Vaporizing Shrooms: How is it Done?

In recent years, Magic mushrooms took the world by storm for its health benefits and psychoactive effects just like what Marijuana did to our world. As more and more people are finding ways on how to consume Magic mushrooms people can’t help but think that Shrooms can be vaporized just like Marijuana too. Is vaporizing mushrooms a good idea or not? We’ll soon find out.

Vaporizing is done when you turn liquid into vapor. This vapor is often inhaled and goes through our lungs to be absorbed faster rather than eating them through edibles. More people don’t have patience when consuming magic mushrooms as it takes more time to feel its effects. Although vaporizing isn’t quite studied compared to vaporizing marijuana, we’ll know more about the following details below.

Before we start, we should emphasize more on what is Vaporize and what vaporizing does to the Magic mushrooms.

Useful Ways on Vaporizing Mushrooms

Vaporizing mushrooms come in many ways. Little did you know, it’s just right at the corner of your house, and then you can successfully perform it already. Here are some of the ways to vaporizing mushrooms:

Use of Vaporizer

Vaporizers are known to many as a vape. This device is used to vaporize elements for inhalation. You can also vaporize mushrooms using a vaporizer, but you must be knowledgeable enough to know the perfect temperature for it. Once you have achieved it, the vaporizer will allow you to inhale the vapor through its tube. You are not getting a high dose if you have the mushrooms vaporized in a vaporizer.

Through Tea Consumption

Tea is usually consumed at a hot temperature. If you are going to put mushroom substances in it, then you are making a way to vaporize it. Once you consumed it, the mushroom substances can become a part of the ingredients as well. You may also want to have your tea cold, but the vaporizing would be less effective.

Through Coffee

Of course, coffee is usually consumed hot. When you put mushrooms substances on it, you are also vaporizing it in a way. Once you smell the scent of the coffee, with mushroom substances, vaporization then takes place.


Smoking is another alternative to smoking. It’s just that smoking is more harmful than vaping. You can just smoke the mushroom substances and thereby vaporizing it, and even the people around you who can inhale it.

Vaporizing Mushrooms: Step-by-Step Guide

Generally, these steps are in “theory” the general steps on vaporizing mushrooms. Although there isn’t a known idea on how to vaporize Shrooms, this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Step 1: Heat Your Vaporizer

I highly recommend that you have a digital vaporizer to monitor the temperature because Psilocybin is quite meticulous to burn through. If you were using a vaporizer without an accurate temp control you were probably destroying the Psilocybe. As for the temperature part, it would be wise to not go over 150°F, or else you won’t feel the effects of the psilocybin kicking in.

Psilocybin and psilocin are delicate to oxidation, meaning they tend to degrade in high- temperature long stretches. This means that you will only need to expose the Shrooms at a very-delicate heat.

Step 2: Grind Your Shrooms

Ensure that all your mushrooms are dried and grounded to bits before placing them in your vaporizer. Plus, most vaporizers work well with finely-grounded bits rather than clumpy ones. So, might as well take extra seconds to secure that they are finely grounded.

Step 3: Now Load Your Vaporizers with Your Shrooms

Be sure that your mushrooms are safe for human consumption. In this step, we used the Da Buddha's wand to huff and suck up the ground Shrooms against the screen inside. Now it’s full.

Step 4: Insert the Wand Onto the Vaporizer’s Heating Element and Be Sure that it’s In.

for me, the lower the temperature is the ideal for Shrooms to be vaped and enjoy the psilocybin. Now, use steady breaths to slowly inhale the vapor drawn inside your mouth and onto your lungs. When doing the inhalation process, be attentive and remain the focus at all times, you don’t want to overdose yourself or else you are in for a bad trip. Vape your way until you are good.

Why is Vaporizing Healthier than Smoking?

Vaporizer heat herbs and to temperatures below to the point of burning, unlike smoking. Smoking needs the herbs to be burned and the smoke is usually accompanied by harmful chemicals. Vaporizers in marijuana deliver pure and clean THC vapor that is as potent as smoking.

Why Should You Vaporize?

Vaporizing can help you be more relaxed and focused on the health benefits of Shrooms. Although vaporizing Shrooms isn’t popular yet, it should be taken with precautionary measures at all costs.

Shrooms Dosage

It would be important to know the proper dosage on how to consume magic mushrooms. However, it should be noted that psychedelic substance interaction varies from person to person and it has a lot of factors to show for. From lifestyle, age, weight, nutrition, activities, and all sorts, this comes to play on how your body reacts with psychedelics. We highly recommend starting with small doses and ramping it up once you get an idea of how much to consume the next time. Overdosing will inevitably give you a “bad trip”. It is a

hallucinogenic-intoxication associated with the overdosing of psychedelic drugs. Adverse effects include paranoia, anxiety, panic-attack, distorted reality, and paranoia. If you are wise, then start slow and add small increments along the way.


There is still a little knowledge of vaporizing mushrooms and how it affects people. Remember that the compound present in magic mushrooms known as Psilocybin breaks down when the temperature rises. That’s why it is important to study and research how can heat affects the overall quality of magic mushrooms when heated. Overall, the lack of studies and research with the vaporizing of mushrooms should tell you that it wouldn’t be advisable to vaporize Shrooms at this moment. But hopefully, in the years to come, there should be Shrooms innovation taking place. For now, the best way to consume magic mushrooms is through tea and edibles.