20 of the Best and Top Psychedelic Podcasts in 2021

Psychedelic Podcasts

Top 20 Psychedelic Podcasts

While the US federal government consider psychedelics as unsafe compounds, researchers researched their impacts as well as their findings drop a brand-new light. Professionals have reason to think that some psychedelics reveal possible as a solution to quit medicine and also smoking addiction, psychological health problems, anxiousness, anxiety, as well as other wellness problems. Here is a psychedelic podcast list to expand your horizons on this rapid and emerging industry.

Do you want to listen to people discuss psychedelics, spirituality, shamanism and also even more? Here is a comprehensive list of some psychedelic podcasts.

Psychedelic Podcast List:

Experiences Through the Mind

Experiences Through The Mind is an interview-based podcast held by Canadian writer and also public instructor, James W. Jesso. Although the program subjects vary– from spirituality, psychological health and wellness, and also emotional maturation; to enjoy, partnerships and also sexuality; to history, ideology, as well as neuroscience– there are 2 underlying motifs that converge them all: psychedelics as well as the mind. James W. Jesso is the writer of Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom and also Real Light Of Darkness, both concerning his experiences discovering the capacities of psychedelics. This is one of Shrooms Direct favourites for top psychedelic podcasts.

Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus constantly thought that in order to play a game well, you must understand what the switches do. He sees himself as an entrepreneur, professional athlete, and also awareness explorer that invested his life time pressing all the typical buttons in the game of Life. This podcast is an avenue where he shares the lessons he’s picked up from accomplishment and disaster. He brings in top quality visitors where they review how people can support their bodies, turn resistance to help, harness the possibility of the mind and also feelings, as well as cultivate a fight examined spirituality.

Change Truth

Adjustment reality by Carl Christensen has to do with medicines, dependency & psychological wellness. Its focus gets on psychedelics and other controlled substances. There are discussions on benefits vs. dangers, and every little thing in between.


Entheogen is a podcast held by Brad, Kevin, Joe. In below, they speak about devices to generate the divine within. A newer podcast, but is a great psychedelic podcasts.


EntheoNation is a web program including enthusiasts pioneering the cutting-edge of awakening through psychedelic scientific research, modern-day shamanism, & brand-new standard way of livings. Visionary states have the power to attach us with expertise, imagination, healing, self-mastery, as well as awakening, so that we can experience the love, pleasure, and abundance that is our due. EntheoNation has to do with connecting us with the power of vision, so we can spark the international spiritual awakening needed to recover our world and also take passionate activity. Sign Up With Lorna Liana as she chats with ethnobotanists, contemporary witch doctors, psychedelic scientists, indigenous leaders, visionary musicians, evolutionary business owners, brand-new standard assumed leaders, and also neuroscientists right into visionary experiences as well as aware evolution.

Hacking Consciousness

Hacking Consciousness explores the arising convergence of numerous self-controls, traditions and also societies in their efforts to recognize human consciousness and advertise human thriving. From cutting-edge scientific research and innovations to sophisticated meditators and supporters of psychedelics, they’ll trip with these efforts to map awareness via the prism of science, innovation, reflection as well as psychedelics. This podcast is some much more than just a psychedelic podcast. The wider array of topics from nootropics and functional mushrooms and meditation really add to it’s success.

MAPS Podcast

psyhedelic podcasts

The intent of the podcast is to bring listeners an easily available source for a range of subjects all related to psychedelic study. There is a great deal to learn about new study right into the restorative possibility of psychedelics and cannabis. Over the years, the Multidisciplinary Organization for the Psychedelic Research Studies (MAPS) has amassed an incredible bonanza of audio archives sourced from the fantastic talks, presentations and also panels that have actually occurred at previous Psychedelic Science conferences as well as other special events. By selecting some of that content and after that bringing it to you in a podcast, they intend to develop a central place for the better MAPS area. If you’re a researcher, scientist, physician or simply a curiosity seeker, MAPS hopes that you’ll find this web content a valuable source device. This is hosted by Zach Leary, a blogger/writer, futurist, spiritualist, linked innovation specialist, as well as socio-cultural theorist. MAPS is the real authority on studying all things psychedelic, making it essential for your psychedelic podcast playlist, and one of the best psychedelic podcast to listen to.


Every week, Mike Brancatelli checks out concepts with a psychedelic point of view with a concentrate on cognitive liberty. Mike’s objective is to create a room for inspiring as well as unusual conversations that prompt fascinating as well as special expeditions of reflections and concepts. He thinks that if we want to make the globe a better place, then we have to look internal and also boost ourselves initially while identifying outside challenges also. His show intends to bring those two with each other in an all natural style technique. He claims that the current explosion of the spread of details that the Net has offered us has actually produced even more of a raised awareness in the populace. Mikeadelic has to do with changing the globe and also honoring the rights to route experience, cognitive liberty, and also liberty from all humans. Mikeadelic really taps into the thought of freeing your cognitive mind, making it a great psychedelic podcast to follow.

Mindrolling with Raghu Markus

Experiences in Mind-Expansion as well as Cultural Misadventures. Mindrolling Podcast has to do with coming unstuck as well as the current background of awoken recognition. It has to do with the crossway of culture, awareness and also understanding with Raghu Markus.

Natural Born Sorcerer

This podcast will bring together people and also ideas that have an alchemical structure, as well as together individuals will study the midsts of awareness and hopefully have some stimulating understandings as well as suggestions to share. It will likewise feature interesting talks by philosophers, scientists, travelers as well as scholars of different kinds. New episodes every Sunday all the time.

Psilly Rabbits Podcast

On Psilly Rabbits, they talk about the science, history, myth, as well as ideologies behind modified states, entheogens, as well as the nature of consciousness. Speakers will certainly be analyzing background as well as misconceptions from an interdisciplinary perspective, coupling academia and the occult. Their style includes a mix of discussion, education, and meetings with specialists and innovative minds from all techniques as they use their works to the fields of consciousness research studies and psychedelic study.

Psychedelic Parenting Podcast

At Psychedelic Parenting, they speak about just how experiences with modified states of consciousness influence family lives. They are dedicated to the development of brand-new household practices and establishing rights of flow grounded in the unity consciousness touched by psychedelic medications.

Psychedelic Hair Salon

Considering that 2005, Lorenzo Hagerty has been podcasting interviews and talks worrying the use as well as benefits of psychoactive plants and also chemicals, both in their natural setups as well as in medical research study organizations. Past speakers consist of Sasha Shulgin, Annie Oak, Rick Doblin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Shonagh Home, Bruce Damer, Aldous Huxley as well as others. And there have mored than 200 programs featuring talks by Terence McKenna. Meetings with numerous of the currently long gone seniors, such as Gary Fisher, Myron Stolaroff, as well as Al Hubbard have actually likewise been included.

Psychedelics Today

Psychedelics Today is a show talking about the crucial academic and other research in the field of Psychedelics. They will speak about how psychedelics relate to human capacity as well as healing

Psychedelic Times

Psychedelic Time’s goal is to share the most recent information, research study, and also happenings around the study of psychedelics as devices of recovery, recuperation, and treatment. They are passionate regarding the incredible capacity that psychedelic compounds such as cannabis, ayahuasca, MDMA, LSD, iboga, psilocybin, and DMT existing to humanity, and also are excited to share that passion with you. Psychedelic Times is something all psychonaut’s should put on their psychedelic podcasts list.

Shamanic Flexibility Radio

Shamanic Freedom Radio is presented by Opaquelens, a strange oddball, who is anarchic in his podcast discussion design( s), whilst being proactive and spontaneous when it concerns concepts for every episode. The only thing constant about this podcast is that it’s intended in the direction of those who have experienced a primitive shamanic calling of their own, in contrast to those who study shamanism academically or anthropologically. Previous visitors consist of Rupert Sheldrake, Neil Kramer, Graham Hancock, Bruce Damer as well as David Icke.

The Entheogenic Development

The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast is hosted by writer Martin W. Round, Ph.D. This podcast is dedicated to the discussion of the nondual and unitary nature of beings as exposed by mindful entheogenic energised awakening. Featuring songs and also art by Martin and the periodic interview with leading figures in psychedelic research and also society.

The Psychonauts

South African scientific research writer Leonie Joubert journeys right into the weird brand-new world of psychedelic psychiatry, ahead of hallucinogenic mushrooms going on trial in South Africa in 2018.

The Third Wave

The Third Wave podcast takes a fresh look at the globe of psychedelics, listening to the stories of people both in the psychedelic fringe and in mainstream culture. Their aim is to share how psychedelics are changing the lives of individuals almost everywhere, both within and also beyond the psychedelic area. By exposing as well as unraveling the vast series of individual psychedelic experiences, they intend to alter the cultural preconception surrounding psychedelic use. The conversations will certainly focus on making use of psychedelics within 2 primary frameworks: as tools for creative thinking and also as medication for mental health and wellness problems. The Third Wave is one of the best resources out there. Which makes this one of the best psychedelic podcast.

The Tink Club

The Tink Club podcast is where individuals talk about the Psychedelic Renaissance with those crucial to the movement.

Psychedelic Podcast: Final Thoughts

In 2021, there is an amazing assortment of great psychedelic podcasts to help you learn, expand your mind, neuro hack, and just grow. These podcasters are all authorities, and really trying to figure out which one is the best psychedelic podcast is a real tough task. Nonetheless, there is lots of help you get through your morning commute, or add to your daily podcast list. Why not add some psychedelic podcasts.