Top 17 Videos to Watch on Mushrooms

Watching videos while high on mushrooms provides a unique high experience. While on high, this can change your insight into the reality of the movie that you are watching. A movie that consists of bright, fun colors, great design, amazing sound, and excellent editing skills will help you boost your trip. Other kinds of movies with mind-changing ideas can even awake your spiritual mind. But what are the best videos to watch on mushrooms? Let’s find out.

17 Videos to Watch on Mushrooms

The following are some videos to watch while on high on mushrooms.

1. Wreck-It Ralph

The movie is about a villain of a video game, Ralph, longing to be cared for and loved. But the problem is like in real life nobody seems to love a bad guy. However, as a modern person in shooter games arrives, Ralph perceives it as his ticket to become a hero for everyone. This video game movie is an ideal pair while on magic mushrooms. Indeed, it is one of the best videos to watch on mushrooms.

2. Up

This movie is about an adventurous man Carl Fredricksen that wants to fulfill his greatest dream, which is to explore South America. He flew away into South America with a kid whose name is Russel. Thousands of balloons were tied in his house to make it happen. Tripping on shrooms makes you experience like you are looking into the blue sky in your own house.

3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Arthur Dent, who is one of the main characters of the movie, has an alien friend who knows about the planet earth’s impending destruction. Arthur experience a great adventure of a lifetime. The setting of the movie, as well as its music, is becomes multiplied when you are on mushrooms.

4. Avatar

Jake Scully, who is an ex-Marine, becomes mobile again from paralysis after he lives in the body of Navi in a different world of Pandora. He inhabited the body of Navi when he was restless. This movie is known for having a great visual effect that you can enjoy while on mushrooms.

5. The Wizard of Oz

This movie has a character named Dorothy and her dog that transferred by a tornado into the Land of Oz. In Oz, they meet a lot of friends and enemies. This film is known for being a highly appreciated psychedelic counterculture of the year 1960s and 1970s.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

After finding a mysterious orb in the far part of the galaxy, Peter Quill has become the main target of the hunt. Guardians of the Galaxy is a group created by Peter Quill. The outer space visual effects make this movie brings a high level of mushroom experience.

7. Constantine

Constantine is a supernatural detective that has been trying to hell and back. Constantine unites with policewomen named Angela Dodson to help find the answer to the mystery behind the suicide of her twin sister. Their adventure takes them into the world of angels and demons that exist in Los Angeles. The traveling scene to hell world is a delight in mushrooms.

8. The Butterfly Effect

The main character of this movie is Evan, who grows up in a small village along with his friend and his mother. While Evan grows up, he finds a method to remember the lost memories of his childhood life. Back and Forth in time scene makes it more suitable visuals while on mushrooms.

9. The Matrix

During the day, Thomas is a computer programmer. While at night, he is a hacker known as Neo. Once he gets in touch with Morpheus, he goes into the real world, where human beings are used machines to achieve their electricity necessity. The digital graphics seen in this movie is a great orgasm for eyes while you are tripping on mushrooms.

10. The Lego Movie

Emmet is the usual small figure that goes on the journey along with master builders to fight against the evil Lord from Kragling the world of Lego. The adventure itself brings you into another world of Lego.

11. Doctor Strange

A brilliant neurosurgeon named Dr. Stephen Strange involves in a car accident. He looks for a way to heal his hand that brought him in Nepal, where he learns the ways to change the magic into realities. The fight scene in this movie gives tripping experience while you are on mushrooms.

12. Enter the Void

This movie is about a drug dealer (American) who lives in Tokyo and betrays by his very close friend. His soul searches for his death’s consequences and looks for returning from the dead. Aside from the concept of the movie, the great Tokyo setting, and colors of the movie can give you an excellent psychedelic experience.

13. Alice in Wonderland

This movie is about a daydreaming young girl named Alice. She followed a white rabbit, and they disappear down a rabbit hole. She enters a curvy world of Wonderland where her time and days are loads with song and playful escapades. The colorful world of Wonderland makes the movie to be watched while having a dose of magic mushroom.

14. Fantasia

This original and animated classic film blends with a classical music masterpiece with creative visuals. While watching this movie, you can experience the psilocybin mushroom that intensifies the musical flutter and develops a dynamic painting in your visuals.

15. Pan’s Labyrinth

The movie is based on Spain’s post-civil war where a visionary, young girl named Ofelia travels together with her sick and pregnant mother to another country. Ofelia surprisingly met a fairy, and they traveled to another world of the kingdom. The movie’s beautiful scenery makes it ideal for watching while on shrooms.

16. Interstellar

It is a film about the Earth’s future disasters and lack of rain. One way to ensure survival is to travel into interstellar. There was an astronauts team that searched for a planet that has been the right place to carry life. The movie’s excellent visual effects make your experience like you are traveling through space while feeling the high mushroom effect.

17. Fight Club

This movie is about the man that leads a beautiful humdrum life that fights against insomnia. Tyler, who is the lead character, seems to be everything he is not. They create a group and together with the bare-knuckle the fight. The movie’s plot twist is excellent to watch while consuming mushrooms.


Now you know the best videos to watch on mushrooms as enumerated above. Get to enjoy watching them with your favorite mushrooms!