Where Can I Buy Truffle Mushrooms

It is impossible to explain the flavor of truffle mushrooms if you have not tried eating it. Its taste is simply incomparable. The fragrance of a truffle is exhilarating, homey, and peculiar and will land well before the taste buds perform their function.  The moment you will try truffles, you will never confuse them to any other kind of food.

You will never mistake them into parsnips or portabellas. You will know that they are simply distinct.

Where can I buy truffle mushrooms? Truffle mushrooms are quite costly, recurrent, and decomposable. Luckily, there are numerous seasons present worldwide. But sadly, you will not commonly see them in any grocery store, except if that store offers a specialized market. Although truffles suggest a high cost for every ounce, the good thing about it is that you do not buy a lot to achieve a noticeable impact – a little truffle can go a long way.

Where Can I Buy Truffle Mushrooms – Best Places to Get Truffle Mushrooms

If in season, truffle mushrooms can be purchased online and directly shipped to your home. However, if you are yearning them during out of season, you can buy truffle salts, pastes, and oils which can provide you the taste you yearn. Where can I buy truffle mushrooms? Here are some of the best places to find your favorite truffle:

1. Eataly

Eataly has been popular for its sophisticated grocery stores. If you do not have access to a nearby store, you can purchase online. The store exhibits an Italian style, and do o its truffles.

You can get fresh truffles and oils. Also, the breadsticks, pasta, salts, and sauces formulated with truffles are equally fascinating and worth probing.

2. D’Artagnan

You can find fresh Italian and French truffles in D’Artagnan. What is even more convenient about the store is that you can choose to register yourself and be informed once the truffles you like is already available.

They also provide an excellent line of truffle kinds of butter, oils, and preserved truffles. The choices are not too wide as the other stores since they only offer their own labeled products. Nevertheless, quality is seen to be first-rate.

3. Marx Foods

Marx Foods will make a perfect venue for shopping truffles. Apart from white and black truffles in season, one can also buy frozen truffles. The truffles were from the different places of the world, including Italy, France, Australia, and Oregon. You can also buy truffle oils, kinds of butter, cheese, and even juices.

4. Earthy Delights

Earthy Delights is another good place to get all kinds of specialty foods and truffles just happen to be one of their masterpieces. You can get fresh truffles in season, from France, Oregon, and Italy. They also offer several truffle products and also frozen truffles.  Aside from that, you can also get more fascinating products including spices, cheese, and charcuterie.

5. Urbani Truffles

Urbani Truffles may seem recognizable, maybe because you have seen the truffle mixtures in little cans at your local store. The can have truffles combined with mushrooms, herbs, cream, or other elements. This is pleasant because it
provides the taste of truffles at a reasonable cost.

The company has been around for so many years already, and you will see even more truffle products along with the fresh summer truffles.

6. Gourmet Foodstore

Gourmet Foodstore is an ideal starting point for shopping truffle. Their black truffles are mainly from Italy and France. The truffle-extracted products include enticing truffle burrata, truffle butter, truffle olive oil, and more. They also offer other delights made with various mushrooms that are great to delve into.

7. Sabatino Tartufi

Sabatino Tartufi is popular in the world of truffle. With ancient origins in the center of the truffle-filled forests of Italy, they provide some incredible discoveries for truffle enthusiasts.

You can get truffles. You can also find truffle kinds of butter, truffle seasonings, and truffle kinds of honey. It simply keeps going with preserved truffles, truffle soy sauce, sauces, and infused oils.

8. Marky’s

The mushroom section of Marky’s is a dream of mushroom enthusiasts. It offers everything starting from fresh truffles to puree in a tube.

How to Buy Truffle Mushrooms?

It is always recommended to only buy truffle mushrooms from a credible agent who has the competence in truffles. Truffle deception thrives and even leisure sellers who are not competent can be seized.

Although they do not have natural fragrance and no more taste than mushrooms, underhanded sellers nest them with pure truffles, hence they obtain the fragrance. Thus, there is a possibility that they may qualify the sniff test, however, you will be very discouraged with the taste.

Specialists evaluate not just the fragrance, but also assess the flesh for firmness and color, through a little cut in the truffle. Although it is enticing to target on saving money on something very costly, you should know that there are no good “haggled truffles”. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who get taken each year, purchasing dull-
tasting truffles that still have a high cost.

  • Truffles are not for the pageant. They are rough and unattractive. Crooked shapes do not mean poor taste, rather simply indicate that as the truffle was flourishing underground, it strikes a rock or any other kinds of obstacles and had to cultivate around it. A great truffle is made when harvested during its peak maturity.
  • Ideal truffles are collected at the peak of maturity. Their fragrance and flavor profiles depreciate 10 days after they are collected. The first concern to confirm with the agent is, when was the arrival of the items to the store, and when were they collected.
  • It is best to do the sniff test. If you notice that there is a pleasant fragrance, or if it is dull, ignore them. At these costs, you must be overpowered with the compelling, piquant fragrance of the truffles.
  • Choose the size of truffles, ideally 30 to 40 grams, or 1 to 1.4 ounces. In France, truffles are classified into four categories: Extra, Category 1, Category 2, and Unclassified. There are considerations to aesthetics and weight. Extra truffles should have a minimum weight of 30 grams and should resemble the size of a ping-pong ball. They should exhibit very minimal defects. Nevertheless, specialists indicate that we should not be careless in judging a flawed-shaped truffle since often, the excellent appearing round truffles are those that were harvested while they are still green, and shall never form their complete aroma potential.

While you also put into consideration the Category 1 truffle, little truffles are difficult to manage, while the very big truffles have a minimal percentage of a surface range which is where fragrance is most intense. Hence, distribution over the biggest truffle, bought by one restaurant or another while spending a big amount of money, is simply that – fame to attract the attention of the people into the restaurant, that superior-quality truffle that can make a notable dish.

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Storing Truffle Mushrooms

Truffles can manage to stay fresh for only a short period, which may differ based on the species, the occurrence of larvae and the manner of storage, and the maturity of the truffle. Unless you have seen it grown in the ground, you will have no clue about how old the truffle is once you get it. However, there is a suggested method to maintain the freshness of truffles for around 2 weeks after harvest:

  1. Wrap the truffles in a paper towel, put them in a sealed container, and have them refrigerated. This can work to maintain the freshness of the truffles for 2 to 3 days. If you are not using them yet, clean them, tightly wrap in foil, and put them in a sealed container and refrigerate them.
  2. Do not clean them unless you are set to use them. Get a mushroom brush to take out the soil, wash with warm water, and thoroughly dry using paper towels. Do not cut them unless you will use them. Truffles rapidly lose aroma.
  3. Truffles can also be frozen; business ventures perform this. However, care should be executed to prevent the gathering of moisture in the truffle because of condensation.


Where can I buy truffle mushrooms? This could be your concern before. But now that you already know the best places to find truffle mushrooms, you should know where to go when you crave for a truffle. Although you may have to spend quite a big amount of money to obtain the excellent samples of the perfect variations of truffle in the market, you can employ several options to help you lessen your expenses a bit along the way.

Also, bear in mind that if you buy any truffle products like truffle oil or butter, you might not be able to experience the amazing flavor that comes in these two prominent truffles. These products, if they are developed with pure truffles at all, are commonly amalgamated with poor-quality ingredients that still provide a very good taste, but cannot meet their most profitable counterparts.