask the people around you for advice.

Taking too much of any recreational drug is truly dangerous. It is not good that you just randomly use or consume recreational drugs without having knowledge of its effects on your body. You need to know that there are certain recreational drugs out there that can cause panic, stress, depression, and fear. There are also reports out there about recreational drug users committing suicide after taking a certain drug. That is why you really need to be very careful when using them. If you are planning to use dried shrooms and other forms of magic mushrooms, then be sure that you have a sitter to watch you.