Trippy Movies on Netflix Perfect for Your Tripping Session

So, you have already reached outlying trippy multiple universes in your mind? That feeling can be ecstatic and then you want to maximize that experience by sitting back, relishing the high, and be blasted with astonishment. Well, watching movies can be perfect and surely you will enjoy the trippy movies on Netflix.

Extraordinary, weird, cryptic, visually dazzling, and fun – these are all essential features of the interesting movies you will want to view in Netflix.

Best Trippy Movies on Netflix

No exact interpretation is available to determine what comprises a trippy film. It is somehow a personal classification, one that each film enthusiast should make for himself. Nevertheless, some typical traits make us describe the movie “trippy”. A movie must make this kooky setting, an extraordinary and cryptic veiling that envelops the storyline itself.

Here is a list of the highly recommended trippy movies on Netflix:

1. Mr. Nobody

Taking place in the imminent years, 2092, the movie discusses a plot of the title role. Mr. Nobody, known as Nemo during his childhood, is the first human being on earth. The movie shapes a story when Mr. Nobody opts not to resolve in living with his mother or his father, which directs to numerous fill-in futures and probabilities.

The movie will make you doubt your free will and destiny, meanwhile allowing you to relish some captivating endeavors of the anticipated future and the toasting tales about humanity and love.

2. Donnie Darko

Expert mindblower Richard Kelly breaks out into the setting with this time-traveling analogy for aging misinterpreted back in 2001. Up to this very day, it stays a cult classic for the blunt indignity of the suburb in the late 1980s and for having the next-best Jake Gyllenhaal performance, something that Donnie Darko has always felt larger than its environments.

3. Samsara

Wait, you may be wondering why such a documentary like this is included in the highly recommended trippy movies, however, do not get confused. This incredible visual amusement of a movie will make you engaged until the last part, better than many other movies disregarding the genre.

Ron Fricke, the director of this movie, filmed it for 5 years in more than 20 locations worldwide. It was shot in 70 mm. It employs a fast forward and slow-motion techniques to make us completely comprehend the charms of the universe. No story involved, simply ‘life’ itself and the art of music. Fricke demonstrates us disparity in a manner of life throughout the earth, with portrayals of artists, tribes, animal farms, contemporary cities, and nature.

4. Antichrist

Lars von Trier immerses in many various topics in the movie Antichrist. He influences us to deal with agony, displeasure, absurdity, and love. The onset of the film is perfection by itself, exhibiting a couple making love in a slow-motion as their baby beats the barriers fronting it to reach the apartment’s window and leap out to the final dissolution.

Coming up against this dreadful disaster, the couple agrees to stay in a house in the woods to attempt to collect themselves and bring back the affection they once shared. But spending their time into the woods, a lot of extraordinary things happen which put this movie in this list.

5. Eyes Wide Shut

Nicole Kidman, sex, and binges – what more can you like from a film? Eyes Wide Shut is a classic flick. Its director, Stanley Kubrick, directs us into the wistful and somehow disquieting world of sexual delusions as well the human psyche.

Through the film, we track a couple while they uncover hidden portions of their sexuality which directs the husband, portrayed by Tom Cruise, to explore and seek some sensual experience outside his matrimony. He conclusively sees himself in a specific orgy party with other disguised men and women. From there on, things begin going dipping as he starts to doubt the morality of his doings, pursued by some very extraordinary happenings and events.

6. Fantasia

Yes, it is a Disney film. It was developed before WW2 was even concluded. Everyone who happens to see this movie knows that it is a trippy movie, specifically if you see it as a mature person. If you are a child, you may have a rowdy imagination, hence, you do not give attention to this.

For instance, Dumbo can also make a potential addition to this listing, however, Fantasia is one of a kind since it is the very first animated or cartoon movie ever that is incorporated with a piece of classical music. That is the significant thing here considering that it has no dialog and no plot, simply a sequence of narratives. Some are quite dreamlike, added by the outputs of classic composers from the West executed by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

7. The Machinist

Witnessing Christian Bale being a freakish skeleton is already trippy enough, however, this movie also provides you a vision into the issues that can happen with lots of sleepless nights. The main actor, a machinist in a particular factory, endures from unbearable insomnia which triggers him to desperately lose weight and gradually escape from reality.

The movie is about a paranoid and schizophrenic man attempting to learn who is going after him and why.

8. Filth

Irvine Welsh, also the writer of the film ‘Trainspotting’, creates another story that makes motivation for a film. However, it is more vulgar this time. It may be difficult to picture out, however, the group from Trainspotting happens to be pretty gentle when contrasted to the leading role, Bruce, who is portrayed by James McAvoy.

Dirty and fraudulent, Bruce is a policeman from Scotland. However, he has something hidden. It is difficult to determine whether this secret directed to his alcohol and drug exploitation or if it is the contrary. Nevertheless, Bruce is getting a hard time keeping up with what is real. Also, his hallucinations provide us a little of an intuition of how filthy he is handling.

9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This movie delivers us into the undetermined and undiscovered extents of human memory and mind while demonstrating to us what a love story is. According to the incredible script of the proficient Charlie Kaufman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ponders around a couple with various, opposing characteristics and their journey to the ultimate acknowledgment of the substance of their relationship.

The story is likely plain and simple – people have an opportunity to delete some memories and, thereupon, some individuals from their lives. This film demonstrates to us that something as complex as a fanciful relationship may not be lowered to a plain process of disposal. In the end, the uncertainty stays – can true and deep love conquers science?

10. Primer

If there can be a characterization of what a trippy movie is, an illustration of Primer should be visible there.

The movie shares a plot involving 4 engineers who, unintentionally, find a machine that allows time travel. Then the actual fun starts. Sequences of mind-blowing, unanticipated events happen and our main characters slowly start to acknowledge just how risky it is to time-travel.

Let us just assume that one output of their adventures in the making of their counterparts. That is just an instance of the numerous adverse effects they faced, and the rest will be for you to learn. Do not be discouraged if you do not achieve everything on your first viewing since a lot of people had to watch it again to completely comprehend it.

11. Shutter Island

US Marshall Teddy, together with his partner, Chuck, go to an isolated island to interrogate about the disappearance of a missing patient, Rachel. While the investigation gets more intense, Teddy and Chuck learn the dark secrets of Shutter Island. This movie will mess your mind.

12. Enter the Void

Gaspar Noe led us to ponder about life and death in this psychoactive movie motivated by the story ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’. The film was shot in Tokyo city, where bright cities and dazzling lights suggest a continuous celebration for the eyes. Also, they introduce a steady strain on the brain while we track the soul of Oscar while he strays in Tokyo.

Plenty of drug journeys, sex, taboo scenes, flashbacks, and night clubs provide us an awareness into the mentality of a lost but young drug dealer. Hence, when talking about the best trippy movies on Netflix, ‘Enter the Void’ should never be forgotten.


Watching the best trippy movies on Netflix grants us a unique experience. It can alter your understanding of the actuality the movie is showing to you. The fun, dazzling colors, intensive editing, and incredible sound design can enhance your tripping session. Some movies with a mind-boggling notion may even trigger a spiritual incitement.

The movies on Netflix featured above will surely help you achieve the best trip. There are more movies available that can also help you with your tripping session. Get some time to find the best recommendations and see for yourself.